7 Incredible Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair

There are countless hairstyles for long hair to get an incredibly stylish look. Long hair are always considered classic and never get out of fashion. It is very easy to look modern, classy and versatile with following easy, quick and simple hairstyles for long hair without paying a single penny to any saloon.

7. Simple Braid Hairstyle


Braids are one of the most favorite styles for long hair, ever. There is a wide range of variation in braid styles. But simple braid is one the most perfect and commonly used style. It’s a very easy style to wear by sectioning your hair in three parts. Turn the both side sections on middle section one by one till the end. This is a very simple and easy summer style for a decent look.

6. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle


Another adorable and to love hairstyle for long hair is fishtail braid. It seems a very confusing hairstyle to look, but all it takes a little practice to wear. To start it divides your hair in two parts. Take a thin strand from outer side of a part, pull it over that part and add it under the other section. Do the same with the other side and keep changing the sides one by one until you see the fishtail form.

 5. Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle


This is a very simple, unique and quick hairstyle. You can do it by yourself in first attempt. Make a simple ponytail and divide it into two sections. Hold a section and turn around the other section to wrap it carefully. For professional females it would be very fruitful.

4. Perky Side Pony


This is among the simplest hairstyles for long hair that enables you to have a very professional and nice working look. Make a simple side pony tail by sweeping all your hair from back to one side. Use a rubber band to secure it. Then to pouf your pony, tease it from the base of its top. For an urgent use this one can be the best hairstyle.

3. Half Crown Braid


Another very simple and useful hairstyle especially for working females. Start it by making a braid of almost two inch strand above your ear on both sides of your head. Turns both braid around your head from the backside and then secure them with bobby pins. To make it little special you can use flower clips or pins etc.

2. Hairstyle With Bobby Pins


Simple to create, nice to look and quick hairstyle for your long hair. At start tease the crown of your head and then secure the hair section from between your hairline and head crown with bobby pins. Now grab a little section from the right front of your head, wrap and pin it up behind your head. Do the same on the left side of your head. Continue it with alternating both sides till 3 to 4 steps on each side. Now you are ready to enjoy a very different look at a little time with no effort.

1. Side Bun


An adorable style for modern and stylish look. Buns are always preferable in styling long hair. Here is an adorable bun style for a modern and stylish look. Just make a simple side pony tail and twist it until it wraps into a bun and pin it up. To add more style pull some strands and voila. This is one of the easiest and simple hairstyle for long hair.

Your long hair can maximize your beauty and charm if you keep in consideration these simple and easy hairstyles for long hair without any extra effort and spending much of your precious time.

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