7 Things About Long Distance Relationship Pillow

Long distance relationships can be quite daunting for both partners involved in any relationship. Being physically there for each other is an essential part of caring and looking after the other person. However, when that is not physically possible, a little company called little riot has come up with the perfect solution; the long distance relationship pillow!

1. What is this special Pillow?

Long Distance Relationship Pillow-03

The long distance relationship pillow is a way to hear the sound of your loved one’s heartbeat in your ears through your pillow as you lie down to sleep every night even though the person is miles away, making it feel like he or she is actually there right next to you.

2. How does it work?

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The device works as a two way system in which each partner wears a wristband that picks up the sound of their heart beat and conveys it across an application over the internet to a small speaker that is placed inside the pillow that your partner has.

3. When can you buy it?

Long Distance Relationship Pillow

The long distance relationship pillow is not currently in production. However it is on the road to being commercially available soon after it was developed as a university project by a student and featured on some popular technology websites. Judging from the online response to its arrival, there certainly seems to be a lot of demand for this quaint gadget!

4. Is it worth it?

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It’s not as good as being right next to each other as you lie down to sleep at night. But it is the next best thing at present as it provides you with a way to feel connected through more than just texts or voices from hundreds of miles away, and makes you aware of their presence as you drift off to sleep every night.

5. How connected do you feel?

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The idea is a revolutionary one and is a living example of how the combination of technology and creativity can help people in long distance relationships feel more connected in a rather primal way, instead of just using social media or phones to interact with each other.

6. How will it affect your relationship?

Long Distance Relationship Pillow-04

The long distance relationship pillow could be the ray of hope that people in long distance relationships have been holding out for, allowing a touch of closeness in their lives that was not possible before.

7. Would you use a relationship pillow?

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Despite the attractiveness of the prospect, the pillow might not be everybody’s cup of cake. Some people might find it difficult to fall asleep with the sound of a heart beating being relayed through their pillows. However, all these are minor tweaks that can be applied once the device is in production.

The long distance relationship pillow is the perfect aid to keeping the romance alive between two people separated by distance every night. Hopefully, the device will soon be in production and you will be able to see its wonders in real life!


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