32 Unique Green Prom Dresses

The green prom dresses collection offers you a selective set of gorgeous and charming dresses that have variety of sleek options for you. With a slinky, refreshing color, they will make you stand out at the big night with a distinctive style.

Prom is the mega-event of your academic career. You keep the sweet memories of this event with you throughout your life. Prom is not only a school year celebration; it is a time to display style as well. This page will help you to shine your inside goddess with the best designed attire and a tremendously pleasant and soft color option. The green and mermaid prom dresses collection consists of glam, classic, alluring and modish costumes that will ignite the flame of your heavenly beauty and win lots of praise for you.

“With the arrival of April, you should start preparation for the approaching prom. The glamorous event requires you to take a decision on the most important query – what will I wear? This gallery of inspiring green prom dresses solves this problem perfectly. These prom dresses are contemporary, flattering and available in most affordable prices.”

32. Dazzling strapless Apple Green Prom Dress With Twinkling Highlights By Blush


Lead the crowd with an overpowering appearance at your prom! Among unique prom dresses, try on this long strapless gown in enchanting green color that flows through the body giving a perfect figurative touch. The ravishing gown fits on your posture and is further beautified with the presence of gleaming crystal beads and layered modish skirt falling all the way to your feet impeccably.

31. Ruffled Full Length Caribbean Green Prom Dress By Pretty Maids


Feel the essence of beauty with this Caribbean attire! Strapless design with exceptionally folded pleats constitutes the main highlights of the green but modest prom dresses. The folds swathe the bodice and the waistline with multiple baggy pleats and is also endowed with a radiant gemstone ornaments along the waistline giving you an exquisite look.

30. Striking Elegance Halter Clover Green Prom Dress By Wtoo


Make your prom debut inevitable! Wear this halter dress provided with an enticing irregular pleated design, exquisite neckline and elongated ball gown flowing all the way to the floor carrying a classic appearance. Feel yourself high in the sky, dancing like a star!

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29. Enchanted Allure Crystal Green Prom Dress By Sherri Hill


Designed for girls with an imaginative flair! This crystal green attire will make your evening special as you sparkle through the night. Characterized by the presence of cap sleeves and graceful pleats, the Sherri Hill prom dress highlights the beaded neckline embroidered with gleaming crystals. The long length of fitted gown goes perfectly with high heels.

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28. Glorious strapless Jungle Green Prom Dress With Graduated Hemline By La Femme


Get yourself acquainted with your delicate aura with one of the prettiest green prom dress! This ultra pretentious and tender looking outfit is festooned with an elegant strapless neckline, outlined by a gorgeous lace all around. The skirt makes layers in the front and classic length from the back giving a continuous flowy feel.

27. A Long-Sleeved, Asymmetrical Green/White Prom Dress By Angela And Alison


Deliver an electrifying perception this prom! This green robe covers lengthy full sleeves that in addition to the waistline and cuffs are also ornamented with glittering jewels. The fitted gown lands on the posture flawlessly with short skirt at the front and flowing long length at the back. Grab the attention of the audience and make it your day!

26. Sequined Halter High-Low Apple Green Prom Dress By Nina Canacci


Let’s have a look at “in-vogue” apparel this year including sequined halter green prom dresses. The balletic outfit traditionally constitutes gleaming neckline and pure work of glistening beads and sequins at the waistline provided with a prom specific layered skirt.

25. Sultry, Slinky Two-Piece Pine Green Prom Dress By Madison James


The prom awaits your marvelous reception as you carry this one of the pine green prom dresses to the event. Precisely, the fitted strapless blouse has been endowed with a lavish neckline and an iridescent outline. The floor length skirt is also split from one side to add extra glitz.

24. Embroidered Charm Illusion Green Prom Dress By Sherri Hill


Glamorize yourself with the in vogue apparel at the prom! This green attire by Sheri Hill has been endowed with cap sleeves and a gleaming beaded neckline. Also embroidered with marvelous floral patterns, it stands out to be one of the most famously styled green Prom Dresses this year.

23. Glamorous Twist Flowing Green Prom Dress By Alyce


Rise and shine at the most pompous event of the year with the green garb by Alyce. The dress entails shoulder less straps beautifully landing on the body with tiny twists to enhance the beauty of your body curvature. The skirt slides peacefully to the ground in perfect layers giving you a startling body outline.

