25 Senegalese Twists For A Smart Contemporary Look

Senegalese twists are a great hairstyle option for protective purposes. Your hair retain moisture and they get healthier in this protective hairstyle. It is also one of the voguish looks particularly for the African American women. Senegalese twists and dreadlocks are both versatile. If you are not feeling enthusiastic about heat and chemical applications used for styling, these twists will provide you with the perfect alternative. This is a styling skill that you can benefit greatly from. Check out these hairstyle options which make use of Senegalese twists to create amazing looks.

25. Half  Up Half  Down Braid

Half up Half down Braid

Thick and bodacious braids are a great hairstyle which has been around for the past couple of years. It is easy to prepare under five minutes. If you want to spice up your look and if you want the Senegalese twists tucked up and away from the face, this is the perfect hairstyle in twists for you. It is the adequate choice for summers and springs.

24. Top Knot Bun With Senegalese Twists

Top Knot Bun with Senegalese Twists

Top knot bun looks entirely different when you do this with Senegalese twists. The added volume is picturesque and it synchronizes with the top knot well. The end result is a bodacious and bold top knot. If you wish to make it more manageable, go with a half up half down option. The hair behind the ears and from the back of the head can make a ponytail. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed. This is a versatile look which goes great with all face shapes.

23. Top Knot With Two French Braids

Top Knot with Two French Braids

This style is a half up half down style, it is trendy and chic. You can make use of your extra volume to generate a balanced look. The tough part is to make the braids even but once you have gotten the hang of it, it is fairly easy to imitate. Prepare it well and this is a successful hairstyle option to try for the coming summer.

22. Big Twists Top Knot

Big Twists Top Knot

This is a half up half down and perfectly rounded top knot which looks a lot different from the aforementioned top knot with Senegalese twists. The thick twists are certainly an improvement over their more sleek counterparts, and they certainly look more personalized. Another feature that makes this hairstyle a worthy option is that it can be personalized with any number of trinkets or accessories. It is an ideal choice for the summer season because it lets your neck breath.

21. Braided Updo With Senegalese Twists

Braided Updo with Senegalese Twists

This braided updo is essentially a retro look. It will work perfectly with bold twists. The updo resembles a knot and the bodacious shape has a vintage look and feel to it. It is prepared by making multiple braids from ponytails dividing the hair into two sections. Get the style smooth and secure it tightly or it will go loose after very short time.

20. Twisted Half Up Half Down Style

Twisted Half up Half Down Style

This is one of the few styles which use Senegalese twists but it still offers you adequate face framing. The graduating twists descend down one side. The intricate twisted pattern is not the easiest skill to acquire, but it certainly pays off. Give it time and you will certainly be pleased by the results. This hairstyle qualifies as a formal look. If you are going for a protective hairstyle which does not bother or affect your job, then this is a viable option to consider.

19. Burgundy High Bun

Burgundy High Bun

If bodacious looks are your thing, then burgundy is an exotic color you simply must try. Unlike black, it is not overpowering, and this voluminous high bun looks and feels manageable. This is a perfect color and hairstyle for the summer. It is contemporary and gorgeous hairstyle. It is in every way worth the effort because it is universal. This bun will suit all face shapes and hair types.

18. Twisted French Braids

Twisted French Braids

A pair of French braids looks absolutely fantastic with Senegalese twists. Rope twists are so versatile that they can go well with any style. These French braids are symmetrical and they are equally sized. This style is great if you want to bring out your symmetrical face. Braiding is one of the simplest styling techniques, and thus this is a super-easy hairstyle. It is a perfect option for the Monday morning frenzy!

17. High Ponytail

 High Ponytail

A high ponytail is a great choice if you have Senegalese twists. Ponytails represent one of the hottest trends today, and they look even more chic with twists or dreadlocks. Better still; go with a color combination that shows off in the ponytail. Gray is the hottest trend this summer, and it will certainly be a cool combination to try. A high ponytail can change your perception of twists with the unbelievably transformed looks.

16. Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail

A heavy side ponytail with a killing texture is a great idea with twists. You only need elastic hair bands for this look. Simply make a high side ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist the outer section until you get the desired texture and look. Tie it off at the lower end with a rubber band. By tweaking out a few twists, you can effectively hide the rubber band holding the ponytail. This is a great style that takes relatively less time to prepare and yet it is versatile.

15. Twisted Cornrows

Twisted Cornrows

This is a great hairstyle for a summer in the outdoors. It is good enough that you will not want to loose those twists. The cornrows are present a Mohawk with a great pattern on the sides. The majority of the volume falls down the neck at the back and it is easily manageable. This is the perfect example of how Senegalese twists can be used to generate chic new and contemporary looks with a little creativity.

14. Big Top Knot Bun

Big Top Knot Bun

This is as big as it gets. For the girls who like a big and chunky top knot, this is a style to satiate your taste. If you have dense hair, then a half up half down is inevitable. Otherwise, this top knot can occupy most of your hair. Make sure that it is secured tightly to prolong this look. It is in-the-now and you will certainly fall in love with it once you try this look.

