30 Cool Nail Designs 2016

Nail art is something that women find very difficult to get over with. There is so much potential for new looks, and there are new themes being discovered and invented each season. It gets difficult for a particular design to survive in the fashion industry for more than 2 seasons. Collection of cool nail designs features the nail designs that have survived the turmoil of the fashion industry, and are guaranteed to stay around for longer than other entries. You might be able to recognise some of them from celebrities around the globe.

30. Flower Cool Nail Design

Flower Cool Nail Design

When you want to have a super cool manicure, a floral nail design is undoubtedly the best option to go for. Color your three nails with lack and glittery dark green nail polishes and adorn the rest two with unique floral accents painted with lilac and green nail hues for a picture perfect look.

29. Colorful Cool Nail Design

Colorful Cool Nail Design

Another refreshing idea in cool nail designs, you can apply on your nails is to color the base with a pastel tone and draw multicolored flowers on it for a glamorous yet everyday look. Apply light green nail polish on your nails twice and let it dry. Now using a striping brush, draw some floral patterns on your nails with yellow, orange and pale pink nail colors to get a limelight aura.

28. Aquamarine Nails

Aquamarine Nails

For a delicate and subtle look, this aquamarine nail design is a perfect thing. Apply two coats of aquamarine nail polish on your hydrated nails and let dry. Now draw some bold and defined graphic patterns of your own choice with a nail art brush dipped into white nail polish. Flaunt the look y painting one nail with glittery silver nail polish and relish the coolness of your fingertips.

27. Hearts Cool Nail Design

Hearts Cool Nail Design

One of the trendiest nail designs is to have polka dot nails; this fad goes doubled when you combine polka dots and heart shapes together on your nails. Apply two coats of matte pink nail polish on your pointer and ring finger. Then, using a striping brush, make 3-4 hearts on it with a glittery red nail polish. Using a dotting tool, draw some dots to fill the space. Now the three remaining fingers are colored glittery red fully catching the eyes. This nail design is perfect for evening parties or you can also have it on your Valentine’s Day to have a stunning impact.

26. Multi-Colored Cool Nail Design

Multi-Colored Cool Nail Design

Grab the attention with traditional black and white combination but this time with a touch of glitter and dots. This is idea is a fantastic option and takes a prominent position in season’s best cool nail designs. Paint nails with jet black nail polish and silver glittery lacquer. Give a diversified touch by drawing black polka dots on white colored base nail. This nail design is super cool displaying simplicity and style as well.

Here are a number of cool nail designs to make a distinguished appearance in parties and outdoor gatherings. Glaze nails lacquer matching your outfit, used to style over a base of matte coating in dull black is certainly amazing! It’s great for all events and your friends will absolutely adore the look.

25. Eyes Cool Nail Design

Eyes Cool Nail Design

Your creativity and imagination can make your nails look superb and extraordinary. All you need is to take a theme from a source and combine it with your nail art. For example, you can paint eye on your nails with a monochromatic visual background. This superb idea is another cool option for you to décor your nail with stunning look.

24. Textured Nail Design

Textured Nail Design

This superb idea displaying rhinestones in a 3 D pattern is one of the latest nail designs of the year and is best to capture attention and appreciation for your fine taste. You should make a blend of black and silver or black and golden for an ultra modern look. And when you adorn your black and golden polished nails with tiny beads, the effect gets doubled and unexpected. The nail art is all about doing experiment with nail lacquers applying creativity and imagination you are possessed with.

23. Halloween Frankenstein Cool Nail Design

Halloween Frankenstein Cool Nail Design

By opting for this choice from cool nail designs, you can have festivity-oriented style on your nails. On Halloween, when you are having a Halloween costume, make no exception with your nails. Get a sassy look by designing your nails with a Halloween theme; paint Frankenstein on your nails: color your nails twice with a green nail polish and let dry, using a nail art brush draw the Frankenstein with proper thematic combination for a startling look.

22. Nail Design With Leopard Motifs

Nail Design with Leopard Motifs

Let it make simple by having this cool nail ensemble. Apply two coats of any nude color nail lacquer and let it dry. Draw leopard motifs at one side of your nail with black nail polish. Seal the look with a top coat for a lasting impact.

21. Artistic Cool Nail Design

Artistic Cool Nail Design

For a fine and artistic nail ensemble, try this glam idea from the repertoire of cool nail designs. Color your nails with snowy white nail polish and allow it to dry. Now put some drops of grey, pink and purple nail lacquers on a palate, dip a cotton swab respectively into these nail polishes and gently touch your nails with it entirely covering the white background. What you get is an outstanding blurred yet colorful nail design popping you out in a gathering.

