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CONTENT GUIDELINES owes a lot to its content provider. Your submitted contest is precious to us and no one can single-handedly provide this much content. The more precise and informative content you will provide to the website, the closer you will be towards your achievement. Some important guidelines have been shared here, just to help you out and make that an impossible a possible.

Always Keep in Mind For Whom You are Writing:

Always think of your audience, who will be reading all the content you are going to post on the website. Men, Women, Children, you have to be precise and target the correct gender and age group. What are they looking for and what sort of information they require, just do it.

Write To The Point:

Your writing should be clear and to the point. Avoid putting irrelevant details and bogus information. Remove any kind of data that don’t give a value to your content. Be precise and talk to the point.

Make Your Content Readable:

Readers go through the page before reading each and every detail. If they don’t recognize any relevant and useful data, they will stop there and will not further engage on the page. Enhance your content by adding some important elements like headers, highlighted text, links, bulleted or numbered lists, captions and related graphics. Always be careful not to overdo your content.

Meaningful Headers:

Try to write meaningful headers, so that the reader gets an idea what are you going to tell them in the next information. Try avoiding too much of sub-headings. Your headings must be precise and relevant to its content.

Include Related Links:

Try to provide links to the related content wherever it is required. This way the reader will have the facility to look for some other details which are not present on this website.

Use Appropriate Common Language:

Keeping in mind the SEO technique, phrase your content according to its rules and regulations. Always be careful while creating page headings, links, titles, lists and other keywords. Use a common language which is easier to read and understand.

Limit your Paragraph:

Try to limit your paragraph up to 70 words. It will look much professional and quite practical.

Try Adding Bulleted List:

Bulleted lists are easier to read and understand than a complete paragraph. If you are listing three or more items, try to show them in a bulleted list. It is best for the content that will be promoting any instructions or steps.

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