5 Damaging Myths We Believe About Relationships

Relationships are not easy to carry they are sure a difficult task. It has so much to give in so do not let a few misconceptions ruin it. It takes a lot to carry a relationship far and beyond so many hurdles, slight misconceptions can lead to great deal of destructions. You need to know what those things are that lead to a track of destruction. You need to identify all of it and make sure you do not keep them in your relationship anyway.

Usually we carry a few misconceptions in our mind but we will tell you that what you carry in your mind as facts they are merely nothing but misconceptions.And it’s easy to have knowledge of something but the real thing is implement them in life. You can now start to omit many misconceptions starting from today only, after you read form here. Although it’s not easy to go about many things written here but you can do it because you need a flawless relationship. And misconceptions cannot lead to better roads.

So, read here what we have gathered in our article for you and understand the importance of certain things. Things that need to be eliminated from your current relationship along with the things that need to be altered, also those things that need to be introduced in your life for a better relation!

5. Sex Saves It

Sex saves it

We often mistake sex with a good bond between the couple. It should be very clear to the couple about the very thin line between love and lust. Love is a divine bond that two people share which is beyond any expectations. It should be compared only to selflessness, care and understanding. Whereas lust is just to get attracted merely on the basis of physical contact.

Once this is cleared than the couple can decide that intimate contact between the partners is nothing but an attraction for a short while which doesn’t last longer. So, saying that sex can save the relation is not really true. Yes, it can spice up the relationship but it can’t save it.
A good relationship is never about sex, remember this! It’s more than that.

  • It’s just your endless efforts of sacrifice and selflessness that can save it all.
  • Sex is like an icing on the cake so it can only enhance the relationship but can’t mend it all together.
  • Broken pieces need more than a lot to get assembled.

4. Spend Each Moment Together

Spend each moment together

Suffocation is not only just going out of oxygen; sometimes it has other definitions too. People whom you love could even get on your nerves and they need to understand that. That is a great misconception in the minds of people saying that the more you will stick to each other and spend each and every moment your bond will get stronger. Let me add something here, there is absolutely nothing in this world that shall be attained by hovering on to somebody’s head. But yes, one thing is for sure you can suffocate the other person by this hovering act of yours.

Seriously speaking no one likes it, no matter how mad and deep love it is, no one likes it. So people give your partners space, this is all what is required to keep away a relationship from a suffocating environment. A relationship to flourish needs more than just sticking on to each other all the time. This can only bring frustrations at many points.

  • Love your partner but do not suffocate him/her.
  • It’s never the quantity that matters but it is the quality that pays off
  • So if you want to have a good quality in a relation drop the idea of spending each and every moment together.
  • Make time for each other and let this be a gesture of love for each one of you from your busy schedules.

3. If  You Do Not Miss, You Do Not Love

If you Do not miss, you do not love

Some say that if you miss someone then you really are in love with them! Well, so that means if you do not miss them, you do not love them either. What would you say about it? Love is not judged on the basis of missing someone it is rather judged on the basis of your actions towards them.

Nothing speaks louder than your own actions, if you love someone you will show them with gestures and not merely by words.
There are people who do not speak much out there heart infront of anyone but their actions are caring and warm. So, that is where you can see love and a good relationship in the far future. Saying that I miss you doesn’t signify at all that the relationship is at its best. Well, no!

  • Quit your policy of no more missing hence no more love.
  • Change your perception for that or you may lead to an over thinking about something which shall not be there.

2. No Butterflies, No Love

No Butterflies, No love

One more misconception, if you see your partner but don’t get those so called butterflies that means the relationship has no charm left. Don’t think this way; you are in a relationship not on parachute where you will have butterflies. Yes, I do agree to the fact that in the start you go through this phase of little butterflies fluttering and those adrenaline rushes but, you see this has to finish someday. Having an end to this doesn’t mean that there is no more of charm left but that simply means your feelings have transformed to a much comfortable situation with each other.

  • The more comfortable you get with something less is the adrenaline rushes inside you.
  • So is the case with relationships, once you get through the phase of adrenaline rushes you get into a comfort zone with your partner.
  • Hence, if you were believing that those butterflies have kept your relationship in a state of charm then you will definitely change your mind.
  • It’s nice to have butterflies but even when you are not having that doesn’t mean your relationship is not going smooth like it did in the beginning.

1. Doubts Doesn’t Mean The Wrong Person

Doubts doesn’t mean the wrong person

Doubts are natural, but that doesn’t mean you have opted the wrong person. No mind is free from negative thoughts. Every mind has positives and negatives inside, all what is needed is you must try to keep the positive side overcome the negative one. But, again even if it doesn’t happen always it’s not a big deal. Try to keep your doubts about your partner to the minimum level you can. Doubts never mean that you have chosen the wrong one they just come around because you are way too possessive for your loved one.

  • Love your partner without any doubts but be sure that these doubts are not a danger.
  • Whenever you get doubts just clear them nicely with your partner.
  • These doubts will in the end get you to self assumptions which will not be good for either of you.
  • And doubts never mean the choice you made and the person you have gone for was not the right one.

Tips For A Good Relationship

  • Love your partner enough that he/she doesn’t need anyone else but never choke your partners with it. Love them by giving space.
  • Accept that nothing in this life remains the same. Things change, for the better so be positive about it and never think that what you had in the beginning on your relationship you will have it the same after years too.
  • Trust the actions more than words. You will be able to see things more clearly.

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