28 Unique Plus Size Vintage Dresses


With the ever changing styles and designs, dresses have gone through a wide variety of change over the years. But some of the styles survive the passing of time and are still copied in the present era for their decency and appealing styling. They are termed as vintage styles or retro styles. They imitate fashion of the previous years that made its mark and won tremendous appreciation in the past. It was followed by a majority of people. Here you can find an extensive collection of plus size vintage dresses that has a significant following even in modern times.

28. Lesley-Ann Dress in Black with Black Tulle – Plus Size

Lesley-Ann Dress in Black with Black Tulle - Plus SizeIf you want to have flirty look then this is the right option to avail the opportunity. The costume is the perfect embodiment of splendor and grace. It will glorify your beauty with the breathtaking bodice that is supper fitted on a plus size figure. The tulle construction makes it more delicate and stylish. The attractive waist band allows a charming beauty along with meticulously drawn cuts. The drop V-back and satin cap sleeves enhance the fascination of your appearance. Be like your favorite celebrity in this chic plus size vintage dress.

27. Lesley-Ann Dress in Red with Burgundy Tulle

Lesley-Ann Dress in Red with Burgundy TulleThe satin waistband is the focal point of the costume. The deep neckline with short sleeves in sparkling accent enhances the shine of the outfit. The ruche embellishment on bust with split front offers a sensational look. When satin fabric flares at your attractive figure, it makes you highly alluring and flattering in the party.

26. Gina Dress in Red – Plus Size

Gina Dress in Red - Plus SizeThe costume adds spice in your sultry look through V-neckline that is designed with two gathered panel. It improves your timeless look in an extreme stylish way. The ruche embellishment along with attractive drapes makes it more fabulous. Just flatter your figure through this seductive silhouette that is superbly trendy and classy. The costume is an excellent addition to the list of plus size vintage dresses.

25. Isabelle Dress in Purple – Plus Size

Isabelle Dress in Purple - Plus SizeAn ideal plus size outfit to enhance your feminine look in this attractive satin gown. It features fused and structured cups bust. The lace neckline highlights the attraction of the gown and the longer hemline is the unique feature of the outfit. It is designed in the way that gives you glamorous, hot and sleek look.

24. The Laura Byrnes Gilda Gown in Olive Velvet – Plus

The Laura Byrnes Gilda Gown in Olive Velvet - PlusThe costume will enable you to be the center of all eyes for its multiple alluring features. The shimmering dress is the source to enhance the attraction of your female features through fitted sleeveless bodice, waistband and column gown. The velvet fabric adds to it an engaging beauty. The winsome dress is extremely perfect for getting smart and active look. It gives you an identity of a modern lady.

23. The Laura Byrnes Gilda Dress in Deep Wine Velvet – Plus Size

The Laura Byrnes Gilda Dress in Deep Wine Velvet - Plus SizeThe chic dress offers you a dream style and design to adopt an alluring impression. This sumptuous outfit is a unique addition to the plus size vintage dresses collection. The knee length hemline shows off the beauty of your legs and shapes your body sensually. The plunging v-neckline flatters your features extremely appealing style and makes you a hot figure of the party.

22. Valerie Dress in Black – Plus Size

Valerie Dress in Black - Plus SizeThe splendor of the satin fabric is the essential feature of this one shoulder dress. The gathered straps produce beautiful folds across the busts to accentuate the beauty of your figure through fitted and lined bodice. No doubt, you will be the centre of all eyes due to the attractive outline and matching belt on the waistline. The glorious outfit is great option in vintage dresses.

21. Vivien Dress in Bright Blue – Plus Size

Vivien Dress in Bright Blue - Plus SizeThe soft and classy outline of this vintage dress makes it more glamorous and elegant. The attractive folds across the bust highlight the beauty of your female features in more attractive manner. The slim fit one shoulder silhouette makes it a flattering outfit that shows off the beauty of your figure through attractive drapes. The costume delivers you an extremely sultry appearance among the crowd of ladies.

20. Deadly Dames Wiggle Dress in Black with White Polka Dots – Plus

Deadly Dames Wiggle Dress in Black with White Polka Dots - PlusPolka dot dresses have always been popular for their simplistic yet gorgeous appeal. The print makes a true definition of vintage style. If you want to improve your vibes, then you must have this chic costume in your closet. The dress has a cutting edge appeal to let you enjoy an extraordinary modern look and flourish your personality.