22. Beautifully Glitzy A-Line Light Green Prom Dress By Sherri Hill


Grab enormously adorned light green A-line outfit for your prom! Provided with cap sleeves the gracious top is wrapped all around with captivating shiny details and a deep hollow neckline. Beautifully flared skirt touches the toe edges with its extended length to provide a delicate touch to the dress.

21. Apple Green Prom Dress With Shimmering, Form-Fitting Bodice By Sherri Hill


Make an exclusive and spruce entrance to the big night! Startling V-neck, cap sleeves and pertinent fitting for the perfect body figure mark the highlights of this smart dress. Additionally embellished with radiant accents all around and extensively layered skirt make you feel supple yet enlightened.

20. Chiffon A-Line Sweetheart Floor-Length Prom Dress


Don’t let others steal your thunder at your special event. Wear this chiffon attire prominent among Green Prom Dresses that entitles the presence of sole jeweled strap on one shoulder that is in continuation with the pleated gown and sleeveless appearance. A-line fitting, extensively lengthy skirt and back zipper add further class to this traditionally style.

19. A-Line Floor-Length Chiffon Backless Green Prom Dress


Make yourself articulated and dazzle up the evening with green A-line gown! Charmingly constituted by sleeveless, backless and strapless bodice, adorned with pleats and flourishing patterns around the bust line. The A-line cut and chiffon stuff gives a nice fall to the skirt providing an imaginative and musical feel.

18. Sleeveless Sheath Floor-Length Glamorous Green Prom Dress


Wanna have a tempting and overwhelming look! Try on this green sheath outfit among other prom dresses that engages the attention of the beholder through its ruched neckline and embroidered waist line. The sleeveless perfect-to-figure top is made up of polyester and is also provided with a back zipper whereas a lengthy plain skirt is matched with it for a jazzed touch.

17. Fantastic Asymmetrical Chiffon A-line Green Prom Dress


Dress up in a more festive and ceremonial way this time! The chiffon green prom dress is provided with cap sleeves, smart neckline and elegantly put pleats all over the waist. What gives this dress an extra glow is the presence of glistening jewels and stone work on the top in addition to a backless design. The chiffon fabric aptly goes with the extended length of the gown making it look extremely captivating and easy going.

“Prom celebration comprises a day only but the significance of this special day is quite enormous. It is an event that the source of vivid memories, along with many a jubilant moments, you remember also what you wore on that big day of you. Enhance your glamour with the best attire you ever dreamed of to inspire everyone out there.”

16. Sparkling Sleeveless Grecian A-line Chiffon Prom Dress


Go all alluring and glamorous this year and choose something from green prom dresses. This stretched A-line chiffon gown is presented with a graceful strapless bold V-shaped neckline and a classy belt at the waistline exactly at the point where the pleats concurrently merge. It also gets its mod and chic look through sleeveless appearance and natural silhouette.

15. Chiffon Strapless Fitted Bodice Floor-length Prom Dress


Let your inner beauty shine and proliferate in the air when you wear one of the startling prom dresses! Ornamented with dazzling and radiant patterns throughout the waistline, the green strapless and sleeveless garb makes a comeback this time. With its adorably designed neckline and thread details at the back, the gown flows all the way to the floor like a sea of beauty.

14. Gorgeous A-line Bud Green Prom Dress With Beaded Appliqués


Do not let yourself contained and make an appropriate choice among green prom dresses! The bud-green long length chiffon dress has a perfect fit with captivating pearl arrangements beautified in an appliqué style throughout the bodice. The sleeveless gown is also provided with an elegant deep neckline, strapless shoulders and a back zipper for ease and comfort.

13. Halter Neckline Chiffon, Hunter Green Floor-length Prom Dress


Let everybody hear you! Shout out loud in elegant and catchy prom dresses. Endowed with a halter neckline, this extreme length green gown flows through the floor perfectly with additional cut open from one side. A combination of V-shaped neckline and jeweled embroidery displaying floral patterns makes it look more glamorizing when all the stone arrangements amalgamate at the waist leaving the back open. Te sleeveless chiffon design is also supplemented with a back zipper.

12. Zipper Deep V-Neck Stunning Polyester Dark Green Prom Dress


Green is your color this time! This dark green extended length outfit has a bold v-neck and full body covered appearance. What gives this dress more eye-catching look is the usage of pure transparent fabric at the back and sleeves fully festooned with enlightening rhinestones. This full length sleeved gown, with empire waistline carries a back zipper and a elevated neckline also.

