30 Cheap Maternity Dresses That Even Let You Participate In Social Activities

If you are a working woman or if you are keen to participate in social activities, it is imperative that you should buy a couple of maternity dresses, so that you can look beautiful and gorgeous. To get trendy and fabulous maternity dresses without making it a troubling weight on your wallet, here’s a list of cheap maternity dresses. But rest assured, no sacrifice is made on the quality of these incredible dresses. Be it baby shower, or any other social gathering, you are sure to find an entry to your liking in this collection.

30. Elbow Sleeve Variegated Stripe

Elbow Sleeve Variegated Stripe Cheap Maternity Dress

The significance of this generic dress is its comfort. It is great for domestic wearing. The flexible comfortable fabric smoothly and loosely fits the protruding belly, without any discomfort. The round neck is broad and bold. For a trendy look to wear at home or at work this is the right choice for you. The black and white lining is generic. It is smart but not bold. And at 14.95 this is the best bang on buck package you can find on the internet.

29. Convertible Sleeve Tie Detail Cheap Maternity Dress

Convertible Sleeve Tie Detail Cheap Maternity Dress

Convertible detail cheap maternity dresses are the trendy choice for anyone who is up for an edgy style to wear to work or to social events. It is sewn with a flowery fabric in black, which makes it a trendy look for summer season. The collars make this style a unique and lithe entry and so do the convertible sleeve. The waist belt is another salient feature that makes this knee length dress a worthy low price choice that you ought to consider.

28. Sleeveless Knot Front Maxi

Sleeveless Knot Front Maxi Cheap Maternity Dress

This entry in maternity dresses in an exotic outfit. It is edgy, and this is quite an unusual entry which is sure to impress you with its glamorous looks. The knot front is a common choice for knee length maternity dresses but it looks even better on maxi dresses. The gray fabric is rayon and spandex. This sleeveless dress is an ideal choice for formal or casual social occasions, and it is the key to a bold look.

27. Sleeveless Cheap Maternity Maxi Dress

Sleeveless Cheap Maternity Maxi Dress

If you are looking for edgy and contemporary maxi dresses that can be worn to work or at home for comfort, this is the right kind of dress for you. It comes in a lining on black, and is made of a comfortable and stretchable spandex and nylon material. This maxi dress, owed to its loose and yet lithe fitting makes one look slimmer and the belly less prominent. That makes it one of the essential cheap maternity dresses.

26. ¾ Sleeve Ruched

¾ Sleeve Ruched Cheap Maternity Dress

This option in maternity dresses is suitable for all women who have been through the nursing period. That is because of its elegant and comfortable fitting and the voguish dark gray color. This round neck dress is a great choice for an elegant formal look, which will suffice as a costume for business meetings or workplaces as well as a formal look for demanding occasions. This dress can be worn throughout the season and it is a trendy look that you are sure to adore.

25. Belted Cheap Maternity Shirt Dress

Belted Cheap Maternity Shirt Dress

The belted shirts are useful for an edgy and contemporary look to maintain a youthful air which is often needed for a stylish wedding. The waist belt and the knee length make this a complete dress, which can be worn by itself for a comfortable look during the summers. The foldable sleeves and the boyish collars are edgy and they are perfect for a dress to wear to work. This dress comes in blue and it can find application at a lot of different occasions.

24. Empire Waist

Empire Waist Cheap Maternity Dress

This dress comes in a very elegant white. The empire waist is responsible for a lithe and smart look, and the white color is often the requirements of a variety of occasions and ceremonies such as weddings that one might want to attend. In the case, this is the right choice for a nursing dress. Among the cheap maternity dresses, this is a uniquely elegant look, which for the right occasion, is a priceless addition to your wardrobe for the nursing months.

23. Sleeveless Variegated Stripe

Sleeveless Variegated Stripe Cheap Maternity Mini Dress

This sleek look is sure to win your heart because of its exotic looks. It comes in a generic sleeveless round neck, and a mini length which is just the right length to look youthful and yet formal. This dress is for the business women and the bosses, who need a commanding look and expression to maintain a good impression during the maternity period. It fits, but does not over-do nor does it over pronounce the shape of the belly so that you can look and feel comfortable in it.

