10 Reasons Why We Need At Least 8 Hugs A Day

Hugging is the most beautiful gesture to show your love and affection for someone you love and care. It can be another way to thanks and appreciate someone. Hug is having a lot meanings, it is just up to you how you want to compliment someone. It is a common form of interaction between the people of our society which brings them to close contact. Hugging is a therapy that provides a very powerful way to heal your mind and soul. Many researchers have proven that the hugging results in healing loneliness, diseases, anxiety, depression, stress and sickness. Hugging although seems to be a simple act but in reality it is set of steps that make it a complete process.

The Hugging Process

Let’s enlighten a few steps that make this process work:

  • AN approach for the hug can be one sided or both the people wish for it. Typically it is made with one arm or both the arms widespread. Smile is thrown and eye contact is made during this pleasurable process. There can be a little pause during the hug as if it is accepted by the other person or not. After this, both the people approach each other towards the embrace.
  • The main part of an every hug is embrace. It can be a one or two armed approached towards the other person. The hug can be given from the front, sight angle or sides. The extent of the hug varies from touching the whole body to just a polite head touch.
  • During the embrace period there can be many other gestures that might involve such as back-rubbing, back-slapping, hand-holding, arm-squeezing, cheek-kissing, cheek-touching, speaking, holding head and so on.
  •  This is the point where both the huggers have to back off and let go. This process can be determined by specific ritual time, which is usually not clear who is going to initiate the part of disengagement. The most is where one person pulls himself away; the other person understands and starts to disengage. The two huggers can stay for long depending on their current situation. Usually the second person holds for long to show that he really likes you. The key is to take your time and give an ample amount of time to other person to disengage so that no one faces any sort of embracement.

Types Of Hugs

  • AIR HUG: It’s a form of distance hug where actual hug is not possible.
  • A-FRAME HUG: It’s for formal greeting, usually uncomfortable for both people.
  • BACK PAT: This is one of the friendly versions to greet and hug someone. You just need to simply hug tight and pat others back.
  • BEAR HUG: This is the most affectionate version of hug, tight and warm.
  • BACK RUB: Here you hug the other person tight followed by a warm back rub.
  • CHEEK TOUCH: If you want to show some extra affection then you should make a hug with your cheeks touching the cheeks of the other person.
  • FAMILY HUG: Where more than two people hug especially a whole family.
  • COMFORTER: A hug that will sooth the other person emotionally especially a partner, relative or a parent to child.
  • CUDDLE: It is just like a comforter but it is more on the romantic side.
  • TWISTER: A tight hug while holding the other one in arms and twisting around.

There are a lot more to discuss but these are the most common ones which we have discussed here, just to give an idea that a simple hug can be of different types. Each hug has a different meaning and different level or respect and affection. It can be given according to sexual preferences and limits can be decided before giving a hug.

Reasons To Hug Someone

Let us see the reasons behind giving a beautiful hug to someone special:

10. Level Up Your Bodies Parasympathetic Balance


Getting a hug can be one pleasurable experience and receiving it can help you balance your body’s overall nervous system. Your skin works through a special system known as pacinian corpuscles. These are pressure centers under the skin which are usually egg shaped and are present to sense touch. Whenever a person is hugged, the galvanic skin starts to respond and shows a change in the conductance of the skin. This is all because of the transfer of moisture and electricity from the person who has hugged you. This process creates a more fine and balanced nervous system.

One should always initiate a hug, it costs nothing but the feeling of care and love it transfers in the other person is just priceless. It gives real benefit to both the persons that can last for quite a long time. If we see the achievement of Juan Mann, he just wanted to hug each and every person he meets. Just take anything to extreme, set your limits and bring the people closer to each other through a hug. Many people in this era are missing out beautiful human touch that sooths many hearts. The benefits of a hug are unlimited, so give someone special a hug just to improve your own self and the people around you.

9. Increase Your  Dopamine Production


A person needs to avoid low level of Dopamine production just for the sake of good health. This deficiency can cause depression and can increase the risks of having Parkinson’s disease. It is one of the feel good hormones, as it provides a good feeling when it is released. It also increases ones motivation and makes you feel fresh and good. Whenever you get a hug, your brain releases the hormone; this good will hormone will make you feel great. The release of Dopamine has same effects as cocaine and methamphetamine’sas that target the same area as Dopamine. So get as many hugs as you can to feel good for the whole day.