Revive the artist inside you with absolutely new nail designs. It’s not that difficult to create a combination that is pretty to look at. You can wear yourself generated look to the parties. Make sure you did great, complements will invariably follow.

20. Zig-Zag Cool Nail Design

Zig-Zag Cool Nail Design

The very classy combination of red and cream! It becomes one of the most favorite nail designs of ladies who love to be style icon. Apply two coats of deep purplish red color on your nails. Now using a striping brush dipped into cream nail polish, make a catchy and edgy zigzag pattern on your two or three fingers. You can also substitute cream nail polish with pink, blue or any other contrasting shade to get an electrifying look.

19. Studded Cool Nail Design

Studded Cool Nail Design

To copy this option from the easy and cool nail designs list, you need to color your nails with pale pink whether you are attending a corporate party or a casual everyday lunch. You can glorify your pale pink nails by decorating them with studded straight line starting from the tip and ending at bottom.

18. Glittery Red & White Cool Nail Design

Glittery Red & White Cool Nail Design

For a sensational look, paint your nails with bright red nail hue and match the look with an identical lipstick tone. Apply two coats of white nail polish on your nails for a solid foundation. Now use color pointer on ring fingers with bright red nail polish. Take a striping brush, dip it into red nail hue and draw horizontal lines near the tip and bottom of your nails for an alluring and winning aura.

17. Marine Themed Cool Nail Design

Marine Themed Cool Nail Design

Take a unique theme i.e. marine for your nail art designing and create a super duper imaginative idea on your nails. With white backdrop, the lighter and darker shades of blue create a very impressive look.

16. Tricolor Cool Nail Design

Tricolor Cool Nail Design

This fantastic idea of the cool nail designs ensemble provides you a pretty blend of nail art. Take three colors and apply them on your nails for a classic and inscrutable look. Color your nails with white nail polish and let dry. Now take pale pink nail polish and draw some geometric patterns with a striping brush, highlight these pink patterns with black outline. This tricolor nail design is a chic treat in itself for it is simple yet ultra modern.

15. Music Inspired Cool Nail Design

Music Inspired Cool Nail Design

If you are going to attend a musical concert, then leave searching more stylish nail designs. This cool nail ensemble will show the world how much you are a music enthusiast. Polish your nails with white nail polish. As it dry, take a striping brush, dip it into black nail polish and draw musical patterns on three or four fingers. Apply one coat of shimmery silver nail polish on pointer finger to get a strong statement.

14. Lady And The Tramp Cool Nail Design

Lady and the Tramp Cool Nail Design

In remembrance of your childhood, get your nails painted with all time favorite Disney’s cartoon characters. Who can forget lady and the tramp! Perhaps it is the most favorite cartoon character; girls want to paint their nails with. Apply two coats of maroon nail polish; now apply one stroke of glittery golden nail polish and let it dried up. Draw the details of these characters with acrylic paints on three fingers leaving the rest two empty. Once you get your nails painted, you envy yourself for your talent and creativity.

13. Paris Cool Nail Design

Paris Cool Nail Design

Not to worry about if you are not talented in painting intricate patterns and forms. There are myriads of cool nail designs options for you. Since nail art has become style statement these days, nail stamps and stickers are being introduced to solve the problem. Paint your nails with traditional pale pink nail polish. Once it gets dry, apply nail stamps defining Eiffel tower. Wearing your vacation destination on your fingertips is a cool and great idea.

12. Colorful Tribal Mani Cool Nail Design

Colorful Tribal Mani Cool Nail Design

Another innovative theme for your fingertips is tribal Mani. This wonderful theme allows you to create really great and grand nail design for you can blend different colors for tribal accents. All you need is a very flawless perfection in designing your nails the way you want them to be. The colorful tribal Mani becomes super cool when your monochromatic outfit complements your artistic fingertips.

11. Purple Flower Cool Nail Design

Purple Flower Cool Nail Design

Have a pure feminine and romantic look by choosing this wonderful idea form season’s unique nail designs. Go for a flattering and innocent look by using purple nail hue on your fingertips to remain unnoticed. Paint your nails with white nail polish and let dry. Using a nail art brush draw some flowery patterns and motifs in pale pink, lilac and purple nail lacquers for an instant eye catching effect.

