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7 Unique Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Summer comes with lots of activities, outdoor programs, weddings and many more. You are always impassioned for a new look and hairstyle on every occasion. Another point of excitement is to show your beautiful, long hair with your favorite hairstyles after getting rid of winter hats. For the reason you are provided in the following a list, with a few of gorgeous summer hairstyles for long hair, if you don’t want to wear your hair the same in all season.

7. Butterfly Fishtail Braid


An amazing braided hairstyle that keeps your hair loose and give it style without any tug or pull to hair. To make it just pull your hair back from both sides of your head. After that secure them in a place with a rubber band, neatly. Now start your fish braid and lock it with another small rubber band after completing it. Clip the other band that is holding the hair in place.

6. Half Crown Braid


This is a very perfect summer hair style for long hair. This style will help you to keep your hair in the spotlight and keep hair away from your face. Pull back your hair from both sides of your head. Make a simple braid of both parts and twist them around the back of your head, then simply pin them into place.

5. Braided Bun


This is the best summer updo and also known as upside down french braid. This is an ideal style to keep hair off of your neck in hot days. Pull all your hair in front of your face and start making a french braid from neck till the middle of the head. After that, hold all your hair and twist them to dive a shape like a bun. Fix it to the place with pins. This is a tremendous style for a modish look even on hot summer days.

4. Twisty Buns Hairstyle


This is another exciting style which is also very easy to create. In first step section your hair in two parts. Take a section and resection it again in two more parts. Hold each section and twist like a bun, then fix them to the place with pins at the bottom of your head. Do the same to the other section. For more charm you can use flowers to make your style more elegant and beautiful.

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3. One Sided Braid


To create this cute style you have to section your hair in two parts. Hold three small strands from the front and start making a french braid to the left side of your head with a little of hair not all. At the end secure this braid with a small rubber band and leave free on rested hair. A very cute and simple style to wear.

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2. Summer Scarf Updo


Another very easy and quick summer hairstyle for long hair. Tie a scarf around the crown of your head. Twist and fold your hair around the scarf and secure with pins. It will make a beautiful back crown for a different and nice look.

1. The knotted pony


Divide your hair in two parts from the middle. Pull all hair to a side, hold both sections and turn them on each other to make a neat and fine knot. After that tie your hair near the knot with a rubber band to stay in the shape.

Long hair never goes out from trends and style. And if you are getting bored but don’t want to cut them up, especially in summer you can follow these fantastic summer hairstyles for long hair to feel the difference.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Awen

    May 12, 2016 at 12:51 am

    Awesome summer hairstyles for long hair. I have a long hair and I will definitely try all these hair style.
    I love butterfly fishtail braid hair style. Thanks!!

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