7 Exotic Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

The hair is one of the key factors in shaping up the personality of a person. Men look attractive with trendy hairstyles. Hairstyle matters to men’s individuality a lot. Not every hairstyle suits on all faces. In case of special facial outline, you need to choose specific hairdos. For example for round faces, it is always embarrassing to select hairstyle. In the following, you will find medium hairstyles for round faces men that will provide you a list of options that will suit well with your round face and impart to your person a flattering look.

7. Angular Fringe Hairstyle


The angular fringe is considered to be the most masculine medium hairstyles for round faces men. This angular cut put high marks of attraction in men with combo of both long and short hair.

6. Spikes for Round Face

Spikes for Round Face

With the hair spikes on your head, your face will look longer even its round shaped. It can be styled and fixed by using hairspray or hair gels etc. Many celebrities including the Niall Horan have got the hair spikes as a hairstyle.

5. Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

The people with round faces look tremendously awesome with short back and sides. The jaw line with this hairstyle gets wider and square shaped. This is one such medium hairstyles for round faces men that will surely going to come in prominence.

4. The Faux Hawk for Round Face

The Faux Hawk for Round Face

The Faux Hawk suits evenly better with round faces men. It makes a hell out of magnetism to men for sure. If you have done faux hawk, be very sure that you don’t make your hairstyle much sharper or taller. Let it be a very typical type of Faux Hawk.

3. Curly Hairstyle for Round Face

Curly Hairstyle for Round Face

With curly hairs and round face, you don’t have to style your hair. The style is already in business, just do the little comb and apply some shiny and glossy type of hair product. It’ll definitely make a mark in the show. The famous Mark Zuckerberg has been often seen in this hairstyle which is quite natural actually.

2. Long Wavy Hairs

Long Wavy Hairs

If you can afford the long hairs, than probably one of the best medium hairstyles for round faces men can be the long wavy hairs. It’s not so common but you can set the trend. This hairstyle looks extremely spectacular with black to brownish hair color.

1. Hairstyle not for Round faces

Hairstyle not for Round faces

The center parting, straight fringe and length on the side are the sort of hairstyles which are not so typical for round faces. These hairstyles look quite odd with round shaped faces. With such hairstyle on your head, the problem isn’t your face actually rather it’s the hair that bothers your personality grooming for sure.

Nowadays, the trend has been changed; hair with rough appearance gets more attraction and appreciation. The formal hairstyles are getting history and the young generation is setting a mark with their own choices in hairstyles. There are yet, so many medium hairstyles for round faces men that have to be discovered and styled. There’s a hair designer in you that have to be unveiled.

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