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35 Ways To Get Great Abs If You Are A Girl

The question is how to get abs, as getting into shape is not an easy task of the day. You need to prepare your inner self and will power to bring a good change in your life. Dropping worst eating habits and quitting laziness are the key aspects to put your body back in shape. Men usually flaunt out with great abs as they have to do a lot of hardwork in getting those sexy packs but it girls want them then they have to work really hard on them. Perfect abs can bring out the most beautiful part of your body and you may look gorgeous inside out. This exercise is not bound to gender anymore. Both men and women nowadays love to work on it, just to look smart, fit and beautiful.

There was a time when men were the only people in our society who use to work day and night to get some rock hard sexy abs but if you’ll head to any gym now you will see so many women working and exercising to get some great abs. the main thing is we girls usually focus on the other parts of the body and forget about the midsection. We need to take out time to sculpture our tummy part. Generally, women have to work longer and harder to get that perfect abs which we have been dreaming of, but that’s not impossible. You just have to focus and know the right moves. So get some expert opinions regarding diet and different exercises even if you are a girl.

We have gathered a bunch of some amazing diet tips and exercise to bring your abs back in sexy shape. So get yourself ready and start working on it today.

35. Cut Of Junk Food

Cut Of Junk Food

The very first thing you need to work on is cut of all sort of oily and heavy just food from your daily food routine and think how to get abs fast. This is the best diet tip to bring about a great change in your body. This will help you to get some great abs and will keep you in shape for longer. Junk food is loaded with dangerous calories and many of them come from the factory of fat. If you are addicted those junky value meals, it means you have to give up all the calories you eat in a day. So forget these calorie dense foods and prepare some yummy diet food at home containing low calories.

34. Kill The Myth


If you are use to watching all those ads related to quick abs all over the internet then think twice before joining any of these campaigns because it’s just a myth they want you to follow. Their slogan is to bust the belly fat in just few days, FEW DAYS! I don’t think so, there is no shortcut to great abs. You need to do some good workout to tone that flabby abs and that requires a good amount of time. If you want to learn how to lose belly fat, constant workout out is the best and the fastest way. So bust out that myth and start working today to trim that extra fat and get that sexy girl abs.

33. Say No To Soda

Say No To Soda

Before starting a workout regime you need to think once what sort of food you are putting into your poor body. A can of soda or soft drink that contains about 2 servings carry almost 250 calories which is almost 25% of the total calories you require for a day. These drinks are loaded with excess sugar which is beyond our imagination, helping us to gain weight and become unhealthy. So skip the soda that is just adding calories and go for some better hydration options such as water, smoothies and fresh fruit juices. You may want to try these simple smoothies for weight loss and also to get beautiful abs. The most refreshing drink to be taken in this regime is a glass of water with a squeezed fresh lemon. Health benefits of lemon water are miraculous especially if you want to have a healthy and fit body or lose weight.

32. Try Out Famous Five

Try Out Famous Five

Do you have an idea how many times you are eating in a day? According to experts, you need to eat about five servings of food including fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Most of us don’t know about this valuable diet tip and if you start following this daily food rule than you will notice a difference in your all day energy and you might not feel hungry every few hours. So girls, just follows this step as five servings is quite a lot of food.

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31. Eat Fiber Filled Food

Eat Fiber Filled Food

To achieve some better abs switch your bad habit of eating white bread to whole-wheat fiber filled bread. White bread is usually chemically processed and contains whole lots of calories as compare to whole-wheat bread that is filled with fiber. The fiber in the bread helps your metabolic system to work properly and more effectively that also reduces your weight. This gives an extra push towards your workout routine and will make you abs toned and beautiful.

30. Do Not Starve


Never ever think that by cutting calories from your daily calorie count you will lose that lumpy belly fat. This process will neither help you lose weight nor will it give your some sculptured abs. To build a bunch of lean muscles, you have to add proteins and carbs in your daily diet. In fact experts suggest to eat high-calorie healthy foods to improve your fitness levels. So don’t starve or you will become one ugly, skinny and anorexic girl in the world or even worse. Eat healthy and never skip a meal.

29. Consider Your Serving Sizes


This can be one best diet tip for you that will lead you to some amazing toned abs. as we have mentioned before that a can of soda has a serving for two, not one. This means that most of us don’t know how much amount of food we are eating daily just by ignoring the daily serving size per meal. Before eating anything in bulk readout all the labels of the packed food for specification and always take less portions of heavy and oily foods. So whenever you are counting your calories, you are including whatever you eat daily.

