Super Hilarious and Silly Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare is a fun game to play among a group of friends. It is a great way to pass time and with a bunch of creative minds, the game can be turned into a fun event that everyone enjoys. It is always essential to have a degree of frankness and trust among the players to make the game more enjoyable and the contest a lot tougher, otherwise, normal questions lead to awkward silences and mood swings. If you are having a tense or rather formal environment, you should resort to truth or dare questions that should ease out the tension and create a comfortable environment. Here is a list of similar questions that should be fun.

 Truth Questions

“It is pretty obvious that when a player prefers truth over dare, he is being shy. Maybe these few questions should help cover that up. The answers will surely leave you all rolling over laughing.”

26. What Is The Worst Rumor You Were Responsible For; One You Fabricated And Spread All Over The School?

What is the worst rumor you were responsible for;

Make sure you put limits to the rumor to keep it up to the mark regarding the group you are playing truth or dare with. A dirty rumor for close friends and a simple joke for not so close people ought to do the trick.

25. What is the Most Embarrassing Moment of Your Life?

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life

Of course you were expecting better, but when you are running out of ideas, why make the fun wait. If the person you are asking is game enough, this can turn into a fun story or better, a hilarious one. But again make sure you don’t waste this one on a cheeky person. Save it for the best.

24. Guilty Pleasures Name Three

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are meant to be embarrassing. That is the entire purpose of this game after all. Even people with the worst sense of humor are to answer in such a way that will leave you in splits. It could be anything from intimate things to gross imaginations.

23. What Question Do You Have In Mind Which You Don’t Want To Be Asked Here?

What Question do you have in mind which you don’t want to be asked here

This is a real test of wits for any person. A shy person above all is to respond with more interesting answers. Don’t play easy with anyone and keep the question in mind for further rounds. This is bound to give the game a touch of unexpected comedy. Chances are that the next person will refrain from going with truth questions in the rounds to come and prefer dare questions. That’s good news; isn’t it?

22. Who, Other Than Your Mother Has Kissed You The Most In Life?

Who, other than your mother has kissed you the most in life

Now there’s a question to challenge. It will probably be an aunt from either side of the family. Don’t let the story end there, ask about that person and what he looks like. You will probably find the answers rather interesting. It will give you a point to tease the person. Such opportunities should not be wasted.

21. On Swimming Days, How Often Do You Pee In The Swimming Pool?

On swimming days, how often do you pee in the swimming pool

The question sounds absurd, but you should admit it. You are a culprit in this game too. Sometimes the situation calls for it, at other times you are too lazy to get out and make it to the bathroom, and since you are playing truth or dare, this would make a creative answer.

20. The Bravest And Most Daring Dare You Ever Accepted In your Life and Performed!

The bravest and most daring dare you ever accepted in your life and performed

How can this question not be asked? You will probably double over in bursts of laughter. A question like this challenges even your biggest ideas and imaginations. Besides you will need new ideas for dares for the next rounds anyway. Perhaps if the same person choses dare questions over truth, you could ask him this question.

19. What Genre Of Music You Listen To But Are Ashamed To Admit To Other People?

What genre of music you listen to but are ashamed to admit to other people

Every person has that secret album he keeps hidden away in a deep folder of his laptop. Perhaps you may want to exploit that one secret and see if that person has an interesting answer. Besides, you can have a lot of fun answers in return. It could be opera, or it could be jazz. The point is not to criticize his choice of music, but to know parts of that person who won’t reveal.

18. What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Done To Grab Attention Of Someone From The Opposite Sex?

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done to grab attention of someone from the opposite sex

This question is particularly tricky to answer. It will also bring up an interesting story or an old repressed memory. Awesome if you are with close friends, and know that the person is going to regret the story afterwards. Make sure you catch the name of the focus of your friend’s attempts. That brings you a huge advantage. You can blackmail him and tease him in the days to come.

