Bantu Knots Not “Mini Buns” – 25 Superb Ideas on How to Do Bantu Knots

Bantu knots out hairstyles are back in business. There are a number of great looks that can be achieved with a simple curling technique and they impart you a great contemporary look. There are other benefits to it as well. Bantu knots are a great way to bring back curls and to keep the hair healthy. They are a universal styling skill for all hair types and lengths. Above all, it is a protective technique which helps you moisturize and strengthen your hair. Here are a few ideas on how to do bantu knots. Try a few easy steps and you are good to go. These styles make use of the same technique but create great new combinations.

  • Be sure to pick out the look that agrees with your hair type and face shape. A perfect fit can turn you into a princess in no time!
  • Divide the hair into regularly arranged and manageable sections; the longer the hair, the fewer the sections that you will need. If you want curly hair then make more sections.
  • Detangle the sections. If your hair are not already tangle free or relatively straight, then this is an important step in the process.
  • Roll and twist each of these sections and wrap it on itself. Create tiny buns by tucking the end under the knot itself and it will stay. If doesn’t then use bobby pins.

Bantu knots outs are great if you want to protect your hair. They help the hair retain moisture and the hair look healthy once they come out of the knots. It is also good for generating natural curls. They have been around for many years even now retain their popularity. If you want a look that accentuates with your facial features without being a burden to maintain, check out the ideas below on how to do Bantu knots. These looks will certainly give you a gargantuan variety to choose from.

25. Large Knot Curls

Large Knot Curls

No need for you to mess around with hairstyling. Those bodacious knot curls from the previous day will still look fresh and they will still look amazing, This style features five knot curls which are minimalistic and they leave space for accessorization. You can get creative and bring out the individuality in your hairstyle.

24. Vintage Small Knot Curls

Vintage Small Knot Curls

Give your wet short hair a treat with this impeccable hairstyle. It has been around in the vintage photographs and it’s time to bring this Bantu style back. The beginning knots may not be the easiest to master but if you have the right fit, you can stop time with this impeccable hairstyle. One thing to remember: begin with wet hair and you have no problems.

23. Relaxed Hair Bantu Knots

Relaxed Hair Bantu Knots

This is a protective style that comes on par with braids and two strand twists in terms of looks. Use your relaxed hair to create Bantu knot out and you will be surprised when all that volume simply vanishes. That’s the great thing about this hairstyle. It will let you go protective with your hair but it is chic at the same time. If you have relaxed hair and are wondering how to do Bantu knots, this is the way to go.

22. Bantu Knots With Dreadlocks!

Bantu knots with Dreadlocks

Here’s a combination that will blow your mind. It is innovative but it is useful if you want to tuck away those dreadlocks for the summer to spice up your looks. Dreadlocks can make bold and beautiful Bantu knots especially if you pay attention to the details. Keep the Bantu knots evenly sized and this style can be a show stopper for sure.

21. Bantu Knots For Transitioning Hair

Bantu Knots for Transitioning Hair

Transitioning your hair from relaxed to their natural form can be a real pain. But it won’t be true with this superb hairstyle. Unlike the cliché bantu knots, this style features threaded knots. The great thing is that it does not look like your hair are transitioning. This is another of the wearable and cool looking hairstyles which serves multiple purposes.

20. Short Mohawk With Bantu Knots

Short Mohawk with Bantu Knots

Want a hairstyle which will turn heads and earn you compliments? Curl up your short hair and make Bantu knots on the sides. The end result is a hairstyle which resembles a Mohawk, but far exceeds it in vogue. Curls go great with short hair, particularly if you know how to do Bantu knots with this combo. Try this combination and you will get a picture perfect hairstyle.

19. Big Bantus With Extensions

Big Bantus with Extensions

Extensions are the key to voluminous dreadlocks or other styling options. Here is a good application of those extensions to achieve big Bantu knots. Make use of that added volume to make these big symmetrical knots. They will frame the face too. This style is made even more valuable by the fact that it can go well with shiny accessories and trinkets. Make this ready-to-go hairstyle and you can personalize it in a lot of different ways.

18. Twisted Bantu And Natural Hair

Twisted Bantu and Natural Hair

If you want a comfortable style to care for those thirsty roots, this is an option worth considering. It is simple and easy to prepare but it lets you show off those natural curls just a little. It helps your hair retain moisture and that is great for their health. This is a great style with its own set of benefits.

17. Loose Curls From Fresh Bantu

Loose Curls from Fresh Bantu

Okay you decided to get rid of plain Bantu knot outs. Don’t make haste and admire for a moment the look you get when you let the curls fall for the first time. It is indeed a surprisingly mesmerizing look and it can certainly be a funky choice for a hairstyle. So before you brush away those fresh new curls, consider the look for a second. There’s a good chance that you will fall in love with it instantly.

16. Shiny Bantu Knot Out

Shiny Bantu Knot Out

For an ultimate voguish look that makes use of the curls achieved by the Bantu knots and the shine, here’s an entry which will make you try it. You need here just to learn how to do Bantu knots. Now hold the curls in their shape with tangled rubber bands. This style is unique and it certainly qualifies as bold. You can finish it with infusion as well as a brilliant hair spray. It takes time, but the look pays off.

15. Perfectly Parted Bantu Knot Out

Perfectly Parted Bantu Knot out

Think outside the box. If the generic perfectly parted Bantu knots are not the sassy option you hoped for, add individuality! Perhaps a crown braid to style it up or accessories! There are a lot of ways in which this style competes with some of the hottest current trends. Know your taste and try to estimate what will look best with your face shape and your hair type. Spice the look with braids, catchy highlights or any other creative idea!

