20 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy wedding hairstyles for long hair have garnered appreciation from everyone for their flattering look and eye-catching styles. If you are considering an easy up do for gorgeous long hair, do give a try to these wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Spring is in the air as brings us to yet another episode of ever evolving fashion. With the New Year, many trends have emerged among weddings as bridal hairdos and yet many other styles have been repressed by the people. Of course, the hairdo is one of the most important aspects of a bride’s preparations for the big day, and demands a gargantuan amount of attention and thinking.

With the spring season at its full bloom, the easy wedding hairstyles have emerged as the new vogue, popularized celebrities and experts. If you are considering an easy up do for gorgeous long hair, do give these easy wedding hairstyles for long hair a try, see if any of these fits you and more importantly, suits you.

20. Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair


Obviously, the waterfall braid is made to survive. This style has been in the fashion field for much too long for a simple and easy hairstyle. This is probably because of the undeniable elegance of the style, coupled with the fact that it demands less than 10 minutes to complete. Just part your hair into three sections and start crating French braids out of them. Twist these strands now into braids and let them fall to get a waterfall effect.

This hairstyle is particularly made for Blonde women and multiplies their beauty. This style also looks great with gentle wavy hair.

19. The Classic Bun Wedding Hairstyle


This is by far perhaps the simplest of all the easy updos for long hair. It is in glamorous and in vogue and one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. Perfect if you have textured wavy hair, this bun suits all kinds of faces. Be your true self with this modest look. It reveals the facial features to a primarily elegant look. This choice of hairdo will certainly take peoples breaths away. This is always a choice when you are running out of time, or the hair expert has failed to show up on your special day.

18. Back Swept Wedding Hairstyle


This option in easy wedding hairstyles for long hair goes great with all kinds of faces and is perfect for wedding ceremonies. The hair are swept back from the front area and pinned into a ball in the middle of the back. They are tied softly, this lets the hair hang loose, and thus bring the astonishing glamour to this style.

Wear it to your wedding day and you will certainly earn compliments and praises from the crowd. Beware; the style tends to loosen up after some time which is obviously not permitted for the wedding hairdo. Hold it in place with a holding spray, but go for a product that does not have the additional shiny effect.


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