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20 Best Places For Women To Get Tattoos

Dear ladies, getting a tattoo is a tough decision which one has to incur because it stays on your skin permanently. Moreover, keep in mind that it will be with you forever! So think and act wisely while deciding whether to get a tattoo done on yourself, which place to get it done and what symbol, image or quote to be tattooed against you. Furthermore, while women tend to get a tattoo they prefer much feminine spots to get them done which look good and appealing and at the same time can be hidden when required. Such instances are as, during formal work meetings, while having dinner with extended family and when attending various seminars or conferences. This is quite vital because body tattoos don’t go along with formal attire and would give a much uneven look.

So ladies, if you’ve finally and very seriously decided that you want to get a tattoo done then consider the following most feminine places for you to get tattoos on. But be sure to go through a tattoo pain chart before getting a tattoo done because it hurts quite much.

“Confused as to what place to get a tattoo on? Not anymore.”

20. Thigh Tattoos For Women

Thigh Tattoos for Women

A thigh-wrap around is one of the coolest places for girls to get their tattoos at. Moreover, girl tattoos are quite in these days and there are various shops and people that specialize in tattoos for girls. Girls are mostly following this trend because various movie actresses and singers have got them done and they’re very much in trend these days. However, my personal favorite in Kangna Ranaut’s upper back lower neck tattoo of a butterfly. However, a thigh-wrap around tattoo hasn’t been much done but it’s one of the safest and coolest spots for a girl to get a tattoo on. This can be beneficial if,

  • You want to hide your tattoo while meeting your parents.
  • Or going to work.
  • And even when you don’t want to be associated to it anymore as one can really see it unless you wear a mini skirt.

19. Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos

One of the most feminine places for women to get a tattoo on is their foot. Foot tattoos should be chosen by women because such spots aren’t usually chosen by men and they turn out to be really nice once done. Usually women tend to flaunt their tattoos on their foot which are then complimented by those pretty high heels that they wear. The best tattoos ascribed for the foot are,

  • Floral designs.
  • Verses.
  • One’s name very beautifully tattooed there.

18. Spine


Just give it a thought; don’t spine tattoos look extremely hot? Tattoos for women look really good on the spine. Example, Alia Bhatt carries her spine tattoo so well which states a word, ‘Patakha’. And not to forget Victoria Beckham’s spine tattoo which states, ‘I’m my beloveds and my beloved is mine.’ Furthermore, the spine is a very attractive spot for you to get your tattoo on, so do keep this spot in mind when you go to get one done.

17. Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo

Ever seen Jacqueline Fernandez’s finger tattoo? Doesn’t it look just amazing! I find it really appealing and attractive. Finger tattoos always grab other’s attention towards them and turn out to be really cool and funky once done. Furthermore, you wouldn’t even need to fill your fingers with various sorts of rings since you get a finger tattoo. It’s one of the really good small tattoo ideas that suit girls pretty well. You can get,

  • Some sort of verse written against a finger.
  • A happy emoji or emoticon made.
  • Various symbols.
  • Finger tattoos go well on index fingers and ring fingers.

16. Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Tattoos

One of the small tattoo ideas can be considered to be ankle tattoos. It’s the perfect place for small girly and cute tattoos. Moreover, one of the greatest advantages of an ankle tattoo is that getting a tattoo on it doesn’t really hurt as much as it hurts to get one on some other parts of the body. But make sure to get it small and feminine in order to keep it varied from a guy’s tattoo. Some ankle tattoos ideas are,

  • Butterfly.
  • Small hearts.
  • A big flower.
  • Three to four small five cornered stars.

15. Rib Tattoos

Rib Tattoos

One of the funkiest tattoo ideas for girls is rib tattoos. The most feminine spot in relevance to this would be down the side of the ribcage. Consequently, this even becomes one of the rib cage tattoos accompanying another option which is side tattoos for girls. Lovelies, if you were searching all over to determine a feminine place which would enhance the funkiness of your tattoo then this is a really good option. However, it can cause a problem

  • If a woman gains weight which would in turn affect the tattoo.
  • Or during pregnancy as the breast size changes during this period which would affect the tattoo as well.
  • But this will definitely look good if handled with special care.

