7 Amazing Hair Colour For Fall This Season

This fall there has been a variety of hair color schemes which are becoming flattering trends for the season and their popularity is accelerating quite fast. Amy Huson, a famous colorist in New York says that this season, there are luxurious colors for every kind of shade so every lady can enrich the color of her hair. Some hottest and freshest hair color for fall are given below.

 7. Platinum Hair Color


One of the cool hair color for fall is platinum hair color look. This lickerish color gives you an edge over other hair colors and looks even more fabulous with roots. With a dramatic and rutty look, it is suitable for short hairs and is less damaging. Platinum shade is natural, fresh and a soft tone.

 6. Creamy Yellow Hair Color


This color might sound elusive to you but it is actually beautiful and one of the best hair color for fall. Hollywood celebrity Kate Upton is a fan of this color and her blonde hairs look wonderful with a faint golden colored shade. In short, adding a golden tone to your light hair can be a wise choice.

 5. Light Brownish Hair


Influenced by Jennifer Lawrence, the amalgamation of dark and light brown gives a passionate and warm hair look. All you need to do is to add a contrasting highlight to your blonde hair which will prolong the glow and further brighten up the face.

 4. Honey Contrast Hair Color


Honey Blonde is a beautiful hair color for fall. With a tiny shadow at the root darkening the overall hue, a deep blonde hair color can enhance your facial beauty as well.

 3. Buttery Blonde Hair


This color is perfect for blonde people who want to change the color and feel blonde. With light buttery tones, this color is a must try-out as hair color for fall.

 2. Champagne-Y Red Hair


Perfect for dark blonde ladies, this brilliant color has inspired many celebrities including Jessica Chastain. This color can be easily switched to from the previous hair color and gives an attractive and pleasing appearance.

 1. Ombre Hair


It has been usual for people to prefer hot chocolate type colors for their hair. With an alternation of chocolate through caramel shade, the ombre look if combined onto redder palette can be a lovely choice. Ombre has a deeper shade and lately celebrities have started wearing it again which has made it popular all over the world.

Whether it is a golden shade on your brunette outlook or scarlet red tone for your natural hair color, a compact list of ideas are available as hair color for fall. If you match a striking makeup with these hair colors, your beauty will flourish and be impressive. This fall give a striking look to your brunette or blonde look and change a trendy hair style and color. Try out the above-mentioned colors and see which one fits to your makeup and facial complexion and Enrich your beauty!

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1 Comment

  1. Bridget

    Sep 22, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Gorgeous colours!

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