22. Sleeveless Hanky Hem

Sleeveless Hanky Hem Cheap Maternity Dress

This maternity dress is one of the most popular maternity dresses because of the trendy looks and the retro theme. This sleeveless dress comes in a textured off-white fabric with gray embroidery. The Comfortable loose hanky hem is a popular choice among women of all ages, and it should not be ignore if you are looking for a non-functional dress to wear that will make you look in-trend but not overly formal.

21. Sleeveless Pleated

Sleeveless Pleated Cheap Maternity Dress

A simple yet elegant choice in the list of cheap maternity dresses for all social events! This dress is a special V-neck style that has a sleeveless fit with a comfortable and not too bodacious pleated skirt. It comes in polyester, which may not be the most comfortable fabric for nursing women, but it certainly serves as a good looking and durable one. This dress comes in a red dense floral pattern, and it is for all seasons, and for all occasions. For an unparalleled look, it is essential that you find yourself the perfect fit. As far as the cheap maternity dresses 215 go, this is certainly the most versatile one.

20. Sleeveless Back

Sleeveless Back Interest Cheap Maternity Dress

This dress is for a bodacious and bold look for a fashion forward occasion among fanciful friends. This sleeveless dress comes in a white textures fabric which is only essential for a balanced look that does not overpower your persona. This contemporary and comfortable look gives it a lead in the season’s best maternity dresses and is the right choice for summers and in particular for daytime gatherings. However, it is good enough to become your favorite and most comfortable casual wear, and with such a low price on it that this dress is going to win your heart!

19. Sleeveless Empire Waist

Sleeveless Empire Waist Cheap Maternity Maxi Dress

It is one of the trendy choices in cheap maternity dresses for a sophisticated look at social gatherings and with family and friends. This dress will make a smart choice for a baby shower ceremonies and all sorts of social occasions in general. It is these attributes that make this a favorite dress among lots. The empire waist comes with a prominent now-tied waist line which is funky and yet it serves as the finishing touches that make this dress so popular.

18. Racerback Hanky Hem

Racerback Hanky Hem Cheap Maternity Dress

This dress is special because of its comfortable cotton fabric in the entire list of affordable maternity dresses which will impart maximum comfort during both summers and winters. It comes in a voguish gray tint which is loveable at first sight. Stay beautiful and young during the maternity period with this contemporary dress and you are sure to win praise and compliments for your choice. This is one of the best hanky hem dresses that have hit the shelves this season, and it is certain to look good on you.

17. ¾ Sleeve Fit and Flare

¾ Sleeve Fit and Flare Cheap Maternity Dress

There are a lot of cheap maternity dresses that go by that name, but this is one of the best looks you are going to find and you will be hard pressed to find a better look at a lower price than this one. The wide round neck is bold and it is perfect for leading women in search of a bodacious look. The ¾ sleeve is the right length to stay comfortable but look formal and serious. Get this dress in gray and you will find it most flattering with a nice fit.

16. Cap Sleeve Tie Detail

Cap Sleeve Tie Detail Cheap Maternity Dress

This cap sleeve dress is another formal and occasional entry among the cheap maternity dresses. The black shoulders and neck make a great combination with the gray color of the rest of the fabric. The knee length fit is great for parties and functions alike and it will serve all of your purposes well.

15. Variegated Maxi Cheap Maternity Dress in Elbow Sleeves

Variegated Maxi Cheap Maternity Dress in Elbow Sleeves

This dress is a comfortable entry in inexpensive maternity dresses for all seasons. It can serve all sorts of purposes, and the right fit will deem it right for a formal occasion. Keep it loose and you have the comfortable domestic look for the stay at home women. It is edgy and it is in trend for a perfected look.

14. Cheap Strapless High Low Hem Maternity Dress

Cheap Strapless High Low Hem Maternity Dress

High low hem is an alternative to the hanky hem with just the same amount of charisma and character. This article comes in a great floral print that is sure to win your heart, and at the lowest price on this list, this is a fine bargain which will leave you satisfied and flabbergasted with the exotic look that you can have.

13. Knot Front Asymmetrical

Knot Front Asymmetrical Cheap Maternity Dress

This unique look in cheap maternity dresses will make you look attractive and it will boost your character at any event. It comes in a lime lining print which is voguish and rather dull so that you can bring out your face in a more balanced way. Flatter your physique by looking slim and slender with this asymmetrical styled dress.

