25 Hottest Teen Celebrities

Good looks and sheer talent is the best description of our young celebrities who among the most experienced and talented ones are making their mark in industry. We love all our teen icons and stars but some among them come a long way in achieving the hearts of million with their contributions in fashion and glamour industry and hard work in acting. These young celebrities are equally beautiful and smart because smart is new sexy today. Such young celebrities are sure the hottest teens of our clan and managed to achieve a place in this list. With this list we would like to present our gratitude and affection for these shinning young celebrities. Let’s have a look who qualifies as the hottest teen celebrities for us.

25. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the cutest and bubbly faced teen actresses. She started her career with children’s series “Barney and Friends” when she was very young. Till that age the failure never crossed her path. Gomez has an incredibly warm personality with a charming smile and she seems an ideal girl a guy wish for. Her hair is the most stylish among our young celebrities and also one of the main attractions of her personality. She is sure hottest teen around us today. With an amazing sense of style she even has her own clothing line you would love to shop from.

Who would believe that Gomez family had faced some financial difficulties while raising her and now she is among the richest teen actresses because of her hard work. In recent years, Gomez made more news because of her boyfriend than her movies and work. Being a fan we hope to see some amazing work from this hottest teen in future.

24. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

Our Jacob Black from the twilight saga has the most intense and exotic looks that makes him teen idol and sex symbol. Her perfectly toned body makes him the hottest teen celebrity. He was ranked second by Glamour’s “50 sexiest men of 2010” and forth in the “Most amazing bodies” list by people’s magazine. He sure is the powerhouse of good looks and talent and is one among the most amazing young celebrities of today. If it were not for Taylor Lautner I would not be able to love a werewolf.

23. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts inherited her good looks and talent from her super talented aunt Julia Roberts. At the age of nine, Emma started her career in small role in “Blow” after which she keeps on progressing as an actress and singer and bagged many awards. Emma Roberts is sure a young fashion icon and appeared in teen vogue’s best dressed celebrities list for consecutive three years.

Her screen presence and the way she carries her is phenomenal I think this list would not be complete with her name, as the hottest teens, from the industry today.

22. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman

The next in the list is Logan Lerman for whom you will go gaga. And I have no shame to say that I am also one of you. Logan always has that connect with acting and he tried his hands in different commercials during 1990’s. But, Logan actually came into light with his title role in “Percy Jackson” films. My most favorite characterization of Logan is as Charlie in “The perks of being a wallflower” for me he just nailed that character. The fact that Logan has the most amazingly gorgeous blue eyes which are deep as a sea made him the hottest teen among the other young celebrities.

21. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice

American singer and actress Victoria Justice with her pretty face and amazing smile is hot teenage girl who is getting hotter with every passing moment. And those long chocolate brown colored willowy hair, who would not want them. She deserves to be in the list being one of the cute celebrities.

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