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30 Striking Haircuts For Long Hair

Long hair is a blessing for those lucky girls out there, but it has its conditions. On one hand, there is the never ending need for hair care. You need to equip yourself with countless hair products, both expensive and rare and on the other hand you need to learn styling your air. The latter is annoying and stressful.

However, your life becomes a lot easier once you get the hang of it. However, that doesn’t include all the complicated procedures. You can always figure something out when equipped with the most basic of skills. Here is a list of easy, but trendy haircuts for long hair that can be executed with only the most basic styling techniques.

30. Waterfall Braid


This style simply takes this show with its elegant yet showy and intricate pattern which is surprisingly easy to do. The look has a lively springy feel to it, which makes it all the more flattering for outdoor events. First create French braid making three sections of hair and then create waterfall haircut exchanging strands.

29. Fishtail Braid


This versatile haircut is most flattering of all the haircuts for long hair. It can be modified in a million ways to suit your face, hair and the occasion you intend to wear it to. Create two sections from your hair. Taking a strand from outside one section, pass it through the junction between the two strands and into the under part of the other sections. Repeat the process with alternating sides for this fishtail braid. The end product is absolutely fabulous.

28. French Braid


As much as people love braiding, the French braid represents a class of its own. This braid is easy and versatile, and suits all kinds of faces. Section your hair into chunks, making a braid out of each one of them, adding hair to the braid at each shifting of sides. Make it messy or sideways, any style you like, there simply is no way it won’t suit you.

27. Messy Bun


When it comes to haircuts for long hair, try a bun, and transform a bad hair day into a fashion experiment in a jiffy. Separate your hair into bangs, start pinning you hair atop your head, one section at a time to the point when you reach the shape you desire. To keep things messy, tease out strands here and there. Pin the style in place with bobby pins.


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