15 Things Your Hair Salon Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Pretty nails are supposed to give your hands or your feet a really beautiful appearance. You need to take care of your nails in order to have amazing looking hands or feet. Well for that it’s necessary to keep those nails always healthy and beautiful. If you do not get time or it gets too heavy on your pocket to go to a nail salon weekly you must go after a period of 2 weeks then.

But before you go to any nail salon, give a read to what we have gathered for you about some of their secrets and some of the information that is supposed to be helpful for you.

15. No Need To Remove The Callus

No need to remove the callus

Callus is the hard skin that is found on your sole or palms. This one usually is not something one would love to keep it on the skin and its removal seems to be a good option. But if it’s not bothering much or is not yet so prominent than you can give it a second thought for having it removes and keep it for the next visit. Well, keeping it for the next visit because if you didn’t know this would cost some extra bucks to the service actually.

  • For callus removal always go for scrubbing it off or you could also choose a chemical removal as well.
  • These two seem to be the safest options but never allow shaving it or cutting it off the skin, no matter how hard it seems to be. You can always have another appointment set for it.
  • The reason behind asking you to refrain is not just the cuts you could get but also that if you try the cut off method the callus is more likely to grow back fast.

14. Foot Baths Could Be Dangerous

Foot baths could be dangerous

The container in which you dip your beautiful feet has to be very clean. One just shouldn’t risk their feet to get dipped somewhere you’re not sure of its cleanliness. Yes the foot baths that is required to dip your hands or feet while availing the service of manicure or pedicure must be clean enough to say that it won’t provide with any skin infections.

  • To bring into your knowledge, it must be known to you that these bathtubs could have a growth of little micro organisms on them.
  • These microbes are associated with the initiation of rashes or boils on the skin.

13. Sterilization, Not Applicable To All Tools

Sterilization, not applicable to all tools

The method of sterilization is not applicable to many of the items that are being used repeatedly during the procedure. There are many tools that are being used by the salon people on the customers which are not gone through the procedure of sterilization.

  • Salons use an autoclave that only sterilizes the metallic items.
  • While the other items are not really gone through the similar process yet are being used on you.
  • These items mostly include nail buffers, pumice stones, emery boards, foam toe separators etc.

12. Shaving Matters

Shaving matters

This is you should know before taking a service that includes waxing prior to going for a manicure or pedicure. Yes, shaving matters, not because it would look weird having hair on your legs or you arms but it is to deal with your health.

  • When you shave the pores are still open, open to infections and bacteria.
  • Hence it is always better to avoid any services after waxing, be it any in this case to reduce the risk of any infections that could occur.
  • Next time keep this in mind and go for manicure and pedicure prior to having your waxing done.

11. Nothing Above Sterilization

Nothing above Sterilization

Sterilization by far is the safest method to clean the materials that are used to serve as the tools for manicure or pedicure. An autoclave is a machine that is electrically operated and helps to sterilize the metallic materials from all the bacteria. There are other different kinds of sterilization methods like dry heat or wet heat etc but these are usually used for the medical setups.

  • Hence the autoclave method used in the salons is just limited to the metallic items.
  • The non metallic items are still unsterilized.
  • And sterilization is the only method that can clean the tools from all the impurities.

10. Disinfectants Not Cent Percent Effective

Disinfectants not cent percent effective

Disinfectants are the chemical solutions that are helpful in cleaning a surface or a tool from the impurities. But these disinfectants are only applicable to a certain degree because beyond that no disinfectant is effective much. Disinfectants are never a cent percent guarantee to clean up.

  • A number of microbes are infective against the action of disinfectants.
  • Such microbes are only affected and killed by sterilization.
  • Hence using disinfectants is not always satisfactory.

9. Not Really Talking About You

Not really talking about you

You are not the topic of discussion, there is a lot to discuss but you! This has happened a number of times that the ladies providing the manicure or pedicure service to you are chit chatting amongst themselves. But stay relaxed it’s surely not you.

