How To Get White Hair: 2 Outstanding Ways

White hair enhance the beauty of your hair and at the same time give you a new, bold and audacious look; hence they are craved by many women. There are different ways of getting white hair; but some of them play adversely with the health of your hair. How to get white hair can be a little confusing and difficult if you don’t follow the right directions mentioned in different techniques below.

If you want to get white hair; it’s not that difficult. But if you want white hair while conserving the health of your hair at the same time then you need to be a little careful and precautious. How to get white hair has been explained in detail in the following; you just have to follow the tips and in no time you will have the look you want. With every procedure discussed below, keep in mind to treat your hair with coconut oil a day or two before you want white hair. Coconut oil has miraculous powers to help the health of your hair get immensely better. So in a way this will also mitigate the adverse effects which come with any procedure of turning your hair white.

3. Bleaching


Bleaching is one of the oldest and easiest methods to get white hair. It is a tried and tested method which yields optimum results. You don’t have to worry about the failure of this procedure. It doesn’t backfire as well. It is a 2 stepped procedure about how to make your hair white. One is bleaching and the other is toning.

 Step 1


While bleaching your hair you have to take some precautionary measures like covering your shoulders with towels or anything of that sort and also don’t let the bleach fall on your skin in any way. Once you’ve applied the bleach, then, wrap your hair in a plastic cover.

After the first 15 minutes of applying the bleach, check once how the bleach has worked on few strands of your hair. If it is going great then let it be, if not then consider adding a little more bleach to your hair. Keep in mind that your hair should not be under bleach for more than 50 minutes. Otherwise your hair will get badly damaged.

Step 2


Remove the bleach after you get white hair you needed. Remember that for dark hair, this bleach wouldn’t turn them white right away. Rather, it will turn them blonde. If your hair are clearly blonde then you can proceed to toning right away. But if they are not perfectly blonde and still have dark shades then wait a day or two, again apply the bleaching process to make the hair blonde. Now you can tone your hair.

2. Toning


Step 1

You can have any toner from the market; there is a variety out there. First of all mix the toner   with the developer. They are mixed in a pet ratio mentioned on the packet. But normally it is 1:2, i. e., one part toner mixed with two parts of the developer.

Step 2


Now apply this mixture to the whole of your hair from roots to tips. Evenly distribute the mixture all over your head.

Step 3


Now pack your hair in a plastic wrap. Let the mixture be there for approximately 30 minutes. After this, carefully wash out the toner. And there you are with the white hair you’ve always craved for.



The damages of the bleaching method cannot be denied. If bleaching has its advantage of time conservation then it comes with the disadvantage of hair breaking, hair damage, scalp and follicle damage etc. But there is one way through which you can save yourself considerably from the hazards of bleach. It is avoiding bleaching the roots of your hair.

If you can keep hair roots of the natural color and the rest of your hair upto the tips are white then you have saved yourself from a lot of adverse effects. By not bleaching the roots you are saving the essence of your hair and more importantly the scalp. The scalp is the part which helps the growth of new and existing hair, so if it is saved from the hazardous effects of bleach then you can wait for new hair to grow and the existing hair to get strong with the passage of time. The choice is entirely yours, but the more preferred way is of ignoring the roots. So how to get white hair now depends on you!

 1. Without Bleach Method


If you want to know how to get , the best answer is without bleaching. The bleaching method is very quick but it comes with its harms. It definitely causes damage to your hair and to the scalp of your head as well. If you can spare about a month to make your hair white then you don’t need to ask anyone about how to get white hair. This is the procedure you need. Without bleach method goes along in different steps.

 Step 1


If you already have dyed hair, then first you need to use a color stripper in order to remove the color that is presently on your hair. This step will take your hair to their natural color. After this you should shampoo and condition your hair using a good conditioner to reinstate the texture, glow and health of your hair.

Step 2


Proceeding on, you need to have a couple of styling products to get white hair. These include at least five color dyes namely light blonde, medium blonde, dark blonde and then medium brown along with light brown. Apart from the dyes you need a nice hair mask, macadamia oil for hair, a good conditioner and a silver shampoo.

Step 3


First of all use a color dye which is a few shades lighter than the original color of your hair. For example for dark hair you may consider using medium brown color dye. After dying your hair in this lighter shade you have to condition and shampoo them. Now dry your hair completely, and after this use macadamia oil approximately 3 squirts of this would do the needful.

Now enjoy this color for the time being and let it be there for a period of five days to one week. Before the beginning of the next procedure treat your hair with the hair mask. Now you have to use another color dye which is few shades lighter than your present hair color. For example if you are having medium brown hair at present then you should consider using light brown hair dye.



Again follow all the steps like conditioning your hair, shampooing them and then treating them with the hair oil. After this procedure wait for another five days and at the end of the five days repeat all the above stated procedures with an even lighter shade which would now be dark blonde. Following all the above given steps you have to go to light blonde from dark blonde. After completing the whole procedure your hair are in the lightest possible shade and that too without any damage.

The last step will be using a matrix silver shampoo on your blonde hair. This will make them go purely white. And there you are with your beautiful, awe-inspiring white hair. There is no doubt that this process looks lengthy and boring but don’t ignore the fact that it is completely damage free. You can get white hair in a matter of hours using the bleaching method but just consider for a while that the damage done by that method will be irreversible. So give your hair some time and get what you want with any cost to pay in terms of hair damage. This is almost all about how to get white hair.

White hair are bound to roll  a lot of eyes and turn a lot of heads towards you, so if you think you can’t handle tons of attention then you should probably reconsider your decision of making your hair white. But if you have the courage to handle such attention then you are the one truly made for white hair. Apart from giving a very adventurous and brave look, white hair also accentuate the beauty of your face lineaments by framing your face and making it look finer. Moreover white hair are complemented by almost all skin tones except very dark ones. So you don’t have to worry about your complexion or skin tone when you decide to get white hair.

One thing should be kept in mind that after getting white hair you cannot leave them on their own. You have to periodically take care of your hair, treat them with products which improve hair health and texture. You can also consider going to a saloon to treat your white hair with expert treatment occasionally. By now you have probably found all the answers to how to get white hair. Be careful and enjoy your new look with confidence.

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