28. Drink Lots Of Water

Drink Lots Of Water

To get some crunchy abs you have to add a lot of fresh water in your diet. The key is to stay hydrated and drink as much water as you can. Water is essential for life but benefits of drinking water are much more than this. Intake of water can flush all sorts of impurities out of your body that helps you to tone muscles and shed those extra pounds. Always keep a bottle of water wherever you go whether it is school, college, work or while shopping. You can also keep it beside your bed and drink it over the night. So don’t think hard and be ready to get that washboard abs.

27. The Inverted Bicycle Practice

The Inverted Bicycle Practice

Almost all the diet plan is covered for some crunchy abs, now let’s some up some exercise routines to make them more beautiful. You must remember this exercise which you use to perform in your elementary school. Just lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Lift your legs in the air and spin them as if you are riding a bicycle. Remember to breathe out heavily throughout your exercise and try this exercise for 3 minutes first then increase the time after a span.

26. Few Old School Sits-Ups


Sit-ups are one form of exercise that works on the core of the body and more over this doesn’t require any sort of equipments. To get some amazing results, try to do some fast paced exercise sets and always keep your form sharp. Focus on your breathing style along with contracting your beautiful abs inside out with every movement. Try out 3 sets of 12 to 15 at the first place.

25. Crunches Using Exercise Ball


Crunches are one of the best ways to build some sexy abs. Sit on an exercise ball with your lower back resting on it. Place your feet firmly on the floor and your hands at the back of your head. Start doing some serious crunches back and forth with moving your lower back from the ball. This will work on the core of your abs and will build them beautiful. Always keep yourself balanced on the ball as any sort of misplacement can affect your back bone.

24. Plank Exercise


This is one of the great exercises to smooth your abs. lie down firmly on the floor with your face towards the ground resting on your forearms. Now starting pushing your body upwards just by putting your body weight on your elbows and toes. Always remember to keep your back straight in line with your head and toes. Tilt your pelvis area and hold for 20 seconds. Relax and then start all over again. Try to see how long you can hold yourself in this position.

23. Crunch Your  Abs With Some  Sit-Downs


If you have tried some old-school sit-ups then you should definitely try some sit-downs to crunch up beautiful abs. This amazing exercise works well on your and lets you develop some amazing abs. sit on the floor with your feet tucked in some heavy furniture. Now move yourself up and down just by lying on the floor and then getting up. This exercise will beautifully mold your abs.

22. Twisters


Do you remember those old calisthenics? They were also called windmills at that time, this is what we think. Stand straight with your legs and shoulders apart. Now start twisting your body from left to right as if you want to touch your other hand. Comeback and turn to the other side of the body. Keep on doing until you feel too much pressure on your abs. This pressure will tone your abs and will make them gorgeously looking.

21. Reverse Fly


To perform this exercise you need to use a stand-up machine with a bar high as your waist. Keep your knees straight and firmly bend at your waist, then fly back and forth to put some pressure on your abs. don’t try to over-extend your fly and keep your line straight when you return back. Try to perform 3 sets of 12 flies for some better results. This exercise sounds a bit difficult but works excellent on your core.

20. Crunch Time


To make your abs beautiful and appealing your need to do some dreadful crunches. They don’t sound to be fun and are quite difficult to perform. But try it out to get some great abs. some of the gyms worldwide offer these crunch machine that makes it a bit easier to do or if a machine is not available then you can use a declined bench. In any of the ways, you need to push hard top perform some nice crunches with your tummy and not with your neck or head. Go for about 3 sets of 12 crunches. This exercise is also very effective if you want to learn how to lose tummy fat with exercises.

19. The Rising Legs


This can be one best exercise to crush your abs; you just need to raise your legs to tone your tummy. Learn how to tone your thighs and abs with these 3 simple steps. Start with sitting on a flat bench with your arms behind to give a firm support. Raise your legs and slowly bend your knees on the way up towards the tummy level. Squeeze-in your abs and slowly lower your legs. Don’t let your feet touch the ground and start all over again. Tryout 3 sets of 12 crunches and see the difference.

18. Twist And Crunch


This sounds like a piece of cake, isn’t it? Try this exercise in addition to the usual crunches just by twisting slightly towards your left, coming back and then crunch and raise towards your right. Keep your elbows bend and hands behind the head. Make it more effective by raising your bend knees and touching your elbows with it. Tryout 3 sets with 12 crunches each.

