10 Reasons Why Men And Women Dump Each Other?

Relationships start with sweet smiles, warm hugging and high hopes on one another and then after some time most lovable relationships turn into a disaster with man or woman dumping each other. The reason behind a breakup varies person to person. However, in every case, dumping is heart breaking and shattering. In this text, you will read 10 most common reasons explaining why men and women dump each other.

10. Distrust


Every relationship’s strengthening pillar is trust. If you do not trust a person, the relationship loses its worth altogether. If your partner gets disturbed when you talk to a person of opposite sex, it may annihilate your relation eventually. Similarly, if you conceal something big from your partner and know that it can blot up your relationship, you are distrusting your spouse. Misconceiving and wrong interpreting a habit or gesture of your partner are also some examples of showing distrust. In every condition of distrust, you are putting your relationship at stake.

9. Infidelity


Infidelity towards a partner is the reason for many breakups. Nothing is perhaps more devastating than finding a partner cheating on you. Betrayal weakens a relationship for the person who is being cheated loses his self confidence and faith in other’s person. Mostly it happens that betrayed person starts doubting each and every person. To him or her, relationship loses its worth. This is a huge reason why men and women dump each other.

8. Selfishness


Love is the driving force that runs any relation; it teaches sacrificing and compromising for another person. But if your girlfriend/boyfriend thinks about herself/himself and never bothers about your choice, it means you should considerate about your commitment. Selfishness on any end is not ignorable. The first act of selfishness is enough to tell you where your relationship is going to be.

7. Extreme And Intemperate Behavior

Extreme and Intemperate Behavior

When partners start displaying an extreme and intemperate behavior, it leads to dumping each other. This type of attitude cannot make a relationship lasts longer and eventually sooner or later, breakup occurs. Lack of respect for partner, ruling and commanding attitude are highly undesirable in a relationship. When you give equal respect to your partner/spouse, your relationship builds on foundations unshakable.

6. Nagging And Criticizing

Nagging and Criticizing

If your partner is nagging constantly before others, you start thinking of dumping your partner. It has been observed that sarcastic attitude towards a person destroys the healthiest relationship. Let suppose that your partner has scolded you in a party, it means he is humiliating you. This type of behavior demonstrates that your partner is not showing honor and regard towards you and he never cares what you are experiencing through his sarcastic attitude. This height of exploitation leads to resentment and relationship wrecks.

5. Domination


If the domineering attitude of your partner makes you feel fearful, weak and humiliated, it means you are facing the worst stage of your relationship. Mortified by such derogatory behavior, most of men and women start disliking their partners. This is another strong reason why men and women dump each other. Mainly, personality disorder is responsible for making a person abuse his/her companion. The abuser pretends to be over sensitive to hide his or her mistakes. Verbal abuse, although intolerable, but physical assault is the worst thing that ruins a relationship.

4. Lack Of  Truth

Lack of Truth

Healthy relationship is built on truth. Relationship ruins for when there is dishonesty and lack of truth between the two persons. If you know each other and have confidence that only you are the closer one to your partner, it beautifies your relationship. You both accommodate each other’s needs and even preferences. But if there are lies between you two, your relationship may tarnish and end up one day. Even ordinary lies may hurt you. You are asking for a dinner to your partner and he refuses for he is busy in something. But you have happened to see him standing outside a cinema, then this situation or alike may lead your partner to reconsider about a relationship.

3. Lack Of Appreciation

Lack of Appreciation

Have you ever noticed that your approval or appreciation has helped a child to act positively? Well, similarly a guy and girl relationship depends on appreciating each other. If you not show how much adorable your partner look in black suit, then you are paving your way to an unhealthy relationship. And if a boyfriend never praises his girlfriend’s cuteness and smartness, he is doing a sheer mistake. When there is lack of appreciation, the relationship never nurtures and flourishes. The result is a shocking breakup.

2. A Life Of Quarrels And Bickering

A Life of Quarrels and Bickering

Sometimes a fight may strengthen a relationship, but a constant fight between partners may end up a relation for good. If both of you are constantly engaged in quarreling, then there is every likelihood that relationship will end up soon. However, if you think that the motive behind a quarrel is negligible, then all is settled. A situation contrary to this can lead men and women dump each other.

1. Lack Of  Understanding

Lack of Understanding

When the relationship is based on an emotional decision and there is lack of understanding on the part of the both man and women, there are chances for dumping each other. This sort of situation get you bored in the company of your partner sooner than your expectations. Ultimately, incompatibility and lack of understanding become reasons for permanent disconnection.

God created man and woman to make a pair. Love, compromise, care, attachment are those essential traits that establish a bond between them and make their life beautiful. A relationship builds because of positivity and where negation prevails the relationship suffers. Respect your companion, give attention and make him or her feel that your own world is incomplete without them. Be expressive, negotiate when there is problem, give equal rights of freedom and liberty and enjoy the relationship. Negative forces are actually the reasons for which men and women dump each other. So avoid them to your utmost.

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