25 Cute Braided Hairstyles For Girls

The cute braided hairstyles for girls are immensely easy to do. Once done, you can keep your hair untouched for the rest of your day contrary to other hairstyles which require frequent alterations and setting.

Summer season is in full swing and it is time for you to adopt a cute hairstyle that suits the weather and your hair to be tucked away safely. Braided hairstyles are just the answer. To choose a style that suits your face, easy to prepare and is an in-the-now style for, try these cute braided hairstyles for girls for the ultimate look and the best hair comfort.

“The summer brings a lot of exclusive and beautiful braided hairstyles for the summer look you all have been waiting for since spring time. This time, simplicity has taken hold of the reins and every hairstyle is elegant and beautiful.”

25. Regular French Braid For Girls


The French braid styles still predominate as the most popular girls’ hairstyle which is just perfect for wearing to the school or at home. It is great for hot summer days and an excellent remedy to bad hair days. Better still, this braid takes only a few minutes to prepare, thus it is a perfect choice for frenzy mornings! Pulling your hair back, form a V-form and then divide it into 3 sections, alternating them in a braiding pattern and tie off with a band or clip. Simple and easy!

24. Waterfall Braid


Waterfall braid is the most stylish choice in braided updo hairstyles for girls for outdoor events and parties. It is the ultimate summer look for beach days as well and you can wear it to school equally as often. Waterfall braid is easy to do, once you have gotten the sense of it, and you can do it in less than five minutes. Symmetry is essential and demands practice. Don’t bother with hair appliances because this simple hairstyle doesn’t need them.

23. Side Swept Braid For Girls


This is one of the more personalized cute braided updos for girls and it makes use of other braids to finish a unique look. Side swept braid is simple and elegant, and with blond hair with medium texture, you can produce a winning look!

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22. Braided Top Knot


Braided top knot is funky, youthful and it is the best way to tuck your hair away safely and to keep your neck and face free! Make a braided top knot with French braided sections and it will look the best. Be sure to secure it tightly so that it can last an entire day without loosening. That being said, practice with it by home and you will master it within the hour!

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21. Cute Dutch Braid For Girls


More commonly called the inverted French braid; this braid is gaining popularity this year, which makes it one on this list of cute braided hairstyles for girls. Dutch braid is in fact an improvisation on the French braid hairstyles and it makes it much more imposing and voluminous. With a few attempts you can learn it. Wear it to college and you will certainly earn admiration and complements.

20. Rope Braid


Being a style that was originally adopted by black girls with thick hair it has actually gained a lot of popularity among everyone these past few years. It is now being counted as one of the exclusive editions to the braided hairstyles for girls. It is funky and unique and it is also versatile. You can wear it to school as well as parties. Rope braids don’t demand much attention and you can think of them as a permanent solution for the whole season.

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19. Fishtail Braid For Girls


Fishtail braids have been one of the most popular ones in the past decade, and their popularity is still intact as well. Fishtail braid is a casual alternative if the French braid is too pale and boring for you. Fishtail braid is designed to be a bit loose and it makes a great combination with side swept bangs as well as accessories. It is these many virtues that bring it to this list of cute braided hairstyles for girls.

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18. Halo Braid


Halo braid is voluminous as it converges your hair to the forehead in a headband fashioned out of braided hair. Cool, right? Try this style and you will be impressed at the quality you can achieve after no more than a few tries. One more thing that the halo braid demands is attention to maintaining prolonged shape. It means you really need to use an abundance of pins to keep it fixed to the required position. Be careful not to let the pins show, for that will make the style awkward.

17. Dual Texture Braid For Girls


What brings this entry to this list of braided hairstyles for girls is the ingenuity in its design and the subtlety of the shape that it gives your hair. First you should curl your hair for the added texture, and then create a simple side French braid. The texture speaks for itself with a messy look which is absolutely in vogue and to die for this summer season. For added texture tie a loose braid that gives you a messy look and thematic texture.

16. Braided Half-up


Braided half-up is one of the most popular cute braided hairstyles for girls. It features a gorgeous voluminous mass at the top of your hair, bordered by an elegant braid. It is slowly becoming one of the top favorites for youth and you simply must give it a try for this year’s summer season parties and functions. It also makes for a great hairstyle for weddings and day time events. For the ultimate summer look, straighten your hair with a straightener and then perform this braiding. With a touch of shine serum, it should last long enough for you to make it through a day at school.

15. Braided Bun With Bangs


Buns are now started to be associated with bangs, and you will rarely see an entry without bangs. The same goes for this entry in braided hairstyles, but with bangs to complement it in style. Use French braid for a secure finish and fishtail braid for a funky and unique bun. Either way, the style is cool and it should do for a summer hairstyle for school. Wear it to parties and prom nights and you will earn lots of complements from everyone.

14. Chain Link Braid


Chain-link braid is funky and it is perfect for the young girls who want to stay on the fashion front at school. With very little demands for maintenance and for shaping your hair, you can perform a chain-link braid with ease. Use 4 sections, first alternating two consecutive ones with each other and then with the other two. The chain-link braid is more complex than both fishtail and French and it has a more personalized look. This sleek option is one the cute braided hairstyles for girls.

“Braided hairstyles are just perfect for girls who need to change their looks often going to school. Girl’s hairstyles need to be solid enough to last an entire day without the need of serums and sprays. With that purpose in mind the cute braided hairstyles are obviously the girls’ top favorite.”

13. Spiral Braid


It’s a very recent improvised version of the French braid that is styled with breathtakingly intricate pattern, featuring a French braid spiralling down from the top of your head. Although this style is not designed for day to day wear for girls, but it certainly makes for a cute braided hairstyle on outdoor parties and events. If it’s your graduation party or a prom night, you can also achieve a very elegant look with this hairstyle and s perfectly combining dress!

