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10 Useful Tips To Draw A Perfect Profile Pic And Maximize Your Dating Prospects

Finding the right profile picture to make your social web profile a perfect first impression is no longer simple or easy in any way. One has to look for the perfect balance between trendy and personified to make it eye-catching and to make sure that the profile picture compliments you. If you are following an online dating process, you need a profile picture that will win attention and it will win hearts. Try to use these useful tips to draw a perfect profile pic.

10. Every Site Has A Different Standard

Every Site has a Different Standard

One carefully drawn profile pic will not fit well with every profile out there. On the contrary, every site is different, with its own demographics and thus one needs to find a better and more fitting profile picture. Besides, other things that determine the quality of your profile picture is the age group of people you are trying to reach out to. If your target is a twenty-five year old, the picture has to be a whole lot different from the one that aims at a thirty-five year old.

9. The Best Combination

The Best Combination

The best combination in a profile picture is one that offers you the optimal amounts of confidence and approachability. These features are priceless when you capture them correctly in a profile pic and they can make a simple picture truly invaluable. A confident expression with the perfect stance will win your picture a lot of compliments. A well-captured headshot can portray a person’s personality in an impeccable way. If you are trying to improve your dating prospects, you need this edge.

8. Think Casual

Think Casual

Pretty and symmetrical facial features are the obvious standard of beauty but don’t get carried away by making them your selling points. Voguish looks or vintage themes are not everybody’s cup of tea and if you want the picture to be pleasant and appealing to the maximum number of people, you need to make it warmer and more friendly. Add a smile and capture a casual look. These are some simple but useful tips to draw a perfect profile pic.

7. Be Real

Be Real

When compared, a relaxed and casual photo is certain to win more pleasant remarks than a formal photograph. This is true for any platform and particularly so on the social media and dating websites. Look for a photo that really captures some part of your life. That may be a snap of you having coffee, listening to music or with your pets. A real photo can make you look trustworthy and it will make it easier for other people to approach you and to open up towards you.

6. Let The Eyes Do The Trick

Let the Eyes do the Trick

The most noticeable features of any person in a profile picture are the eyes and the smile. Eyes have a lot to do with the impression your picture makes on other people. A natural, genuine and winning smile with accentuating eyes can do the trick. Eyes can be appealing and inviting. If you want a profile pic that is more than a still-life, let the eyes do the talking. It will make a much better impact on the other person.

5. Include Everything Important

Include Everything Important

Some sites may insist that you should leave out any children, pets or anything else from your profile picture but actually it depends on you. If you think your children are an important part of your life and if you are only willing to go on dates with people who are fine with your children, then it would be a good idea to include them in your picture. Show your pet if you will bring it on your first date! Try to be honest in the picture and it will win the right kind of person.

4. Let The Hair Flow

Let the Hair Flow

The thing right after the smile and the eyes is the hair. They are noticeable in a profile picture and they determine the impact you have on viewers. Long curls that are left loose but in a beautiful way work well for women. You can convey sensuality and frankness with an open hairstyle. Another trick is to put your hand in your hair. It means that you are handsome and lovable. Don’t try to control your hair and you are good to go.

3. Adjust The Lighting

Adjust the Lighting

Away from the expression, the other important thing is lighting. A good lighting adjustment is one of the useful tips to draw a perfect profile pic. Lighting will make a great photograph out of an average one. Look for soft lighting so that the shadow transits are soft. Make sure that your own features don’t come out to too sharply.

2. Strike A Pose

Strike a Pose

Body language speaks. You need to use it to your benefit in your profile pic. Strike a pose which makes you look casual and yet it shows off your body. Think out of the box and try to avoid a portrait as much as possible. The best way to make the right choice is by experimenting. Strike various poses, put your arms in different places and see which combination makes you look your best.

1. Set The Camera Carefully

Set the Camera Carefully

Through the tiny aperture of the camera, the smallest variation in angle can be magnified thus making you look rather awkward in a photograph. Set it up so that your face gets the maximum attention. Play with the camera modes and experiment with different heights on the stand until you get the best pose and the best picture.

The picture is perhaps the most important feature of your profile on any social media website or a dating network. If you are looking for ways in which your profile picture can serve to make you look more appeasing, casual, welcoming and appealing to other people on the website, these tips will set you on track. Follow these useful tips to draw a perfect profile pic and you will be able to draw multiple amazing profile pictures in no time and with minimal effort.

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