7 Amazing Facts About Natural Blonde Hair

Human hair is confined in a range of different natural shades like black, brown, red, caramel, gray and white etc. Blonde hair is one of the sweet and soft shades of hair. This is actually a light and golden color of hair. We are going to mention here some very amazing facts about natural blonde hair in this document.

7. Genetics Of Blonde Hair


Natural yellow color hair is only two percent of the world’s population. This shade of the hair is the result of low level of melanin pigmentation. Among the all natural hair colors the blonde strands of hair are thinnest.

6. Range Of Colors


Colors of blonde hair are ranged in expressly dark golden blonde with a white as platinum blonde. Some of the shades are very atypical like strawberry blonde and the mixture of blond and red hair. However, all shades of blonde have a yellow tint.

5. Myths Related To Blonde Hair

Blond Myths-01


Like most of other myths that are not really true, blonde hair myths are also. But a few of those are mentioned here just for a fun. Mostly it is said that that girls with natural blonde hair are often have no brain. But it is approved absolutely false. Another myth that is in discussion that natural blonds are an endangered species that will be not seen in future due to the fact that in the blond hair – dark hair coupling, blonde gene never gets dominate etc.

4. Problems With Blonde Hair


Having naturally blonde hair is not always a fun. There are many problems that have to face, only the girls with blonde hair. Such as blond hair looks greasy, very quickly. Spilt-ends and damage is the worst problem to face. You need to put mascara properly because of transparent eyelashes, if you have natural blond hair. While swimming chlorine harms your blond hair and turns it in green shade etc.

3. Care Tips For Blond Tresses


To keep your blond hair as gorgeous as possible, here are some tips for your help. You must use a UV protection against the sun because harmful UV rays change the color and dry your strands. Try to use a dry shampoo especially for blonde hair to maintain the shine and refreshment of your hair. Use a bottle water to get your hair wet before swimming, so that your hair will not soak the chlorine from water that is harmful for blond hair.

2. Ideas For A Different Shade For Blonde Hair


You can shade your already blonde hair in other exciting blond shades. For example, vanilla blonde shade gives you a baby blonde look. Blush blonde add warmth to your cheeks and gives a strawberry effect, if you have dull blonde hair.

1. Celebrities With Blonde Hair


It would be very entertaining for you to know about some celebrities with natural blonde hair. Kristine Stewart a very famous actor is a strawberry blonde. Katy Perry is another famous celebrity with blonde hair. Angelina Jolie is a very well known name has also blonde hair. Emma Stone, Olivia Wild, Kelly Osbourne, Amy Adams and many others have blonde hair as well.

You have surely enhanced your knowledge and have some very amazing facts about natural blonde hair. Share it with others and enjoy their “wow” faces.

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