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11 Home Remedies For Ants – Easy Homemade Ant Killers

Tiny little ants and they do not look good at all when you see them marching in the cupboards, or your walls or anywhere. You need to look into this matter because you would really not like ants walking across your crockery or on the wall of your bed room.

So, to avoid all of what is written we provide you here with a few really good home remedies to ward off the ants. You can get rid of these ants easily by following these remedies. So, have a look here and see what can you follow for yourself.

11. Vinegar


Vinegar is basically a liquid which is a fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria. It usually used for in food dishes for cooking purpose, but, historically it was also used as a mild acid. As it has some medical as well as domestic uses hence its usage is widened under a broad class.
There are usually two methods followed that lead to the fermentation of vinegar; one is the slow fermentation method that is traditionally used while the other one is the fast fermentation method.
Well, vinegar is also used for a domestic purpose and that is to ward off ants:

  • Vinegar has a strong smell therefore one could combine 50 % vinegar and 50 % water to make a liquid that could be used to ward off the ants.
  • Spraying this liquid in the area where ants are seen could be really useful.

10. Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds yes! But before we hop on to the details of what coffee brings for the ants let’s see what coffee brings for the humans. It is brewed from the roasted coffee beans and loved by many. Coffee lovers are known for their addiction for this drink, they can’t function unless they get a cup of it as their energy booster.
Having said this, I must also add that coffee has its advantages too. It can help to burn off the extra fats in your body and lower the risk of diabetes type two along with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
But, here we will only talk why coffee grounds could be used to turn away ants.

  • Have you ever smelled coffee grounds? I’m sure you must have. These coffee grounds have a very strong smell.
  • Hence, this strong smell is not at all liked by the insects and that makes it useable to help kick away the tiny little ants.
  • You can out the coffee grounds in a small dish wherever you feel is the need to do so.

9. Salt


Well yes, salt it is! Salt is the ingredient without which any savory food item is unaccomplished. A balanced amount of salt is all what is needed to make the dish just perfect. For those who are hypertensive have a different salt other than the usual table salt, hence salt has types as well. But, beyond this there is a lot more to salt. It works wonders to help with the tired feet. How? Just by adding a pinch of salt to a bucket of luke warm water is all what is needed to help the tired swollen feet find pleasure and relax.
That was just a bit to share about salt, here we will tell you more interesting fact about it and that is its ability to ward off ants.

  • You can either sprinkle salt wherever you see ants or
  • You could simple make a solution of salt and water which you can spray that wherever you think is needed.
  • You can try any of the above given methods and help to get way with the problem of ants all around.

8. Cayenne Pepper

cayyene pepper

The other name, not a well known, for it is Guinea spice. Cow horn pepper, red hot chili pepper and red pepper are few more names by which this spice is known. Different regions call it by different names, but, nevertheless its properties remain the same.
In a few regions like in Korea, cayenne pepper is used as a whole in the dishes. Some countries crush these red hot chili peppers down into a powdered form to be used in the food dishes.
This hot little spice has a lot more than just to add spice to food. From the medicinal point of view these red chilies are helpful in retaining the internal vital heat of the system. It works to equalize the blood pressure by regulating the flow of blood from head to feet.
Here the discussion is a bit different about this spice and it is about using this spice to create an environment to kick off the ants away.

  • This one is used just as you can use to ward off ants.
  • The first way is just to sprinkle some quantity of this spice where needed.
  • And the second one making a spice water mixture by mixing powdered cayenne in water and spraying it in the required regions.

7. Borax


Sodium borate, sodium tetra borate or disodium tetra borate are a few other names that borax is known with as well. Powdered form of borax is actually white little crystals of borax that could be dissolved in water easily.
The detergents that we use to wash our clothes or cosmetics we wear on our skin and the enamel glazes too, all these are supposed to have it as its components usually. Therefore, this is quite enough to state that borax has a wide range of use in many ways. Borax could also be used to get rid of the ants found in your house.

  • You can make a thin paste with borax, sugar and water. Now you can put this paste on small pieces of cardboard preferably.
  • Place these pasted loaded cardboards in different areas wherever it is needed.
  • As the paste dries after a day or two, hence you need to place some fresh again after it dries.

6. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a brown coloured spice which is available in stick form. Some of them grind it down to a powdered form while the others keep it the way it is, it all depends on the need.
Cinnamon provides the dish with its distinctive aroma and moreover the taste is enhanced with its uniqueness as well. Besides this, if we talk about savory food items cinnamon sticks are usually removed after the cooking is done! Cinnamon rolls are yum! And all what makes it yum is the sprinkled powder of cinnamon. Hence this shows cinnamon is a spice which is not only limited to the savory food.
Its smell and properties are also useful in other instances like repelling the tiny little insects away.

  • You can sprinkle cinnamon powder in the areas where ants are seen.
  • Or one could simple place little pieces of cinnamon sticks as well.
  • Besides this, one could even dip a cotton swab in cinnamon oil and apply it in the cracks and wholes where necessary.

5. Chalk


The writing material used on black boards is commonly known as chalk. Initially when it was introduced it just came in a single colour and that is white. But gradually it was brought in different colours in the market.
Chalk is a porous sedimentary rock. It is white in colour and carbonate form of a lime stone composed of mineral calcite. Calcite is basically calcium carbonate that forms under deep marine water. Chalk is a source of quick lime by thermal decomposition. In agriculture, chalk is used to raise the PH of soil.
And did you know that some doses of chalk could also be used as antacid. Yes! You can use it to use your stomach. Well, they could also be used for cleaning and polishing.

  • Ants do not like chalk at all!
  • So you can make some barriers with chalk and do not let the ants pass them.

4. Mint And Herbs


Mints are the best to deal with the indigestion problems and you must incorporate them in your diet in order to have a proper digestion. Besides mints are used as part of food items to add an aroma to it. Mint lemonade is yet another amazing refreshing beverage that can help you relax with its cooling effect.
Mint and other herbs are sure to have numerous benefits for us but out of those one of them is stated below:

  • Thyme, rosemary, basil etc are some herbs that could be used to repel ants.
  • Mint of course is also counted under the same list.
  • Strong smell of these herbs makes the ants run away from that place easily. So one can use these herbs for this purpose.

3. Cornmeal


Cornmeal is basically ground corn which in its very fine form is known as corn flour. There are different categories of corn meal like blue corn meal which has a violet colour, the other one is a yellow corn meal commonly used in the States. Whereas, there are two others; stone ground corn meal and white corn meal.
About corn meal and its relation to ants could be read below:

  • Ants are supposed to be attracted to cornmeal but oops! They are unaware of the disaster that happens after consuming it.
  • Yes a disaster because cornmeal has tendency to burst the ants after they have eaten it.
  • So you can sprinkle cornmeal anywhere ants are seen and wait for their dead bodies after that.

2. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Lemons and its juice are two most amazing things. Lemon with its tremendous qualities is largely utilized in various ways. Being an edible item it is not only restricted to food and cooking but this has a lot more as a package. People who have dark facial hair can use lemon juice as a source of bleaching agent. This will help to naturally lighten the hair and give a bleaching effect.
Moreover, if you are having a really bad day during those sultry hot summers, lemons can help you feel better. A chilled glass of fresh lemonade will bring some energy to your body and not only this but you will feel fresh again.
Regarding ants, we see it as a distinct issue. But this could also be dealt with lemons or more appropriately its juice.

  • You can sweep the area with a bit of lemon juice mixed in water.
  • Or you can simple just squeeze a few drops of lemon into the cracks and holes from where you feel ants could make their way out.
  • Smell of lemons is enough to make the ants to repel from the area.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

What is diatomaceous earth? It’s actually a sedimentary rock which could be crumbled to a fine powder either off white or white on colour. Its powdered form could have an abrasive feel depending upon the granularity of the particles. This one is used to kill insects because it sucks out all the fats from the outer layer of the exoskeleton of these insects, leaving them nothing but dehydrated.

  • It already in the powdered form so you just need to sprinkle some of it in corners and cracks.
  • This would help to kill the ants and the other insects as well. So make use of it and help to get rid of the ants in your house.


  • Sometimes ants get immunized with repetitive remedies, hence then use the alternative ones.
  • Change the remedies with the passage of time.
  • Try and use sprays in the areas where cracks are present.
  • Keep your cupboards clean to avoid any insects.
  • Do not leave dishes dirty in the sink particularly over night.
  • Always clean the trash daily especially kitchen trash.

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