7 Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Relationships are sometimes complicated and you never know when the relationships get intricate and you are not sure of what is happening in your relationship. Sometimes you are living with a partner who abuses you psychologically, which is more torturous then being physically abused. This article moves around seven signs of an emotionally abusive relationship that will help you find out if you are living in such a relationship, which is definitely not good for you in the long run.

7. If Your Partner Always Holds you Accountable if Anything Goes Wrong

If your partner always holds you accountable if anything goes wrongWhen your partner is continuously putting the blame on you for anything that goes wrong than this is one of the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. This indicates that your partner is not willing to take his/her responsibility and attempts to blame you to make him/her out of the scene. This is psychologically very disturbing act that can get on your nerves and prevent you from pursuing a healthy and mentally satisfied life. So it is better to get rid of these kinds of unhealthy relationships that are dangerous for both your emotional and physical health.

6. If Your Partner Puts you Down when Other People are Around

If your partner puts you down when other people are aroundWhen your partner often tries to put you down and make you feel embarrassed in front of other people than this is not indicating a healthy relationship. It is definitely one of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. You may have to think over it that whether you should get along with it or not. As this kind of acts are humiliating and destroy the self esteem of the person being victimized.

5. If Your Partner is Exceedingly Jealous

If your partner is exceedingly jealousWhen your partner is jealous of your dreams and even you than you better be careful as this is one among the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship.

4. If Your Partner Expects you to do Everything

If your partner expects you to do everythingAnother sign that indicates an emotionally abusive relationship is when the partner expects that you will be the one who will do everything and he/she acts as if they are some royal personality. He/she want you to be a servant busy in serving them all day long. These kinds of unrealistic  expectations plays an important role in destroying a relationship.

3. When Your Partner Manipulates you

When your partner manipulates youEmotional abusers are always active manipulators, they play around with the feelings; sometimes you feel like they are the most humble person on the earth but once they have gained what they wanted, they will take a 180 degree turn and become the entire opposite. They try to take full control on you and your wishes. You totally forget how to be happy in a relationship when this happens. It is better to be in an open-relationship than in this kind of abusive relationship.

2. When Your Partner tends to Isolate you from Others

When your partner tends to isolate you from othersAnother key behavior that is included in the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship is that your partner wants your full attention for him/her; they don’t respect the fact that you have other relationships that you need to give some fraction of your time. They would not like you to meet any other person and would try to restrict you to themselves. These kinds of men don’t consider what a woman wants from them in a relationship.

1. When the Partner is being Verbally Abusive

When the partner is being verbally abusiveWhen your partner is being verbally abusive, than this is one of the clear signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. They call you with humiliating names and make fun of you. This is a significant sign for you to let go of this relationship for good.

If you feel like you are experiencing these signs of an emotionally abusive relationship, confront your partner about this; hiding the abuse becomes painful and brings in disasters. It is always better to walk out if you cannot fix the problems.

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