12. Fishtail Flower Braid


Talk about braided hairstyles for girls and you simply must mention the fishtail blower. This braid is unique and it gets hard to guess whether it’s a side bun or a braided up do. Make two slim fishtail braids, but do not finish them, instead, merge them and produce a side bun to create the trademark fishtail flower. Fishtail flower is a cool way to spice up your appearance. You can wear it to almost anywhere, and you will stand out with your own unique hairstyle.

11. Voluminous Braid


Voluminous braid is not for everyone, and it is a difficult thing to prepare and to wear about. If you are the adventurous type, nothing stops you from trying it. One quick tip, call a friend over to help you learn it. Otherwise, you can still learn it, but with a few tries and a lot of practice. As the name suggests, it is voluminous and huge. It means a gargantuan character, but a lot of preparation steps to take. Use strong holding serum to keep it in place for longer periods of time.

10. Lobster Tail Braid


Lobster tail braid is less frequently seen and known, but its popularity is growing since the dawn of. Soon enough, it will be one of the most popular and cute braided hairstyles for girls. You can wear a lobster tail braid to school and at home. It is comfortable and good looking at the same time. Don’t expect any grand looks from it though, for it is one of the more elegant entries to the list. It is complex and intricate, which makes it astounding yet incredibly difficult to master. The look is too functional which is why it is one of the top favorite for wedding parties.

9. Top Knotted French Braid


French braid makes a cute top knot, with a flowery look and rich texture; it will enhance your look. This hairstyle is particularly favourite among round faces on the red carpets this year. For the ultimate look, use shine serum before you start braiding to keep the look natural yet solid in place. You can tie the knot off with bobby pins and to hide them from plain sight, you can use an accessory like a headband. It helps create an elongating effect which is why it suits round faces, but it won’t look any less gorgeous on oval and square faces either.

8. Dutch Braid Pigtails


In this fantastic range of braided hairstyles for girls, pigtails are the ultimate girlish look for the little girls. For the past decade, it has receded into one of the less admired appearance for girls of any age. For a spiced up vintage appearance, try Dutch braided pigtails. This is an improvisation on the classic original, and it is designed for the pigtails to make a comeback on the fashion front for little girls. Dutch braiding adds characteristic shape to the pigtails making them look a bit mature as compared to the classic.

7. Bun With Front Braid


The front braid is thick and voluminous, while the buns is medium sized and positioned at the nape of the neck. This is a typical summer hairstyle and it is popular among school girls. The front braid can be tricky because you have to add to it sections of hair from the forehead as it travels across. It is a favorite among teens and adults alike, but the look is funky which is why it makes way to the gallery of cute braided hairstyles for girls.

6. Skeleton Braid


Skeleton braid is a rarity. This intricate style is not designed for you to learn it for yourself, nor is it for the normal school days. The skeleton braid demands lots of attention for the perfect symmetric look. But once styled and finished, the result is absolutely breath-taking. Wear it to wedding parties, or to your prom and you will become the lady of the night, turning heads and gaining admiration from everyone. The three-strand braid is voluminous at the back, but the face is kept clear. Try this on oval face and the effect will be gorgeous.

5. Braided Pompadour


Braided pompadour is a gorgeous hairstyle and girls will absolutely love the texture and the shape at the top of the head. It is one the braided hairstyles for girls that you can wear to school and be the beauty queen! Braided pompadour adds volume to the top of the head which makes the look unique and super elegant. Give it a messy look if that’s the feel you want to replicate in your work. The neat look won’t disappoint you either!

4. Inside-Out Braid


The inside out braid is one of the less common and thus exclusive hairstyle that will put your friends in a frenzy! If you want the messy look with a unique braid, this one is just the answer. It is thicker than other braids and pretty easy to prepare. A side swept braid made messy with strands oozing out will give it the ultimate classy look. Your friends will envy you! It needs medium textured hair, and that means the use of straightener every week or so. Making a side swept look out of it frames the face absolutely well, and it gives you the ultimate summer look.

3. Braided Chignon


This chignon is the ultimate look for prom parties. It is one of the most frequently appearing cute braided hairstyles on the red carpet. The shape of the chignon along with the braids is absolutely stunning. What’s more is that you can do a chignon in less than five minutes. It is super elegant and functional all the way, yet it is so easy on the head that you can wear it all day at home. Add it to your list of must learn skills, and you won’t regret doing so once you have seen the beauty of this hairstyle.

2. Fishtail Updo


This is not a bun and it’s not a chignon nor can you call it a knot. This style is unique and it is an exclusive entry to cute braided hairstyles for girls for the ultimate casual look for the summer. Side swept bangs ought to go with it amazingly well and a deep side part is an absolute must all the same! With the heavy emphasis upon the texture of your hair, it is recommended by experts that medium texture is just fine. The messy look will go great for school but you can also wear it to parties and at home.

1. Twist Braid


Bring elegance to your day to day appearance with this absolutely stunning appearance. Twist braid adds immaculate framing to the face, and it makes a great combination with straight long hair. For those with rich texture, it is recommended to make the braid thicker to keep up with the curly hair. The elegance will certainly impress everyone among your friends. Wear this exclusive hairdo to weddings and outdoor parties for the ultimate summer experience.

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With this list of cute braided hairstyles for girls, you can prepare a braided hairdo perfect for school, all the while remaining on the fashion forefront for the summer season! The perfect hairdo requires a perfect texture for the braiding style, a well-executed braid and the right face shape to go with the braid. Once all three requirements are fulfilled, any braid hairstyle can be breathtakingly beautiful.

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