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New Digital Communication Tools That Are Soon Going To Replace Emails

The amount of time you spend reading and answering emails at workplace is soon going to be minimized with the debut of new digital communication tools. When there are numerous new technologies, why to bother using the older and slower one? We have been using emails to communicate since long. Keeping in view the limitations of this mode of communication, don’t you think it’s time for a change? Here is a list of such upcoming communication tools that are soon going to replace emails. Choose the one that suits you the best and say ‘hello’ to speedy and effective communication at your workplace.

8. Bitrix24


Bitrix24, launched in April 2012 is a social intranet software that provides a unified workspace for the entire company. Managing projects, discussing ideas and ongoing events and providing secure information exchange within the company are some of the features of Bitrix24. You can also plan meetings with shared calendars; this is a gateway to fewer and more effective meetings. It also makes supervision easy; your supervisor can comment on your progress and give suggestions as you go through different steps of completing an assignment. This digital communication tool speeds up your work and quite easy to operate.

7. Slack


This cool communication option is extraordinarily superb as NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory is using it for its operations. You can also access this software. Most of its features are free and are available for public use. Slack’s slogan is ‘Be less busy’ and it actually makes you less busy by making communication possible in a lesser period of time than emails. Moreover the set of users’ option is also extensive. You can create separate conversation channels for a project, a team or a topic. Private channels can also be created in order to share information with only a few members of the team. If information is super-sensitive and you only want to share it with 1 or 2 persons on the team, you can use direct messaging option.

6. ZulaApp


With the help of Zula App you can manage tasks without having to sit on the computer for hours. Zula means a place where you feel happiest. Instantly joining a conversation, sharing content, discussing ideas and taking a poll are some of the features offered by the Zula App. That’s not all; there are many more features of Zula App that will make it your first choice. It is the best one among the new digital communication tools that are supposed to revolutionize communication in the coming few years.

5. UCallWeconn


Communicate with just anyone in a matter of minutes, UCallWeconn offers international calls at a great speed against very reasonable prices. Calls are made using a virtual phone number; this app lets you activate phone numbers from more than 70 countries. Why wait for the email reply when you can directly talk at low rates? The fast and easy to use software is also capable of sending and receiving text messages. The introduction of the software is another step towards replacing emails with speedy communication tools.

4. HipChat


It is video chat communication software designed particularly for teams. It provides secure and reliable communication. Features like screen sharing and file sharing make communication through this software easy and fun. The best part of this software is that it is compatible with a number of systems and devices. HipChat is accompanied by a web App that instantly installs whatever application you need. The many features of HipChat communication tool aim to enhance employee productivity. Your office needs HipChat if you want to work at a fast pace.

3. SharePoint


Like other digital communication tools that can replace emails in future, SharePoint is also a wonderful option. It makes communication speedy and effective. The feature that makes this app stand out is that it allows you to integrate with One Drive. This is very helpful because the storage capabilities offered by OneDrive is 1TB per person. This is a huge space and will let you store all your data securely. You can also integrate SharePoint with Yammer and O365. This lets you create, edit and review documents in real time and discuss them on Yammer.

2. Fleep


As ironic as it sounds, Fleep enhances the productivity of your existing emails. Replacing emails is not the only way to make effective communication possible. Apps like Fleep organize your emails and make communication speedy and less frustrating. It groups the emails together with relevant files so that you can easily find what you are looking for. You can use it on PC, iPhone, Mac and Android.

1. Jive


Jive is one of the leading providers of speedy communication opportunity for businessmen. Jive N, Jive X, Jive chime, Jive daily and Jive circle are the major products offered by Jive. All these products are user friendly and make communication fun. Jive chime is a real time messaging platform that offers both private and public chat rooms. You can create employee directory for the company with the help of Jive circle. It allows you quickly search, discover and connect with colleagues. Jive daily is the company’s news app that lets you deliver company news, updates and information directly to your employees. Jive is a wonderful modern communication tool that will replace emails at your workplace.

With the advent of technology, the need to get things done in no time is spiking. The technological developments in the past few years are the best proof of it. It is the era of ever improving technology where laptops replaced desktops, LCDs replaced CRTs and new digital communication tools are on the verge of replacing emails. We have every reason to suppose that the coming years will see more innovation in upcoming years. It is not unreal to believe that the introduction of the latest hardware and software are there to revolutionize the world, especially of communication. Would you still want to stick to the old fashioned emails or ready to keep abreast of changing times?


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