17. If You Get To Be Invisible For An Entire Day, What Would You Do?

If you get to be invisible for an entire day, what would you do

You will get hilarious answers and absurd imaginations from the person, the question is being asked. The question will give you enough reason to laugh so hard that it hurts. Along with that, you will also get cool ideas to dare that very person. Make him do what he would want to do invisible, and you will bring the match to the level of heat that makes it a tough contest.

16. What Fears Keep You From Sleeping At Night?

What fears keep you from sleeping at night

Now here’s a question that brings around funny childhood memories. Memories that we don’t usually cherish. Humor aside, these things make some people uncomfortable but others entertained. It’s interesting to know about people’s fears. Anything to test their will of speaking out loud, and you are bound to enjoy the game. This also introduces the side line of spooky stories that compliment a good truth or dare game. A change of moods will keep the game from ending quickly and make it last hours or as much time as you have.

15. What Is The Biggest Lie You Tried To Tell, But Failed?

What is the biggest lie you tried to tell, but failed

This has happened to all of us somewhere sometime in our lives. Either it has been with parents when you are trying to sneak in after a night time party, or something, you knew would bring you shame. Even more interesting is the fact that they got caught, maybe you were seen doing the act. Either you got scolded real good, or you got grounded for a long time, the story does not end well at all. It would be awesome to make someone share his inside story with you all before someone makes you share your inside story.

14. If You Get Only 24 More Hours To Live, What Would You Do?

If you get only 24 more hours to live, what would you do

This is interesting. 24 hours means, you would try to do some things you always desired to do in life. Ideas can be absurd but they can also be hilarious and super funny. People will rush from one thing to another while telling the tale. It will make a good laugh. If you are really short on ideas but don’t want the fun to end right there, keep this question as a wild card.

Dare Questions

“Dare questions are absolutely awesome. One can easily improvise a few questions by looking at his surroundings. Dare is always more fun than truths. You can always up the standards by asking really spicy questions. These dare questions ought to help you when your own ideas have met their end.”

13. Prank Call A Number Phone Number

Prank call a number phone number

This is absolutely stunning. Prank calls can take any form depending on your choice of company of friends. This is one of the most hilarious yet uncommon dare ideas. No one of your friends can beat this one. The call will be a fun and adventurous experience.

12. Take A Spoonful Of Cinnamon And Keep It In Your Mouth For 2 Minutes

Take a spoonful of cinnamon and keep it in your mouth for 2 minutes

This is an absolute necessity if you are playing at home or if you can get cinnamon. Cinnamon has the water soaking effect which leads to a very dry mouth within seconds. This is a particularly challenging task which appears to be easy. You will find his reactions absolutely hysterical. Again, if you want to tighten the competition, this challenge is a must.

11. Drink A Concoction Made By The Rest Of The Members Of Your Group And Guess The Ingredients

Drink a concoction made by the rest of the members of your group and guess the ingredients

This is really awesome. You could prepare the grossest combination of ingredients from sugar to ketchup, cheese and what not. Try to make a drink that tastes really gross. This is fun not only for the person doing the dare but for the ones who prepared it for him in the first place. You can give him a score regarding the accuracy of his guess and that could count in further rounds. This is a particularly adventurous idea.

10. Give The Heaviest Guy In The Room A Piggy Back Ride All Around The Area

Give the heaviest guy in the room a piggyback ride all around the area

It’s not absurd, not when you put it this way. A dare like this is amusing. The player will hate it while others will love it. If you want to up the difficulty, make him sing a song while he is doing the task. The tone of his voice will muster a rib-tickling laughter among you all.

9. Go Out, Confront The First Person Who Passes By You And Make Him Give You Money

Go out, confront the first person who passes by you and make him give you money

You should all be watching from a window in the house when the person begs around in the neighborhood for money. This is a particular dare that takes some time and confidence. It will be amazing how much one has to struggle to complete this task. For an outstanding game, you should try to think out of the box. A challenge like this, once completed, should set a new standard and make the game even more challenging for the rounds to come.

