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7 Easy Steps For Splatter Nail Paints

To paint your nails with different designs and colors has become an art now. It gives your hands a stylish and charming look. Splatter nail paint is also one of them. It seems a real fun with style and fashion. You can do it by yourself with the help of following easy steps, without any help of the professionals.

7. Material Collection

Material collThe things that you need for splatter nail paint include paper plate, scotch tape, scissors, nail polish remover, half cutting of a straw, etc. It is very important and necessary step that makes your work easy and complete it without any hurdle.

6. Color Selection

ColoursThe next step that you have to do is to select the colors. It would be ideal if you use maximum three different colors and create contrast. Many colors will just be a mess and will deprive you of the best results.

5. Base Coat

Base CoatIn this step, you have to paint your nails with any light neutral shade for a base coat. Colors that are mostly recommended are white, off white and light gray for this purpose. Always remember, do not proceed to the next step till the base coat gets completely dry.

4. Use Of Tape

Use of TapeBefore starting the main process of splatter nail paint, it would be better if you use tape around the nails. It will help your fingers to be clean and the secondly paint will splatter on the nails only.

3. Splatter Painting

Splatter PaintingIt is the main and the prime step of the method. At first, take out all the colors of nail paints separately in a paper plate, which you are going to use. Make sure that you will use one color at a time. The next thing that you are needed is a straw. Put one end of the straw on the paint. Do check that the hole of the straw must be completely covered with paint. Then take a deep breath and blow the polish on the nail through the other end of the straw from the distance of 2 to 3 inches between the nail and straw. You will get a nice splatter. Do the same process with other colors one by one.

2. Clear The Excessive Paint

Clear the Excessive PaintAfter completing all the paint on all fingernails with the same procedure the very next thing that you have to do is to remove the tape very carefully. Then clear the excessive splatter with a Q-Tip, in case if you the paint splatter other than the nail area.

1. Top Coat

Top CoatThe last and final step for the splatter nail paint is to apply the top coat or a clear coat. You should apply it after getting the splatter dry. Then to make your art of paint secure and give it a shiny and harmonious look, use a clear top coat and let it dry.

Splatter nail paint not only gives your hands a fabulous look, but it is also a fun if you do it carefully. These steps, hopefully give you the moments to enjoy and make you happy after having it done successfully.

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