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9 Quick Tips To Be An Insect Killer! Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny little brown coloured creatures found under the mattress or along the wooden frame of the bed. These tiny little creatures suck in the human blood like parasites and leaves marks with rashes. These rashes could get too itchy and scratching them makes them more worse. There a few reasons why these bed bugs develop but there are a number of remedies to free the bed from them. These bed bugs are known for their breeding and multiplication rate and so once they area there it’s not that easy to remove them.

To help yourself with these little creatures you can read here and find out some home remedies to treat your beds and sofas with!

9. Talcum Powder

Telcum powder

Once when we were all young and little we surely were introduced the most cute smelling talcum powders. There is no infant complete without that lovely smelling talcum powder.
A blur memory that strikes the corner of minds show us our very own childhood where our beautiful mothers would give us a refreshing bath and after that rub some flowery smelling talcum powder. Over these years we grew up with the same fragrance in our minds.
As adults, we now see talcum powder to be used in various different ways.
For oil stains to bed bugs, talcum powder is used for it all.

  • Take some baby powder and sprinkle it over the bed wherever the bed bugs are seen.
  • Then let it stay there for a while.
  • Bedbugs would die for sure.

8. Hot Water

hot water

Hot water is a bliss in its own way. When you want to relax and soothe your body you can fill the bath tub with some nice and warm water to sit in it with your eyes closed. Relaxing in this warm water is just amazing. Apart from taking a warm water bath, the other thing that you could do to keep the relaxation short and simple is just immerse your feet inside some warm water and get yourself relaxed. There is a lot more to add to it, but on the other side. Hot water is no good is spilled on the skin! It can create fluid filled blisters and so bad. Hence the intensity of denaturing the protienecous cells is really high. Keeping this behavior of hot water in mind we can imagine the extent at which it can behave with the body of little bugs.

  • This is very easy, you just need to boil some water and let it get hot and steamy.
  • Once this water is hot enough immerse the bed covers in that water.
  • While you can also throw water on the mattress provided you have enough space and sunlight to help it get dry afterwards.
  • You can try this home remedy if you can keep your mattress away for a day or two or until it dries completely.

7. Under The Sunlight

sun light

Sunlight is a natural and the most convenient way of obtaining vitamin D. Sunlight comprises of useful as well as harmful traits. One of the harmful traits that sunlight carries with its self is the ability to cause skin cancer amongst individuals. The natural protector known as ozone layer is placed by nature as a filter for the harmful rays of sun. This layer helps enable the sunlight to pass through and get to us in the best possible harmless forms.

When the days are hot and sultry, it feels better to stay at home rather than going out and melting ourselves away. Most of the times what we go through is feeling dehydrated and drained. This is what high beam of sun could do to an active human body. So, when we jump towards the more tiny creatures we can imagine how badly their minute bodies can get affected.

  • You can keep the mattress directly under the sunlight.
  • Keep it till the sun rays are at the highest peak.
  • You can put the mattress inside after that.
  • Keep on doing this practice for a time period of 7-10 days. This will help in killing the bedbugs almost completely.

6. Neem


Neem tree is known for its generous quality of providing a cooling shade to the pedestrians or who so ever wishes to. Its large and wide braches can keep the person underneath it in a good shade. Similarly, neem tree leaves work the same. They are known for their coolant effect and how nicely they work to soothe the inflammated areas. Most of the times these leaves are used on the skin that is affected with measles. A bunch of these leaves are taken and grinded with a little water that makes a paste in the end.

  • In case of bed bugs, we can use them to treat away.
  • The antimicrobial properties of bed bugs are supportive to help the bed bugs move away from the affected area.
  • The other way to repel bedbugs is by taking a bath daily before going to bed with neem leaves. The pungent smell of the neem leaves is enough to get the bed bugs repel
  • Once the leaves of neem dry up, you should change and replace them with the new ones.

5. Alcohol

Reduce intake of Alcohol

The other thing that we will be discussing about is alcohol. Alcohol is the most familiar drink in this world. There is absolutely no one who has no awareness about this drink. There are a number of different types that are available in the market according to the taste and brand. From least expensive to most expensive there is every range available to drink.

Besides this, the other side of it is involved in a number of medicinal uses. Certain syrups, ointments and medicinal drugs require it. With different uses the properties are also altered and so is the function. A strong alcohol has a great ability to denature or detoxify a cell. Keeping this destruction in mind alcohol is not a safe option to consume.