8. Improve Your Patience


If you want to connect with someone then you definitely have to start with a hug. A hug forms a unique connection between the two having it. In this busy world people are lagging behind in affection and relationships. They don’t have time for others and not even for themselves. An initiation of small little hug can brighten up anyone’s day and to make the other feel better. It is one of the best ways to show affection and build a close connection quickly. People are forgetting the rules of relationship due to busy schedules, they don’t have time to stop or even slow down but giving a halt and throwing a hug towards the other can improve your level of patience and will provide a chance to build a better relationship with the other. Then forget everything, rethink about your life and throw a tight hug.

7. Stimulate Your Thymus Glands


This is another very important aspect of a hug where it stimulates your thymus glands. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your immunity. Whenever you hug someone, a gentle pressure is placed on their sternum. This process triggers the Solar Plexus Chakra of that person and stimulates their thymus gland. This thymus gland regulates and speeds up the production of white blood cells, causing the other person to undergo satisfaction and happiness. The production of white blood is extremely important for a healthy and prosperous living. So be generous and start giving hugs.

6. Boosts Self Esteem


A hug has shown some amazing results in boosting your esteem and the one having it. This therapy is best for children who have an extremely sensitive sense of feel and very important for newborns, as this is the way best way a child recognizes his parents. Giving a Hug to your children will let them know that they are loved by you and you will transfer your affection and positive energy in them. This therapy improves their self-esteem that continues throughout their life. In their coming future they for sure will try to connect hugs to promote self-esteem and will try to welcome others with a hug again, the way they received it as a little child. This all along will keep on boosting their self-esteem and also for the one receiving it.

5. Stimulate Your Oxytocin Neurotransmitter


There is a very important neurotransmitter in our brain known as oxytocin that acts efficiently on your brain’s emotional center. This emotional center of the brain produces the feeling of love and contentment, reduced depression and stress which will make you feel better. It is a significant part of the brain that produces a hormone during childbirth making the mother forgets about all the pain she had during delivery and post-delivery. She is going to love her newborn and is also promotes civilized human, monogamy and increases affection. It also increases the so called sexual performance between the two and makes the relationship stronger. When someone gets a hug, oxytocin is amply released in the body, improving our general behavior, levels our Cortisol and lowers our heart rate. So began your day with loads of beautiful hugs.

4. Helps You With  Non Verbal Communication


A non-verbal communication between two people is as important as a verbal communication. Around the world as estimated 70% of communication between people is non-verbal, so for this sake it is as important as a verbal one. A hug can be a set example of a non-verbal communication with the one having it. It is a way to welcome and say thanks to anyone. You can clearly show your love and care for the other person, without saying anything. Hugging someone can make them feel much better and can make their whole day happy, rather improving the esteem of yourself and the other person.

3. Boosts Your Immune System

Boost up the Immune System

To increase your immunity you really have to work hard on the things that provide it an ultimate boost. Hugging and other soft aspects of affection can significantly boost your immune system and reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps you to fight against disease and feel better. According to a famous study increased hugging has shown many mental and body health benefits, including reduced pain, growth in a premature baby, and better immune system for cancer fighting patients and many more. It’s up to you now, how well you take this beautiful tradition.

2. Increases Level Of Serotonin Production


Serotonin is a hormone that initiates pleasure and decreases sadness and pain. This hormone also reduces the risk of having chronic heart issues, helps lose weight and extends life. Hugging someone tight releases this hormone which intern helps both the person to think great and pleasurable providing a chance to feel the affection for each other. It improves your good will happiness and increases your mood. Even hugging your pet can release this serotonin’s. So follow this beautiful natural process for a more précised and beautiful day.

1. Greeting


Hugging can be one beautiful form of greeting someone. It is the most ritualized gesture of almost all cultures and civilizations, with prescribed timings and action. But it varies from culture to culture such as:

  • Squeezing hard and then lifting can be an expression of delight.
  • One or both handed hugs.
  • Back-patting while hugging each other for more precise gesture.
  • Saying the greeting phrase while hugging.
  • Patting and holding while having an eye contact while disengaging.
  • Touching or kissing cheeks after making a hug is a fine example of greeting someone special.

Tips For Making Improved Hugs

  • Always initiate a greeting with a hug just to make the other feel special.
  • Show your ultimate bonding and trust through your hug.
  • Make sure your clean and smell good, not everyone wants a stinky hug.
  • The best way to hug is by opening your arms and initiating.
  • You can also start with a hand shake followed by a hug especially for cooperate colleagues.
  • Try to make an eye contact.
  • If you are wearing cologne, put it softly as the other may enjoy the soothing smell.
  • If you want to hug your hug, hug her from behind.
  • Try using some natural scents like floral or fruits.
  • Keep your hug different for different people, do it as per the requirement and occasion.
  • Do everything slowly; don’t rush while making a hug.
  • Always appreciate and thanks the other person who initiated the hug.

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