10. Pastel Patchwork Cool Nail Design

Pastel Patchwork Cool Nail Design

A very favorite girly nail design you can wear in your daily routine life as well as on your hang outs. Pastel colors are always admired for a soothing and refreshing look and when you paint your nails with a bunch of pastel colors, the effect gets enhanced. Combine your selected colors in a way that never looks cumbersome rather the total impact you want should e some very high definition nail art design.

9. Contrasting Colors Cool Nail Design

Pastel Patchwork Cool Nail Design

If pastel colors make you rock, then contrasting dark colors help you create captivating and eye-engaging cool nail designs. Make a wise selection and simply color your nails with a combo of some contrasting colors such as you can polish your nails in jet black nail hue and then apply one stroke of pink, and another stroke of orange nail polish in a vertical direction for a stylish and very special manicure.

8. Textured Mermaid Mani Cool Nail Design

Textured Mermaid Mani Cool Nail Design

This textured mermaid manicure is one of the tremendously unique nail designs that ensure a very glamorous and classy look. Apply two coats of opulent teal glittery nail polish and let it dry. Now using a striping brush, make a pattern showing off the base nail color. Now use beads to make the look effective and paint a mermaid on your ring finger for making a fashion statement.

7. Sleek Beaded Cool Nail Design

Sleek Beaded Cool Nail Design

When you are confused in selection from cool nail designs collection, then a simple combination like of black and white always helps. Get a very adorable nail design by painting your nails with jet black and sober white nail polishes. Add some feathery motifs and adorn them with beads for a super versatile look. Simple yet very dynamic, this nail design is a chic treat every girl wants to have on.

6. The Winter Bunny Cool Nail Design

The Winter Bunny Cool Nail Design

Jazz up your wintry festive look with this cool manicure. It is one of the gorgeous nail designs that you will see on fingers through this season. Take a lighter shade of blue nail hue and paint all of your nails with it. Now draw some snowflakes patterns on your 2 nails and paint a little snowman, a bare tree covered with tiny snowflakes and bunny on your nails with white nail color. Feel the warmth within yourself for after all you are having a simple yet very creative nail design.

5. Christmas Candle Cool Nail Design

Christmas Candle Cool Nail Design

Enjoy your vacations with dreamy cool nail designs. Pick up white base on your nails and add a splash of vibrant colors to create prettiest holiday nail look helping you spice up your looks. Using a striping brush, draw dots, stripes and hearts on your pointer, middle and pinkie fingers with red nail polish for indulging your self into a holiday spirit. Then make some leaves and cherries on your ring finger; finally paint a Christmas candle carefully on your thumb and enjoy this eye feasting nail design you have made in no time.

4. Snowman Cool Nail Design for Holiday

Snowman Cool Nail Design for Holiday

Enjoy the festivity of winter by drawing snowmen on your nails. First polish your nails with blue nail color. Now draw snowman on your middle and ring fingers with white nail polish; mix and match shades of red, black and orange nail polishes to give your snowman a catchy and edgy look. Paint a white Christmas tree on your pointer finger whereas you can make snowflakes patterns on your pinkie finger for a perfect finishing touch.

3. Spelling it Out Sign Language Cool Nail Design

Spelling it Out Sign Language Cool Nail Design

Get a very spicy nail design to blow out your feelings on your date. Instead of using alphabets, use signs painted with black nail polish on matte pink base colored nails. This unique selection from superbly innovative nail designs goes perfect with your sequined red outfit for it adds some life into rather boring and fading shades.

2. Love, Pepe le Pew Cool Nail Design

Love, Pepe le Pew Cool Nail Design

Show your love on your nails in Pepe le pew style, the famous loony toon character. This entry in cool nail designs is suitable to wear a flirty abd refreshing look. If you are interested to grab the attention of your partner, this nail style is an odd one out thing to go for. Paint your nails with Pepe le pew and Paris images to show off your obsession for your loved one.

1. A Gentle Dusty Rose Cool Nail Design

A Gentle Dusty Rose Cool Nail Design

The very gentle and sublime nail art using pale pink nail polish to showcase the ultimate girl in you. Apply two coats of pale pink nail polish on your thumb, Pinkie and pointer fingers; whereas paint the rest two fingers with matte white nail color. With the help of striping brush draw a rose with green leaves against a white and dusty pink background to reveal a lady of stature. This nail design speaks for itself because it’s very classy and supreme.


For a cool, funky and punk look, try a normal base coat and designing with a stark and contrasting shade. That way, it will attract more attention towards the nails. Whether you have broad tipped or pointy tipped nails, the entries in cool nail designs collection are for both categories and all in different genres from rock punk to lining, or plain texture to color pallets.

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