  • In case of bed bugs, alcohol could be used to help kill them.
  • The dehydrating effect of alcohol is useful in this regard. Sprinkling some alcohol over the affected area is recommendable for this purpose.
  • A better option amongst all is to spray 70 %- 90 % of isopropyl. This one gives a better effect on the bed bugs as compared to the others.

4. Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid powder

Orthboric, acidium borcium, boracic acid and hydrogen borate are some other terms that are used for boric acid powder. But, out of all these difficult and different terms the easiest and the commonly used one remains boric acid. Furthermore to add to its nomenclature list is another name for it and that is sassolite. Sassolite is the mineral form of boric acid. This boric acid occurs in the form of colorless crystals or else a in the form of a white powder. H3BO3 or B (OH)3 is the chemical formula given to this powder which is flame retardant in nature. Besides being flame retardant boric acid is used is also antiseptic and insecticidal in nature.

Chemically speaking when boron trihalides and diborane are hydrolyzed by product formed then is known as boric acid. The other way to form it is by reacting borax with a mineral acid like hydrochloric acid. It is a scientific research that boric acid could be toxic for the body when ingested in large quantities or even inhaled within the body in abnormally large quantities.

  • One of the advantages of boric acid is to kill the bed bugs.
  • It is however, not recommended to sprinkle boric acid on the areas where you sleep. This is because of the reason that it is difficult to completely clean the area from boric acid whereas its ingestion or inhalation is not at all recommendable.

3. Black Walnut

Black Walnut

We further discuss about black walnuts. This fruit comprises of a brownish green semi fleshy type of husk. Inside this semi fleshy husk lays a nut which is brow in colour. This nut could grow in the dense forested areas but in order for the fruit to grow at its best there is a requirement of full sun beam.

These black walnuts are used in traditional sweets during the season of fall holidays. These treats involve cakes, cookies, pies and fudge. Moreover they are also used in confectionary items, ice creams and other such items to add its distinctive and crunchy flavor.

If we look at it from health’s point of view, these contain proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids include oleic acid etc which is good for health. Besides this these are also used as dyes to stain cars and sidewalks, porches etc.

  • Black walnuts are really good for the removing the bed bugs from the affected area.
  • They work as insecticides as well as repellants for the bed bugs.
  • Hence one can easily use these and cause the bed bugs to repel easily.

2. Thyme


This is a very commonly used herb in various food dishes. Its distinctive flavor is used to enhance the taste of the dish and make it more mouth watering. Most of the time a basic combination of rosemary with thyme is used as complementary combination to ace the flavor. This could be sprinkled on soups and pastas after they are cooked or could be added as an ingredient of the dish while cooking it.

Beside the above mentioned culinary utilization of thyme, it is also used for medicinal as well as ornamental purposes. This one has a very soothing effect on the nerves and hence it could be inhaled in for a better sleep. For this purpose in the previous times thyme was kept underneath the pillow to inhale the aroma and have a better sleep then. Thyme is sold fresh and also in the dried form. Fresh thyme could no longer be refrigerated for more than 2 weeks.

  • Regarding its function to kill the bed bugs, it is believed that thyme is used to repel insects as well other little bugs.
  • Hence, it could used to move the bed bugs away from the place and not kill them because they are only the repellants.

1. Cold Treatment


One more treatment or solution to bed bugs is the cold treatment. Well, have you ever heard of endothermic and exothermic reactions and vicious cycle. Most of the time our body stops responding from a point where it is kept under extreme cold.

There is a series of reactions that occur during the time of exposure and the body undergoes endothermic as well as exothermic reactions in order to protect the body form the adverse reaction that the body senses unhealthy or fatal for it. During such reactions our blood vessels go through a hell of a task which in the end suffers to go fatal for the body and stop their function. Same is the case with all other organisms; the little organisms can undergo the same lethal reaction and die once their condition gets worse.

  • Bed bugs could be treated with ice cold water. The cloth which is affected by the bed bugs could be immersed in the cold water in which you have kept ice cubes.
  • Keeping the cloth for a little time can help freeze all the bugs attached to the cloth.


  • If you can steam the area easily you could even for steaming in order to kill the bed bugs.
  • Besides this you could also go for fumigation.
  • Keeping the windows open so that the sunlight could enter is one of the best ways to let the growth of any kind of bugs diminish.
  • Marinating hygiene is the other basic option.

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