11. Brilliant Illusion Green Prom Dress With Crystal-Adorned Lace


Replace the doldrums in the air with your pure beauty and dance in green prom dresses! Characterized by small sleeves and arched shaped neckline, this fantasy outfit is bejeweled with twinkling beads incorporated in a lace style for a fancy look. The charming floor length of the aptly fitted gown further adds to natural beauty you own.

10. Svelte And Chic Floor-Length Green Prom Dress


Want to change the notion of the audience! Try on this alluring green color for prom dresses. Flawlessly matched creased and pleated skirt with the traditional top marks the highlights of this dress. Simple yet elegant style comes with the flamingly shiny sequin work at the straps, landing on each shoulder beautifully.

9. Strapless Green Prom Dress Adorned With A Jeweled Bodice By Da Vinci


Sing bright and dance to delight with a breathtaking beautiful outfit! Designed by Da Vinci, the garb has an extensive length reaching the ground in a perfect A-line style. The gown is prepared using a flickering encrusted textile that is bejeweled with ornamental beads and pearls all over the bodice. The cuts, lines and lengths of the dress further enhance your figure and curves to a modish level.

8. Fairy Tale Perfection Sparkling Green Prom Dress By Alyce


Make everybody forget the nostalgia with your dazzling appearance in one of these green prom dresses at prom! This fantasy gown entails cap sleeves and perfect-to-figure cuts with the glistening layered long length floating towards the ground. The beauty of the dress is particularly heightened by the appliqué work and beaded arrangement of distinct pearls like rhinestone all over for an ideal look.

7. Green Shooting Star Strapless Prom Dress From Tony Bowls Le Gala


It’s time to get out of your bubble and shine like a star in these prom dresses! Fully pleated layered skirt reaching the floor pronounces the embroidered bodice specially the waistline that is adorned with glittering details running all the way downwards and ending up in a graceful motif. The green gown by Tony also features strapless shoulders and a descent shaped neckline.

6. Ruffled Full Length Sage Green Prom Dress By Pretty Maids


Feel confident and fly high this year with green prom dresses! Extensive pleating marks the focal point of this green attire by Pretty Maids. Beautifully fluted and creased into multiple folds around the trunk area and slightly below waistline flawlessly ending at a shining beaded crystal, the dress makes a beautiful appearance overall.

5. Striking Elegance Halter Dark Green Prom Dress By Wtoo


Blow away old vibes! Get all anew in fresh colored prom dresses! Designed by Wtoo, the dark green outfit is adorned with extensively irregular pleating details to give a modish look. It also comprises a halter fit and casually landing neckline with long length falling utterly on your figure.

4. Hunter Green A-Line Prom Dress With Curve-kissing, Strapless Bodice


Feeling low? Enlighten yourself with the positive energy all around! This hunter green dress entitles the presence of bold neckline and strapless shoulders for a classic appearance. In addition to a gentle and exquisite long skirt floating to the floor, it is eminent for vibrant and shimmery patterns and beads on bodice that augment beauty of your curvature.

3. Beautifully Glitzy A-Line Green Prom Dress By Sherri Hill


Wanna be the belle of the ball! Try on this girlish attire! Highly arched neckline and extremely lengthy skirt goes well with this green robe by Sherri Hill. Boosting the attention of the beholder are the highly interwoven yet sophisticated sparkling highlights swathing all over the top, one above the other.

2. Emerald Green Prom Dress With Iridescent Stone Beaded Bodice


Searching for an Irresistible and show-stopping costume, nothing equals this captivating and flawless silhouette that is perfect in all respects. Live to the fullest and opt from the best prom dresses ever! This green garb is designed for any special occasion throughout the year as it constitutes a strapless shoulder top with a gentle neckline and extra long skirt of chiffon stuff. The crowning point is the presence of two beautifully aligned patterns, one being the corset tie at the back and the other dazzling jewel accents all over the top.

1. Strapless Bud Green Prom Dress With Graduated Hemline By La Femme


Do not go traditional! Play with the colors and aim for green prom dresses for an exquisite appearance! Green color has dramatically cool and pleasant accent that accentuates the beauty and glamour of the outfit to the optimum. Enticingly shaped green outfit, with extensive layers and pleats all along the skirt short from the front and flowing all the way to the ground at the back. The top is further beautified by the gentle high neckline and strapless shoulders fringing carefully by a lavish lace at the margins.


Navigating a figure-flattering and gorgeous dress is the prime part of prom preparation. This collection of green prom dresses is meant to ease your tensions and help you find an outfit that is super classy to hit the dancing floor with your eye-gabbing and stylish appearance.

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