14. Shoulder Tattoo For Girls

Shoulder Tattoo for Girls

One of the universally recognized female tattoos is shoulder tattoo for girls. Women mostly tend to choose the shoulder to get a tattoo of their choice done because it seems quite eye catchy. Shoulder tattoo for girls can sometimes be on the whole shoulder or even back of the shoulder towards beneath it. This consequently works as a bicep tattoo as well. However, shoulder tattoos are really painful to have but look pretty good when done.

“Being a girl are you passionate about tattoos? Some of the best feminine places where you can get them done are listed above.”

13. Back Tattoos For Girls

Back Tattoos for Girls

Another tattoo idea for women is back tattoo. Mostly girls prefer to have tattoos at their back because they can attractively flaunt them in bikinis, lower necks and backless dresses. However the tattoo placement is chosen by a girl’s own choice which can be a lower placement, upper placement or the whole back covered. Furthermore, there are loads of various designs that girls can choose to get a tattoo on such as,

  • A huge feather or flower.
  • Just a single verse written.
  • Butterflies for lower placement.
  • Five cornered stars.

12. Arm Tattoos For Girls

Arm Tattoos for Girls

Women tattoos are pretty wide ranging and can be done on various spots which make the tattoo seem feminine. Tattoos on the arm can turn out to be cute tattoos for girls. They can be done on the inner arm and outer arm too. However, inner arm tattoos are much preferred and give a very pretty and feminine look. Ever checked Priyanka Chopra’s outer arm tattoo? It says, ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ in her father’s hand writing. That’s such a sweet gesture from her end for her father, you can do the same for your mother or father too. Whether be it an inner arm or outer arm tattoo a verse or quote seems good on it rather than an image or symbol.

11. Inner Wrist

Inner Wrist

Another nice small tattoo for girls is a tattoo on the inner wrist. It’s a pretty delicate part of the body and doesn’t really seem to expose the tattoo until the hand or arm is properly turned. It’s a really good idea if someone’s wants to have cute small tattoos. Moreover, it doesn’t pain much to have a tattoo on the inner wrist and most of all looks extremely cute and pretty. Furthermore, it can even be hidden while going for work or at formal meetings or seminars. For the inner wrist you can get,

  • Smaller tattoos or words.
  • A verse.
  • But don’t wear any watches or bracelets until it’s properly healed.

10. Behind The Ear

Behind the Ear

One of the cool tattoos for girls can certainly be behind the ear. This one serves great for small tattoos for girls as well. Moreover, it’s a good spot for a tattoo because it doesn’t really expose it and can be hidden when one doesn’t want to show it. It can stay hidden if one is flaunting their lovely locks and have their hair down but can be evidently seen when a nice and fancy up do is made. Furthermore, you won’t feel much pain over this area because it caters low nerve sense.

9. The Hand

The Hand

Do all the Rihanna fans want to have the same tattoos as hers? Then be prepared to tattoo your hands, not the palms but the outer hands! Tattoos for girls have expanded to the hands as well and seem pretty cool. Consequently, they can be considered as one of the cool tattoos for girls too. And you don’t really need black henna done when you already have funky designs tattooed on your hands. Furthermore,

  • Hand tattoos are very evident and eye catchy.
  • But can be a problem because they can’t be hidden.
  • They’ll be a problem as they won’t go along with formal attire at work or school.
  • So think twice before getting it done.

8. Collarbone


For those who want little tattoos and aren’t fond of the enormous one’s which tend to resemble to guy’s tattoos can definitely get a tattoo done on their collarbone. It’s a nice cute tattoo idea as well and looks gorgeous once done. Usually skinny girls go with this tattoo because it shows off perfectly on their body type and looks ultra-attractive which usually seems to catch other’s attention when flaunted in a low neck dress or sari blouse. Moreover, keep in mind that it’ll hurt but will be worth it.