13. Senegalese Twists With A Pop Of Red

Senegalese Twists with a Pop of Red

If you are one of the adventurous girls, then this hairstyle is a special treat for you. The stark red makes a great combination with the otherwise black twists. It is the easiest hairstyle on this list. All you need to do is to pull your hair back and then tie the red hair in a loose single knot over the rest. It is great for securing the hair in place. This is an excellent example of gorgeous and yet elegant look generate with Senegalese twists.

12. Twists And French Braid Style

Twists and French Braid Style

Side Twists are good, but even better is making a short but thick Dutch braid. Make a Dutch braid with the hair on the front section and then bring it to one side. This is a mesmerizing look for the summer season and it will suffice as an elegant look for formal occasions as well. This look has potential to be your next favorite. Give it a try and you are certain to fall in love with it.

11. Pompadour Twist Updo

Pompadour Twist Updo

The pompadour twist is getting more popular each year, and it looks exceptionally well with Senegalese twists. Pompadour hairstyles are some of the most elegant vintage looks and they are great for formal occasions and proms. This hairstyle can be worn to any type of occasion and it gets the job done.

10. Half Updo With Twisted Sides

Half Updo with Twisted Sides

Bad hair days are certainly tough to control. The next time you go out after a tough day of work, try this simple and easy hairstyle which is still elegant enough to compete with the best looks. It is symmetrical and it frames the face so that you can show off your facial features, this hairstyle is a great go-to choice for short time preparations as well.

9. Senegalese Twists With Headband

Senegalese Twists with Headband

A headband is tough to generate with Senegalese twists, but you can still get the hang of it. With that, you can finish it in a couple of minutes. The headband sits low on the forehead, and the rest o the twists are tucked up in a bun at the back of the head. The perfect balanced look is prepared when you tuck the twists over and underneath the headband strands. This balanced look is a great choice if you are looking for elegant styles to go with the twists.

8. Chunky French Braid

Chunky French Braid

There are many reasons to love French Braids. Here’s one of them. This hairstyle is a great choice because it uses a simple technique and because the hair are tucked securely. This hairstyle is meant for casual wearing but it is gorgeous enough to get you anywhere.

7. Two Twisted Buns

Two Twisted Buns

Here’s a prom hairstyle which is a real show stopper. It is gorgeous all around and it is meant to stay trendy for long. Two flat and broad buns one on top of the head and the other behind the neck are the main features of this look. It can be considerably improved with color combinations. Though this is not the easiest of twists hairstyles, but it certainly pays well for the effort.

6. Thin Highlighted Twisted Bun

Thin Highlighted Twisted Bun

This is a low bun, which uses the most ordinary of skills. But what make this bun truly unique are the red highlights in the twists. The red works in perfect synchronization with the black for the perfect summer look and feel. This low bun is meant for casual wearing. It won’t weigh you down but it will certain make the Senegalese twists look much more elegant.

5. Side Parted Twists

Side Parted Twists

If you have thick twists, you have a hairstyle write off the bat. A straight and deep side partseparates the hair perfectly. It is a hairstyle in itself, probably the easiest and the quickest to prepare among all the hairstyles mentioned in this list. It frames the face, but the best feature is the fact that this hairstyle is compatible with every face shape.

4. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk Braid

The Mohawk braid sacrifices the hair on the sides, but the look itself is worth the sacrifice. You get a classy hairstyle which is gorgeous and it is trendy. This hairstyle may not be the easiest to prepare but it is a good choice if you like bodacious hairstyles.

3. Pull Back With Senegalese Twists

Pull back with Senegalese Twists

A Pull black is ideal for summer days out. A simple and carefree pull back is low-stress but it is chic. This hairstyle is to make you and your hair relax. It looks best on medium twists because you really get to show off the twists and your amazing length with this.

2. Double Knot

Double Knot

It is a half up half down hairstyle. It features two top knots of equal size, but obliquely placed. This delicate hairstyle makes your Senegalese twists look divine. Certainty a style to consider for this summer season!

1. Back Bun Twist

Back Bun Twist

Extra long twists give you the opportunity to experiment with showy and heavy updos, but dividing it in a half up half down gives you the opportunity to show the length as well as prepare an intricate look on the head. This low bun covers the rest of the hair, but it gives you the opportunity to show off your lengths.

Senegalese twists are back in business. They are one of the retro looks that are always around. If you want to enter a protection phase to give your hair the opportunity to catch up on their nutrition, these twists are the best option. They have their benefits but you don’t have to give up anything during that period. The above mentioned ideas are perfect hairstyles for all types of occasions. No matter what face shape you have, what thickness or length of twists you have or what type of occasions are you searching a hairstyle for, there is certainly an ideal choice for you. Senegalese twists are versatile. They can be styled in infinite ways. Check out these trendy and gorgeous ideas for inspiration.

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