Get To Know Real Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

Every girl has gone through the phase of falling in love with a doll she sees at the store and somehow cannot think of anything else but that doll. For most girls that special doll has always been a Barbie doll. Barbie has been such a huge brand in terms of producing and manufacturing all kinds of dolls that it has been impossible to think of any other doll for your child since the past three generations.

Every girl loves to collect all kinds of Barbie dolls including Barbie’s personal favorite, “Ken”. Girls love to arrange their Barbie dolls and have tea time snacks with them because for many girls these are their first ever friends that they socially interact with and care about. Some girls happily share their Barbie dolls while there are many who hate sharing and start delving into a crazy tantrum.


Barbie dolls are basically closer to being Celebrities without makeup. You tend to want to be like them but there is something special about them that it seems impossible to bring yourself to that point. Many celebrities without makeup are absolutely flawless just like these Barbie dolls that have nothing to beautify them and yet they are so elegantly designed. Celebrities without makeup who shock people with their real flawless skin actually go through a lot of effort to keep themselves fit and glowing.

There is no doubt in having a clear shiny skin if you are sowing your seeds right, like staying hydrated, moisturizing, keeping your diet clean, making efforts to nurture your skin through different facial treatments and even adopting to multivitamin regime. When you are actually concerned about your skin and health, only then will you be able to find the true inner glow like your favorite celebrities without makeup.

There have been many claims though regarding the existence of Real-Life Barbie but the one we are talking about is no doubt the one who will truly shock and mesmerize you. Valeria Lukyanova is certainly the most resembling Real-Life Barbie that we can even think of. There will be damn long debates about it and people criticizing one or the other thing but truth is Valeria Lukyanova can stand over any stage and prove her to be the finest and the most accurate version of being the Real-Life Barbie.

She has a waist-line of just 18” with a height of 5’7” and weighing just 42kgs. There is too much going on in here that can actually put a lot of girls into depression and insecurity. But Valeria Lukyanova is an amazing woman with a really down to Earth nature. She is always busy in maintaining her social media presence and answering her fans including the ones that have lashed out on her. There have been a series of hate comments and campaigns against Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova that even led to her getting strangled and beaten up by two men outside of her home on the night of Halloween because of which she had to go through the torture of being hospitalized where she got treated for her wounds and bruises.


This year spring has been a bit different for this Real-Life Barbie because she had finally decided to cut her image short of just being thin and having no human like charm in her abdominal area. Valeria Lukyanova claimed through her Facebook and other social media pages that this spring she plans on to “grow and build her abs because she is sick and tired of only looking thin”.

Soon after a couple of months of extensive training in the gym with trained professionals she started sharing her results (through her official Instagram account). She even got a professional shoot done in open air to not only enjoy the breath of fresh, clean, spring air but to also enhance her Real-Life Barbie looks in a naturally blooming setup. Another reason for her to work on her abs was because she now wanted to make herself tough and strong, just like an Amazonian warrior. We could see a couple of posts being shared on her official Facebook page that redirects towards her desire from moving on being Real-Life Barbie to a warrior woman.

Valeria Lukyanova claims that her biggest supporters are her family members and especially her spouse. She got married to her love Dmitry Shkrabov and he has since then been with her through thick and thin. Valeria Lukyanova after realizing being the Real-Life Barbie has moved on to pursue a career in modeling and also aspires to become an actress some time. Her unofficial shoots are often done by either Dmitry or her close friend.

Currently Valeria Lukyanova is busy changing her self-image from being a naïve and innocent Real-Life Barbie to more like a beautiful and power Amazonian warrior and by the looks of it, it seems that her hard work has finally started to pay -off. We have here  the most stunning photographs of Real-Life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova that will surely blow your mind away:

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