8 Easy Kim Kardashian Haircuts And Hairstyles To Follow

Kim Kardashian knows how to stay in the news. She is an active lady who can easily grab the attention of her followers and the media through her looks and proactive remarks in the magazines. This time she has tried to impress her fans by cutting her hair short. She broke the news through her much-followed Instagram account where she revealed her new look.

The new Kim Kardashian haircut has generated a lot of buzz in the town. While many people are appreciating the good change, there are some people who are critical of the new look. The critics loved her previous eye-catching hairstyles and thus they say that she looked better with long hair. Whatever your opinions are on this new Kim Kardashian haircut, this fact must be acknowledged that the lady will not cease to make beautiful appearances on the screen even with this short haircut. This kind of short haircuts are perfectly suitable for all kinds of faces including oval and round faces. Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles and haircuts have always been inspirational for the women out there as they are easy to follow. Let us look at some of the most popular Kim Kardashian hairstyles and haircuts of the past.

8. Long Straight Casual Hairstyle


This long layered Kim Kardashian haircut is simple yet catchy. Here the layers are long and are loosely spread on the front. The hairstyle perfectly complements the face and the jaw line gives a very casual look to Kim Kardashian. This is also one of the most amazing hairstyles for long hair especially for people with elongated oval faces. This hairstyle can easily be adopted at home by all you women out there. All you need to do is get a few waves in your hair and let your layered-cut hair fall on the body like that in the picture. If you want to adopt this hairstyle even after a few months of your haircut, make sure you get regular trims so that the hairstyle stays with you for a long time.

7. Straight Medium Hair For The Formal Look


This Kim Kardashian haircut is as good and easy as the previous one. It gives Kim a nice formal look which is further complemented by the formal black dress and the nude makeup. This too is a layered hairstyle where there are more layers near the jaw line. The not-so-wavy look, combined with neat bangs, has further added beauty to this hairstyle. You can easily follow this hairstyle if you have a round, oval, triangular or a heart-shaped face. In medium layered haircuts, this one is quite simple but elegant.

6. Medium-Long Formal Hairstyle


Look at the beauty of this sleek and glossy hairstyle. It has neat waves all over which are beautifully pinned to one side of the face, leaving the rest of the hair fall loosely on the shoulder. The appropriate eye makeup has further added to the beauty of Kim Kardashian, while the dress and earrings highlight the simplicity which has to be followed in a formal event. You can easily get this look if you have long hair with a bit of waves. Even if you do not have wavy hair, you can always curl them up loosely and set them on one side of the face to obtain this elegant look. So if you want to have some amazing wavy hairstyles for your hair, this one will definitely enhance your personality.

“Kim Kardahsian is a popular lady who recently got a short haircut. The short haircut has gained a lot of attention and criticism at the same time.”

5. Medium Waves And Layers


This is another Kim Kardashian haircut which you can easily follow at home. This cut requires minimum medium shoulder-length hair with layers and steps, especially near the face. Kim has also chosen to go with the bangs here and the bangs have been beautifully waved to one side to create a casual look. This hairstyle can easily be followed in both the formal and casual parties. You would need to get your hair trimmed though if you want to maintain this haircut for a long time.

4. Long curly look


Few people can carry off the curls well and Kim Kardashian is definitely one of them. Curly hairstyles really agree with her looks. She is beautifully carrying the bouncy locks with complementary jewelry and dress in the picture. The light makeup is further enhancing the look, making it a good choice for casual events where you do not need much makeup and hairdo. It seems that as if you’re looking at Kim Kardashian without makeup but this only enhance her beauty even more. While this hairstyle would be best for women with curly hair, women with straight hair can easily achieve this look by using the right tools and products. Make sure to make your hair as glossy and bouncy they as are in the picture.

“Kim Kardashian has always made attractive appearances through her easy and light hairstyles. These are the haircuts and styles which you can easily adopt at home for any casual or formal event.”

3. Straight Simple Haircut With A Formal Bun


Kim Kardashian did not go for any special haircut to achieve this elegant look. To get this neat bun nicely tied at the back, you just need to make sure that your hair from the front are long enough to be tied at the back. Kim has beautifully carried this look with light makeup and small earrings, focusing more on the light smoky eyes. When you decide to go for this look in any formal event, make sure you keep yourself simple and elegant like Kim Kardashian. Hope you don’t need to look for any other bun hairstyles after this simple but attractive style.

2. Long Straight Hairstyle


Kim Kardashian is looking beautiful in this look. The long sleek hair is nicely allowed to fall on one side while there is just one layer near the neck. The makeup and the attractive eyes further add to the beauty of this lady. If you too want to turn heads through this Kim Kardashian haircut, allow your hair to grow long with just a layer near your neck or jaw line. Long layers really add beautiful to your personality. Complement your looks even more on formal or casual events with light makeup and jewelry.

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 1. Long Wavy Haircut


This is another attractive haircut from Kim Kardashian. Multiple layers and waves with lots of volume and bounce have given a very young and casual look to Kim. The bangs are also cut short with neat layers around the eyes. You can easily get this hairstyle by getting this Kim Kardashian haircut and then curling your hair a bit to get these bouncy waves. So next time you’re looking for some easy haircuts for long hair, make sure to try this amazing hairstyle.

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