19. Brigit Vintage Dress in Black – Plus Size

Brigit Vintage Dress in Black - Plus SizeBest to attain an admirable look! This fantastic vintage dress provides you grace and sophistication with its figure flattering silhouette that is meticulously designed to flatter your curves. Its adorable sultry design offers an impressive contrast in polka dots of black and white on pockets and collars. The faux button is the attractive feature of the dress that flourishes the frock beautifully. It offers a charming and unique look to plus size ladies.

18. Ava Vintage Dress in Grape Purple – Plus Size

Ava Vintage Dress in Grape Purple - Plus SizeThe winsome dress is the great addition to the collection of plus size vintage dresses that possess worth-appreciating fashionable features that impart you a highly stylish and fabulous appeal. No doubt, it will be a memorable moment for you that all eyes at you while you are strolling around being attired with it. The chic dress presents array of colors in figure flattering silhouette and accentuates your curves. The tulip skirt combines with faux wrap skirt to promote the vintage fashion as well as your attractive features. The attractive wrap belt on waistline highlights the curve of your waist stylishly.

17. Peasant Top Vintage Dress in Chartreuse Lime – Plus Size

Peasant Top

Add spice to your style with this fit and flare outfit. It is highly perfect for all events due to its undeniably attractive features. The wide neckline offers a gathered bust to increase its dramatic appeal. The light and stretchy material of the costume is a remarkable feature that gives it a classy look and soft feel. It eases you also in your movement and ultimately makes it a fantastic choice in fabulous plus size vintage dresses.

16. Nancy Vintage Dress in Mary Blair Butterflies Print in Gray – Plus Size

Voodoo Vixen Dress in Monster Print - Plus Size


Look ultra-feminine choosing this superb dress! A shallow sweetheart neckline with adjustable straps makes it a dress of your dreams. The padded busts are decorated with ruche line in the middle that provides you the chance to elegantly groom your persona in this costume. It seems utterly fabulous with its waist band and stylish pockets.

15. Voodoo Vixen Dress in Monster Print – Plus Size

Plus size voodoo vixen monster print

If you are facing the problem of overweight and find it difficult to attain a presentable look, go for this chic stylish costume. It helps you change your look with its stunningly distinctive print and color. The dress features a deep neckline that is enough to accentuate your beauty. The fitted waistband and adjustable cross over front straps are enough to steal the spot light at you in any event. The dress is further complemented with a flare skirt that boasts of sensuous drapes.

14. Folly Flair Mermaid Dress in Red with Black Rose Lace – Plus Size

Folly Flair Mermaid Plus size

By opting for this beautiful dress, you avail in fact the opportunity of present yourself in the best classy vibes. The dress features many worth-appreciating aspects. It is made in cotton satin fabric that is highly comfortable and convenient enough in moving around. The long hemline is an additional glam that imparts it’s an alluring look.

13. Plus Size Vintage Dress with Dancing Horse Print

Plus Size Vintage Dress with Dancing Horse PrintWith its diverse features, this stylish outfit is a graceful addition to the collection of plus size vintage dresses. The dress is highly adorable to move in the easily due to the sheer cotton satin fabric. The attractive wide waist band on the delicate fabric sets to your appealing figure very beautifully and allows an ultra-feminine look. The flared skirt offers a flirty look while you step in the party and get you tremendous applause for your festive style.

12. Christina Dress in Black Sateen – Plus Size

Christina Dress in Black Sateen - Plus SizeYou can cast spell over the crowd by wearing this fascinating costume. The manifold features of this outfit are is glamorous enough to amplify your sweet look. The stylish collared cross-over bustling highlights your female feature with a double kick pleats. Perfectly stitched silhouette makes it hot and trendy to b used on any semi-formal gathering!

11. Lauren Color Block Dress in Blue and Black

Lauren Color Block Dress in Blue and BlackThe low V-neckline and the slim fitted skirt flatter your figure to make you highly adorable. It magnifies your younger impression with decent and sophisticated design. It allows you a sleek and smart look through highlighting the curves attractively. This sultry costume is the ultimate choice of the ladies of refined taste. It gives you wonderful and eye-catching look among the crowd.

10. Angelique Dress in Black Ponte de Roma Knit Fabric – Plus Size

Angelique Dress in Black Ponte de Roma Knit Fabric - Plus SizeJust drape yourself in this boat neckline and see the magic. The chic outfit is an excellent definition of a winsome vintage style in the collection of plus size vintage dresses. The dress is meticulously designed in a way to raise the sultry aspect of the costume. The knee length fish tail hemline with ruffle shoulders gives it an exceptional look with sophistication and grace in thick fabric.