  • They usually are discussing over their personal issues.
  • Or their professional ones.
  • So there is no need to get conscious that you might the topic of discussion. Relax, and enjoy your time!

8. All Charges Are Not Included

All charges are not included

Some of the nail salons keep the charges hidden. Well that is usually never an ‘always’ kind of scenario because there are salons that quote all the charges already on the charge list.

  • Some of the salons try to keep the charges of nail strengthing or applying a base coat hidden.
  • You must always ask prior to getting the service what would the overall service provided be charged from you

7. No Blood Doesn’t Mean No Cut

No blood doesn’t mean no cut

Sometimes it’s like you go to a nail salon and when you’re back after a pampering time you see a slight cut on your skin. Well to bring into your knowledge it is most probably a cut you’ve gotten while you were having a cleanup of your hands or feet.

  • It is never a criteria that you would bleed after a slight cut.
  • A slight cut is more than enough to open a portal for any infection to invade.
  • Always take care!

6. And The Bottles Are Diluted

And the bottles are diluted

Don’t judge a bottle by its cover! In this case yes we call it a bottle not a book. Why? Because there are a lot of deceiving tricks happening that you are unaware of.

  • There are times when the nail salons try to betray you by not providing you with the product they are actually displaying infront of you.
  • Many times they might just refill the bottles with some cheap quality products and not just fill it but portrays it to be the one as the one owned originally by the bottle.
  • This is not only been done with the bottles of lotions or soaps but also nail colours.
  • Sometimes when the nail colour gets lumpy it is been diluted by pouring some solutions to it compromising its original formulation.
  • Hence by doing this the nail colour becomes more prone to getting chipped off rather than when it is in its original form.

5. Never Let Go Of The Customers

Never let go of the customers

Running a nail salon is no less than running any business. Hence when you run a business you only think about the profit or the benefit you could get.

  • Similarly the nail salons follow the same rule and never let go of their customers.
  • Even when the customers shall be turned down they never do so regardless of what infection or disease they could spread.
  • It has been said by doctors that the nail salons also play an important part in cross infections amongst people.
  • Using the instruments of an infected client on the other which are not sterilized or are not even applicable to get sterilized in the premises of a nail salon is the most dangerous threat to a healthy individual.

4. Chances Of Risk Are Always There

Chances of risk are always there

There are number of salons that are not even following their own protocol of sterilization and disinfection.

  • Hence how much you say you are protected against any infection you are not.
  • There is always a chance for you to catch an infection.

3. The Products Are Always Not Friendly

The products are always not friendly

Your nail salon would be using such products which shall not be made for your skin. Every one of us have a different skin and every skin has a different way to react to the materials or solutions that come in contact with it.

  • Always get the product checked before letting it apply on you.
  • Reactions could be immediate or slow! You never know!

2. The Tool Could Be Mistakenly Used On You

The tool could be mistakenly used on you

Human error is everywhere. It is impossible to say that errors can’t really occur even if you are going to the most expensive nail salons. Be it a machine or human, errors persist everywhere.

  • Hence there could be a possibility that a tool that had been used on one person could mistakenly be used on the other client as well.
  • And to bring into your notice if the tool had just been dipped into a disinfectant it still is not cleaned to be used on the other client.
  • Until it has been sterilized it is not applicable to used on the other customer.

1. Applying Another Nail Colour

Applying another nail colour

There might be a possibility of not liking the nail colour that you have gotten applied on your nails. So, what to do next? Could it get messy to change it now?

  • Well if you do not like the nail colour you could surely get it changed.
  • But that would be time consuming and at times when there is a lot of client flow could even get messier for you.
  • You would not be attended with plenty of time to get the nail colour done again.
  • So it’s better to make up your mind when two of your fingers are done rather than 5 of them are done and you feel like changing the colour.


  • If you are a hygiene freak then always keep your set of tools with yourself.
  • Try to get the instruments sterilized in front of you.
  • Always look for any cuts after having the service.
  • When you see that there is a lot of client flow try not to take the service that day.

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