12. Spaghetti Strap

Spaghetti Strap Cheap Maternity Dress

This dress comes in incredible bold black and navy blue stripes and the spaghetti straps are the key to a retro styled vintage look that does not defy the current trends in any way. This ankle length dress is a fine choice for a variety of purposes short of the most formal occasion, but its benefits overpower the limits of a casual dress.

11. Sleeveless Cross Front

Sleeveless Cross Front Cheap Maternity Maxi Dress

Bring out the best of your looks with this perfected maternity dress which will boost your looks for a voguish formal presence. It features a V-neck with across front in comfortable cotton and modal fabric with the perks of a Jersey knit. This dress can endure machine washes, and it is a perfect choice if you come across a lot of formal events in your job.

10. Sleeveless Button Detail

Sleeveless Button Detail Cheap Maternity Dress

This checkered dress is perfect for fashion forward women who are up for a contemporary and is perfect for fashion forward women who are up for a contemporary look which is typical of a shirt dress. These sort of maternity dresses serve the purposes of nursing women because of their versatility. These dresses are meant to stay in the fashion trends and now it’s time for you to embrace these trends.

9. Sleeveless Swing

Sleeveless Swing Cheap Maternity Dress

Swing dresses are comfortable choices that will make you look and feel elevated. This particular dress comes in a floral print which is great to embrace a springtime theme and a casual look which is very unlikely to find its replacement in parallel entries.

8. Sleeveless Belted

Sleeveless Belted Cheap Maternity Mini Dress

This mini dress is one of the exotic and voguish cheap maternity dresses that are sure to be your ticket to all kinds of events as well as parties. This dress with its round neck is both sassy and sophisticated, and it will serve nicely at any kind of event. It comprises of a cotton and spandex fabric with lace.

7. Black Halter Neckline A-line

Black Halter Neckline A-line Cheap Maternity Dress

This black halter neckline dress is a great choice for daily wear at an incredibly low rate which is sure to catch your eye. If you are not a working woman, this is a perfect choice with a reasonable price tag on it. If you are a little tight on your purse but are looking for quality wear, this is one of the dresses that will make you proud of your choice. Get it and you won’t regret that choice.

6. Cap-Sleeve Maxi Maternity Dress in Gray

Cap-Sleeve Maxi Cheap Maternity Dress in Gray

This dress is sewn with a striped gray fabric. It will look stunning with an immaculate fit, and it brings you more than the price which makes this a valuable offer that you should consider long and hard before moving down the list.

5. Gray Babydoll

Gray Babydoll Cheap Maternity Maxi Dress

Babydoll maternity dresses are comfortable. They mold according to the physique and the shape of the belly, and they will not pull on your shoulders in any uncomfortable way. This light and gentle dress looks just as good as it feels and that makes this an invaluable choice of wear.

4. Floral Sleeveless Back Interest

Floral Sleeveless Back Interest Cheap Maternity Dress

This floral dress is a vintage styled gown which is often required for a certain genre of formal dinners. It will serve nicely as a tasteful classic look that will make you the lady of the night at any event, despite being pregnant. At the incredibly low rates, this is an unusual and very beneficial option.

3. Empire Seam Spaghetti Strap Mini

Empire Seam Spaghetti Strap Mini Cheap Maternity Dress

Get this dress in sky blue for an unbeatable funky and feminine look. It is comfortable and imparts a tropical theme which is easy to fall in love with. If this dress fits your physique and your persona, it makes an invaluable entry to your wardrobe that is not easy to ignore.

2. Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap Hanky Hem

Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap Hanky Hem Cheap Maternity Maxi Dress

The many features of a summer dress coexist in this in-trend look which is sure to become a killer style for you in the fabulous list of cheap maternity dresses. Pair it with an updo and you have the perfect choice of dress to go with your social life.

1. Gray Contrast Trim Bodycon Cheap Maternity Dress

Gray Contrast Trim Bodycon Cheap Maternity Dress

This dress accentuates with the shape of the protruded belly, but with no effort to hide or overpower it. For a minimalistic and modest look, this dress serves your needs well. It is sleeveless and it speaks comfort all over. But do not underestimate it, this dress can function as a smart choice for outings and family gatherings.


You need to find yourself a collection of less pricey maternity dresses that will serve your needs well, but without becoming a burden on your pocket. In that case, here’s a list of the best cheap maternity dresses that you can find on sale, or otherwise to be some of the cheapest yet fashion forward dresses which still maintain a reasonable quality standard.

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