7. Upper Back Lower Neck

Upper Back Lower Neck

Another idea for girls tattoos is an upper back lower neck tattoo. This is one place which can be hidden pretty easily and the tattoo can be kept as a secret until you want to expose it. This can cater as small tattoos for girls too and look extremely gorgeous once finished. I’ve already mentioned my likeness for Kangana’s tattoo which she flaunted in her latest film and it looked exotic. However, you need to handle it very carefully and delicately because it aims directly at the spine. But a reminder, it’s the only place where huge tattoos look breathtakingly sexy. You can get,

  • Huge butterflies.
  • Big flowers.
  • A single verse written.
  • Or another single symbol.

6. Breast Tattoo

Breast Tattoo

The side of the breast is a very good spot for women to get tattoos. However, it might get saggy with age but is still known to be quite familiar amongst feminine spots for tattoos. Moreover, it’s a perfect place to get a tattoo done which can be hidden and kept as a secret until one doesn’t want to expose it. This is one of the most unique spots and can be used by tattooing wisely. Furthermore, it won’t create hindrance in any formal gathering or at places where you don’t want to expose it.

5. Ear


Another tattoo idea for girls is getting one at the ear too. However, it won’t hurt much and will be one of the cute tattoos you ever got done. It even caters to small tattoos for girls and gives a fine cuteness personified look when finished. However, it will tickle you while you’re getting it done but that’s an experience too and I’m sure of the fact that you’ll like it. Moreover, if you want small liners or tiny and attractive symbols or images as tattoos then this is the best option for you.

4. Wrapped Around Arm

Wrapped Around Arm

One of the coolest tattoos can be considered to be as wrapped around the arm. Such tattoos are good to choose and give a good look when finally made. It’s an attractive spot for a tattoo which can be hidden by wearing long sleeves when going to formal places such as workplace, attending conferences and meeting etcetera. However, if you want to expose it then even that can happen by wearing half sleeves or a sleeveless shirt or dress. Some ideas for wrapped around arm tattoos are,

  • Single wrapped along lines.
  • Some sort of verses.
  • A floral design in a line.

3. Upper Shoulder

Upper Shoulder

If the aim is to get small tattoos for girls then this is a good option for because upper shoulder tattoos tend to cater to only single liners, attractive punches or just a single liner verses. Furthermore, they don’t cater to symbols or images. So if you’re aiming to get a beautiful flower or a cute butterfly tattooed then this won’t be a suitable option for you. Moreover, before getting a tattoo on the upper shoulder, keep in mind that it will be painful to get a tattoo at this part of the body and it will hurt you quite a great deal.

2. Tailbone Tattoo

Tailbone Tattoo

Ever thought of getting a tattoo exclusively for your mister perfect? Well here’s an advice, if you want to get a tattoo just for him then a tailbone will be a perfect spot for it. Moreover, it’s one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body and the tattoo ink seems extremely sexy and appealing on this part of the body. Adding to it,

  • It can be easily flaunted by wearing low jeans or a bikini.
  • Kept hidden by wearing a long shirt.
  • And this tattoo is also named as ‘tramp stamp’.

1. Toe Tattoo

Toe Tattoo

Girls, another cute tattoos idea is having done a toe tattoo. If you don’t want an ankle or a whole foot tattoo then go for this cute and feminine one which will look extremely cute once done. Moreover, you can wear nice nail paint on your toe nails such as a shocking pink colored nail paint and flaunt your toe tattoo in fancy sandals.

Additional Tips

  • Take care of the tattoo until it heals.
  • Wear an accessory after it heals properly.
  • Consider the pain that’s going to occur i.e. go for those spots which incur less pain.
  • Try to get those areas tattooed which can easily be hidden.
  • Don’t go for a full hand or full feet tattoo because it seems inappropriate in various occasions.

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