25 Star-Studded Nail Art Designs

A complete list of nail art designs is almost impossible to find on the internet owing to the constantly changing fashion trends and new designs hitting the red carpets every day. However what this repertoire provides you with is a collection of trendy yet unique nail designs ranging from simple lining or color themes to immensely elaborate designs and patterns. The decision is yours to make and it is likely that you will find what you were looking for in addition to new ideas that you never had before but that are equally stylish!

25. Hey Stud Nail Art Design

Hey Stud Nail Art Design

Make a statement with this metallic inspired that is superbly unique in the latest nail art designs. Moisture your nails with apricot or olive oil and apply a base coat on your nails to have a fine look. Start coating your nails from down to up with bell bottom blue nail polish twice. With the help of a detail brush, paint golden tiny triangles on some fingers above the cuticle. Last but not the least, the top coat by a reputed brand seals the look in a perfect finish.

24. Rare Tweed Nail Art Design

Rare Tweed Nail Art Design

A befitting choice from red carpet nail designs for a chic and classy look! This patterned nail ensemble harmonizes with your jeans outfit. Soften your nails with a branded moisturizer and wash off it. Apply two coats of light pink nail color and let it dry completely. Then with the help of a striking brush, paint different lines horizontally and vertically in red nail lacquer, the lines should be of varied lengths. After it dry completely, use a pink nail color to repeat the process of drawing lines; lines will start overlapping. Again do the same process of drawing vertical and horizontal lines with metallic gold nail polish for a super stylish aura.

23. Red Carpet Starlet Nail Art Design

Red Carpet Starlet Nail Art Design

For your night hangouts, this sensational glittery nail ensemble is eye-catching and magical. Moisturize your nails with apricot oil and clean it. Apply two layers of hot red onto your nails till it dries off. Paint the tips in heart shape with platinum gold nail color having shining silver glitter. This very fashionable nail design will boast your morale.


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