8. Fill Your Mouth With Candy And Sing A Song At The Top Of Your Voice

Fill your mouth with candy

If it’s a camping night, pack him up with marshmallows. If you are playing at home or school, any type of candy should do. It’s amazing how squeaky the person sounds. Don’t let him take rests and make him finish his song. Better still, make a video and upload it to the YouTube. It might go viral. That is the challenging part, and that is where the game gets exciting.

7. Eat A Sloppy Food WithOut Using Your Hands

Eat a sloppy food

This comic approach is a real success to muster up a good laugh. The food tends to stick to the face, and eating with the mouth directly is really awesome. See him snort and gulp while all his face gets messed up in the food. Any kind of sloppy food should do. Pies are best. Soups or puddings are reasonable alternatives. Make the person go as fast as possible and don’t let them take breaks. The more desperate he gets, them more hilarious your game becomes.

6. Make A Rap About The Person Next To You

Make a rap about the person next to you

The rap can be any level of vulgar or simple. Let the person decide that, but make him sing it out loud once he is ready. Rap fanatics really enjoy dares like these, others will find them good entertainment all the same. This dare should go with any kind of friends.

5. Dress Weirdly And Go Out. In The Middle Of The Street, Sing Your Favorite Disney Song At The Top Of Your Voice

Dress weirdly

It’s a great idea for when parents are not home. This task takes real courage and confidence and chances are the person might try to yield. In that case, you will have to make a new dare. However, if the person sitting next to you is game, you could toughen the challenge by making him sing aloud until anyone from the neighbors comes out annoyed at the tantrum. You will laugh so hard that it will hurt your ribs.

4. Bite Into A Lemon For Ten Seconds

Bite into a lemon

One squints after tasting a single drop of lemon juice. This dare is one tough. It takes a real self-controlled to keep sucking out the juice of a lemon. 10 seconds is the perfect time. Better still, this task has nothing wrong to it. Lemon juice is just lemon juice. It is not harmful. The person doing the task has nothing to risk and nothing to lose, but is amusing all the same.

3. Climb A Tree!

Climb a Tree

That’s a dare fit for outside rounds. If you are at the school playground or at the local park, the challenge will be amusing. If you are playing among close friends, you can raise the bids. Make him sing once he has climbed the highest possible, and make him sing hard. Dares like this cannot be repeated, nor revised in any way. It is hilarious in the first attempt but gets boring afterwards.

2. Prank Call A Mutual Friend Who Couldn’t Make It

Prank call a mutual friend who

Perhaps you had a get together planned out with old buddies and you ended up playing truth or dare, it is in the best interest of the group and for the sake of entertainment, don’t leave out the one friend who could not make it to the party. Give him or her a prank call from a phone number he isn’t familiar to and try to scare the daylights out of him by using a really creepy tone. Make sure you change your voice so that he can’t recognize the friend, nor can he notice that it is an attempted joke. A successful attempt can make you laugh the hardest in the entire game.

1. Wear A Silly Hairstyle Till The End Of The Game

Wear a silly hairstyle

It is a particular success among girl our multi gender parties. Make sure you are daring a girl to do this. Boys don’t mind. Make her look super silly by ruining her hairstyle or giving her a comic one. If the girl is playing cool, wait. Another few minutes and the hairstyle will freak her out. That is when the fun begins and it lasts till the end of the game. For the next few rounds, she does the dares with the same stupid hairstyle. That makes the fun lasting.


Truth or dare questions prove also excellent pass time activity as a group. Whether you are on a camping trip and looking for some real fun around the fire, you just got bored at school, and gathered for some fun, truth or dare keeps the environment pleasant, and the humor flowing. You get lots of ideas about jokes you would like to make to people, some pranks to play or in the best case scenario, some dark secrets. On the alternative, you can test the other person’s confidence and abilities by making him do hilarious and funny tasks as dares.

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