7 Best Old Christmas Movies

Christmas is the prime time of the year when everyone spends good time with their families and enjoys the cold chilly days with warmth and celebration. This is also the time of the year which calls for thematic family movies. Here is a list of old Christmas movies you should have on your watch list for this Christmas.

7. Elf


This is one of the old Christmas movies that are absolutely amazing to watch with families. It is the story of a human thinking he is an elf. Will Farrell is featured at the peak of his career. This is indeed a rare Christmas comedy which is supposed to make your Christmas memorable.

6. Home Alone


On its year of release Home Alone took everyone by surprise with the perfected balance between suspense and comedy. The ending is solid; it fills a person with immense joy to see the burglars captured and the child reuniting with family. After all these years, this movie still remains as a Christmas favorite among kids and elders alike.

5. A Christmas Carol


Of all the entries in the list of old Christmas movies, the 1951 version of  A Christmas Carol is perhaps the most enjoyable of all. This adoption of the Eternal work by Charles Dickens is mesmerizing to the very core. Watch it with your families and it will be a time spent wisely.

4. It’s A Wonderful Life



The surprising thing about this movie is that on its fate of release, it received very little recognition, but the popularity expanded over the years. This is a movie about a man who sees what everything would be like if he were never born and it makes him understand the values of life.

3. A Christmas Story


The movie approaches two significant audience: kids and the parents. For kids, it is enjoyable and for parents, it is morally guiding and straight forward. This comedy is interesting and fun, and reminds us all our childhood and what it was like being a kid.

2. Miracle On 34th Street


Santa is a humanistic epitome of morality: a kind and loving old man. This is a perfect film to boost your holiday spirit, as it has a unique air of compassion and warmth to it: attributes unseen among other old Christmas movies.

1. Holiday Inn


This movie features the memorable Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire at the very pinnacle of their careers as film stars. This movie is made significant by the strong drama, a mature story line and great acting by the many names that lasted many decades after its release in the box office.

If you think you have watched all the worth contemporary movies before this Christmas, there are hundreds of other movies you haven’t watched. Besides, it is always interesting and most enjoyable to watch a classic every now and then just for the fun of it. Here is a list of old Christmas movies you must not skip. They will make your big day enjoyable and it will a good excuse to have a little healthy family time.


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