14. Freshly Pulled Out Curls

Freshly Pulled out Curls

Getting Bantu knots is not an easy decision for a first timer nor is taking them out. They are so loveable! However, here is a look that appears when you pull out the Bantu knots. The initial bounce is a rarity when it comes to hairstyles. The initial bounce depends on the quality and the thickness of your hair as well as the Bantu method you used. However, once you get that initial bounce, you have the right medium to work some magic. You can bring out a great hairstyle too. This is a great idea if you are wondering how to do Bantu knots and how to style them.

13. Braided Bantu

Braided Bantu

This is a killer look which is not for the faint of heart. A braided Bantu is possibly the retro look your hair needed all along. Thin braids can be separated and they can be twisted into Bantu knots. The best part is that you can make patterns at the roots with your braiding. This look is open to a lot of versatility and it brings you a ton of personalization options. If you are good with fine braiding and if you are good with Bantu knot outs, this is a hairstyle you will not get bored with.

12. Silly Twisted Bantu

Silly Twisted Bantu

Its simple but the shine makes it catch and unique. This hairstyle is gaining popularity and it has potential because it is an excellent solution for medium length silky hair. Better still, pulling out the knots will get you symmetrical curls. This hairstyle is a viable option to consider.

11. Bantu Curls After Untwisting

Bantu Curls after Untwisting

Short to medium length hair benefit from Bantu knots greatly! The curls that come out once you untwist the Bantu are picture perfect. They make this hairstyle a true valuable skill to have. Keeping the hair in Bantu knots helps them retain their moisture. That makes the curls soft and healthy. It is a great thing to see natural curls work their magic. That is precisely the reason why this look is so lovable.

10. Bantu Knots With Edge Control

Bantu Knots with Edge Control

Look gorgeous during the protective phase of hair care with this look. Bun-like knots are the prime feature of this look. The edges need attention but that attention certainly makes a marked improvement. You can attain you unique and personalized look with this styling choice. Go protective with your hair but retain your good looks with this hairstyle.

9. Flawless Uniform Bantu

Flawless Uniform Bantu

Flawlessly drawn Bantu knots are not the easiest deal but if you have a friend to help, why not? This is possible the best Bantu option to wear with a formal dress. It is straight, symmetrical and yet it retains so much of your persona. It is a favorite among photographers because this style reveals the true potential in the bantu knots. Try it on for size and you will certainly love this look.

8. Bantu Knot Out With Flat Twist

Bantu Knot Out with Flat Twist

If you adore big curls and a well rounded head of hair, look no further, simply learn how to do Bantu knots and they can help you achieve this amicable combination with little fuss. Show off those big curls with this retro hairstyle and you will love it. The best part is that it allows you to experiment with face framing and other options. It’s a great hairstyle and you won’t be disappointed.

7. Blonde Bantu Knot Out

Blonde Bantu Knot Out

For a chic look, color combinations often go a long way to reinvent your look. That is the case with this Bantu knot out. Some Bantu knots are made by your natural black and the rest are turned shiny blonde. The end result is catchy and the curls, when left unseparated are certainly a great option to consider. If Bantu knots are good, this knot out is even better. It is gorgeous and it is simple to do.

6. Classic Bantu Knots

Classic Bantu Knots

Don’t steal from the natural beauty of the Bantu knots and try this classic look. It has been around for a couple of decades now. You will love the vintage theme. This hairstyle is truly invaluable when well prepared. It’s a must have skill and you will benefit from it greatly.

5. Half Up Half Down Style

Half Up Half Down Style

Headbands are not the universal choice among women. This particular entry is an alternative that you are going to fall in love with. Section the hair from ear to ear. From the front section, create four or five Bantu knots and you have an amazing style. It is voguish and it is easy to maintain. If you are looking for ideas on how to do Bantu knots, this is simply one worth considering.

4. Bantu Knots With Shaved Sides

Bantu Knots with Shaved Sides

It is a summer hairstyle which is simply too adorable. Make four equally sized Bantu knots from the top hair and remove the side hair. It is an alternative to the Mohawk and they will work as a great update. Spice up your look with this style and it will certainly payoff.

3. Red Braided Bantu Knots

Red Braided Bantu Knots

Bantu knot outs are not an exclusive for black hair. It suits red just as much. Section the hair and braid it. Twist those short braids into Bantu knots. It brings out the red color, so that’s a combination worth considering. It is an in=the-now look which is a viable option to consider.

2. Box Braids Into Bantu Knots

Box Braids into Bantu Knots

Box braids are versatile. They are easy to maintain and they are a favorite among African American women. Let these bounty twists make use of the box braids to generate a cool look which will not only get you through the protective period of hair-care but it will also look great. The only downside is the discomfort that comes with big Bantu knots.

1. Twists Into Bantu Knots

Twists into Bantu Knots

Twists are the way to go if you want a neat look. Pay attention to the partitioning. This hairstyle looks best if you have sleek and rare hair. Better still, it will benefit from the medium lengths to grant you a minimalistic style that is certainly an awesome look for the summer.

These are some of the contemporary looks made by using the bantu knots technique. There are countless other styles as well. The best part is that each of these looks makes use of the same styling technique, to create versatile looks. Bantu knots are easy to prepare and they are great for the hot summer days or if you want to get curly hair without using curling irons. Develop your command on the ideas given above on how to do bantu knots.

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