8 Classic Sad Romantic Movies To Tear You Down

Romantic movies have been around since the emergence of cinema. Some have a happy plot while others only serve to deepen the gloom a person. Some sad romantic movies have made quite an impression on the box office and set the trends for the cinema to follow afterwards.

8. Titanic


This is perhaps the most obvious entry to any list of sad romantic movies, and rightfully so! Titanic has brought tears to people’s eyes for the past 18 years. The movie, obviously, speaks of the demise of the Titanic which was a symbol of human grandeur, and the story of an odd pair deeply in love. If you haven’t watched it already, do it right away!

7. Gone With The Wind


This 1939 movie still does it best. Born in an era of cinematography marked by simple romance, this movie defied all the odds set by the box office. The story of a spoilt girl and a for-the-ladies guy deeply in love in a society condemning them, there are bits of both romance and melancholy.

6. Harold And Maude


Romance between two, least expected to fall in love: a youth and an old lady is what makes this movie surprising. The movie questions our societal values, in what way are the standards imposed on every one of us and how difficult can it be to defy them. Best of sad romantic movies!

5. Romeo And Juliet


This is a simple narration of the eternal work by Shakespeare. This was the most exceedingly modernized work of its era of release. Every scene has such weight and value to it.

4. Amour


This movie is truly heartbreaking. When an old woman faces stroke and body paralysis, she and her husband are challenged by the odds of nature and such misery falls on them as is very rarely depicted in movies. The ending makes it truly heartbreaking.

3. West Side Story


This musical is legendary. With the songs still celebrated as greatest ever for musicals, the story is comedic, but the romance is vivid and the drama, as large as life. The ending particularly is aggressively emotional and brings a pall around everyone’s eyes. You will certainly enjoy the movie and the songs within.

2. The Bridges Of Madison County


This film narrates the story of a photographer observing a housewife’s life and within, he finds out much more: true love. From beginning to the end, this movie is truly touching in the list of sad romantic movies.

1. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas


What makes this movie so tear-jerking is the ending which is memorable indeed. The movie is about two kids, one a prisoner and the other an army officer’s son, both become friends and end up dying in a gas chamber.

Sad romantic movies are the perfect time pass for the cold sick-in-the-bed winter days. A movie with the perfect balance of emotions and the right touch of creativity can become an eternal work of art. Hopefully you found this list helpful in choosing the right movie for you. Don’t get all emotional; remember that these are movies, not real time incidents.

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