9. Man Trap Dress in Venus Fly Trap Print Sateen with Peplum – Plus Size

Man trap dress plus size

The printed sateen is the prime flare of this dress that adds to it an engaging attraction with its shine and softness. It features further a corset bust type bodice that is altogether perfect for a plus size physique and helps you attain a balanced look. The chic tulle skirt is another adorable aspect that makes this dress a must-have. If you prefer the smarter and alluring dresses, then this chic dress should be the part of your wardrobe.

8. Jayne Dress in Baby Blue – Plus Size

Jayne Dress in Baby Blue - Plus SizeThe winsome costume is the best design for the plus size ladies. The deep neckline combines with the straps to enhance the beauty of your feminine features. The soft and delicate satin fabric amplifies the attraction of your figure through slim fitted silhouette dynamically. The chic style heightens the beauty of this vintage outfit with dazzling accents and imparts you a flirty look. It will surely please you as a fabulous choice in the best plus size vintage dresses.

7. Niagara Dress in Black Bengaline – Plus Size

Niagra Dress Black Plus size

A dress with many alluring features! The cap sleeves with off this shoulder neckline never let the shoulders slip and help them to set as per silhouette. A tie with detailed cutouts on the bust highlights the features more fabulously. The sultry gathered details hide imperfection of tummy and give you a smart look.

6. Vintage Goth Pinup Capsule Collection – Delia Dress in Purple – Plus Size

Vintage Goth Delia Dress in Purple

It is no doubt an all time favorite dress! You can opt for this alluring outfit to enhance your flattering look. It never comes out of the fashion because of its soft and classy silhouette. The slim fitted gown hugs your body to accentuate your figure in an appealing way. The gown is decorated with fishnet floral lace and gives a unique design to shoulder and sleeves. If you are familiar to the fashion of today and are very eager to wear the trendy plus size vintage dresses, obviously it should be your choice!

5. Malibu Tiki Dress with Bolero in Orange Tropical Print – Plus Size

Malibu Tiki Dress with Bolero in Orange Tropical Print - Plus SizeIf you want to get a fabulous smart look then you must chose this trendy plus size prom dress because of its chic and glamorous style. It is perfect to give you an alluring look and to attain the convenience and comfort. The outfit is highly comfortable due to its rich cotton sateen fabric. The built in bullet padded bust highlights the figure with a fitted outline. The adjustable straps produce dazzling accent in high collar outfit. It is another staple that can make your closet complete due to its multiple features.

4. Renee Dress in Mint Pinup Girl Print – Plus Size

Renee Dress in Mint pin up

Just improve your younger look in this open back dress. The chic dress contains cotton sateen full skirt with wide waist band. The cross over straps at back produces the beauty of the design. The faux tie sweetheart neckline looks elegant and accentuates the figure with padded bust. The cut out on the waist makes it more seductive and appealing. It is an ideal choice for those ladies who want to look hot in the event. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The addition of heels will complete your stylish look.

3. Nancy Dress in Mary Blair Butterflies Print in Peach – Plus Size

Nancy Dress in Peach butterfly

Enjoy the magic of the stylish dress that offers eye-catching printed costume. The two piece outfit offers a slick look with flare skirt that glides with your attractive figure. The strap top has deep neckline and accentuates the beauty of your features in an appealing way. It is a great idea to wear this costume to attain a sultry look while you are going out for enjoyment. It is one of the most inspirational and flattering outfit in the set of plus size vintage dresses for its innovative styling.

2. Sailor Swing Dress in Navy – Plus Size

Sailor Swing Navy blue dress

The full swing skirt is the focal point of the winsome costume. The fitted bodice highlights your figure and offers you a slick look. It is highly comfortable due to matching belt and sailor trim. The accurate and efficient material of the outfit is very light in a way that is very easy to carry and easy to set this convenience and relief. It gives you a flirty look when you entered into the function.

1. Screen Siren Lace Gown in Black

Screen Siren Lace Gown in BlackIf you have desire to look like your favorite celebrity then it is the perfect outfit in the list of plus size vintage dresses. Just unveil your slick look through this floor length lace gown. The long lace sleeves shows off your beautiful skin. The cross over V-neckline highlights the charming features. The light weight knit waistband magnifies the beauty of the waist.


The plus size vintage dresses are notably special for two reasons. First, they are made to show off your best features. Second, they are the best designs that have always been admired for their soft and magnificent appeal. The gallery shown above thus helps you secure the best look opting for a fabulous vintage styled dress and add glam to your persona.

Plus size is not an issue and in no way it is a hurdle to look beautiful. The gorgeous display of vintage dresses is enough to prove it. Here, you have a wide array of choices to look smart and alluring.

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