17. Walk It Up


If you are not into too much jogging or running then the best option is to have a light or brisk walk every day. You may not know this but getting beautiful abs is also among the some amazing benefits of walking. This form of exercise will tone your complete body along with giving a nice shape to your abs. Make sure you make your walk fast-paced to pump your heart fast and burn your extra calories. Sweat it up and you will get some crunchy abs in just few days. To kill the boredom, try listening to some songs from your iPod, as you need to speed up.

16. Spin It


If you have ever experienced a spinning class than you should better know hoe marvelously it works on your abs. it not only shapeup your abs but tones your entire body. You just need a bicycle machine to spin your legs and tone your abs. it is one of the best exercises whether inside house or on the road.

15. Run Through The Stairs


If you are not a stair person then make a habit of running through stairs to tone your abs. This is a very effective way of shaping up your abs. Just make a routine and always opt for stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. Climbing up the stairs put pressure on the abs and tones your upper and lower body along with your abs. At least try to climb stairs 3-4 storey’s daily. This is also an excellent way to burn that extra fat on your thighs and legs.

14. Join The Gym


Most of the gyms are equipped with some heavy and effective machinery and they do have goal in mind to tone your overall body and health. These gyms also offer group classes for experts and beginners, from Yoga to Zumba. You just need to find a class that most interest you, so that you can enjoy every moment along with toning up your abs.

13. Yoga


Yoga is perhaps another way of making your life fit and healthy. This is another excellent way to shape your abs and body. It is not always about Downward Dog or Tree but it is something more than that. Most of the yoga moves strengthen your inner core, which is in generally superb for your abs. try to join some yoga classes or buy some fruitful DVDs to follow.

12. Snack Yourself  Well

Snack Yourself Well

The hardest part to stick to a plan is to get well shaped abs along with some fruitful snacking. Whenever you feel hungry don’t skip it or starve. Keep some healthy snacks in your bag, so that you can crunch anytime you feel hungry. Try to keep low-calorie and oil free foods such as fruits or nuts. These natural foods give you instant strength and also help you reduce some extra pounds.

11. Don’t  Neglect  The Cardio

Don't Neglect The Cardio

Doing some cardiovascular activities can be very fruitful to crunch your abs. this is best to tone up your overall body and abs.try to do heart-thumbing cardio exercises four times a week for best results. Some good examples of cardio exercises are running, jogging, swimming and elliptical. Swimming is the simplest way to learn especially if you don’t know how to burn belly fat and don’t want to indulge in heavy exercises.

10. Avoid The Poor Posture

Avoid The Poor Posture

If you are in a habit of being in a poor posture for the whole day then you’re mistaken because this way you won’t get perfect abs, no matter what you do. Make a habit of standing or sitting straight with your tummy tightened and tucked in. this way you will work on the core muscles of abs and they will start getting into proper shape.

9. Squeeze Your Abs


No matter how well you perform running, jogging, gym or yoga, you always have to consider one thing and that is to keep your tummy tight while all these daily routine procedures. You need to squeeze in your abs so that they don’t bulge out and form a lumpy flesh. This ensures a proper and maximum abs workout and let you have sexy, shaped and beautiful abs.

8. Dress Properly


Even if you are having that perfect abs, you need to take care while you are dressing up. Don’t wear too tight jeans as this might show you as a muffin head, so imagine yourself looking like it. Wear waist fitting dresses that will enhance the look of your abs and you will look more sexy and beautiful. Also wear tight under pants to give a definite shape to your hip and abs. You can also find some stylish and cute fitness clothes especially made for this purpose.

7. Track Your Tummy Progress


Try to keep a track of your abs workout. Take a picture of your tummy from the first day and keep on taking every weekend to notice the progress of your abs and smartness of your tummy. This way you can pretty keep a track of your abs which will also boost your will power to work more.

6. Be Positive And  Realistic


No matter how hard you work on your abs and how well you have your diet, you just have to think positive and be realistic. You can never get great abs in few weeks; you have to target the core of your body and abs that will take quite much time. So keep the targeted time at the back of your mind just for your well-being.

5. Follow Your Inspiration


If you have a person of inspiration then does follow their life goals and guidelines. Keep a photo of that toned body in front of you just to give yourself an inspirational reminder. You can also look for some inspirational quotes that will motivate your inner self that will make you work for some great abs. never lose hope and work for the betterment of your body and soul.

4. Hire A Trainner


If you really want to work on your abs properly then do it professional. Follow a trainer for all such activities, as they may guide you in the most proper way with instructions and diet plans. This way you can get that beautiful abs quicker and more in shape. Never start anything like this if you have no prior knowledge of it as this may only ruin your abs, other than shaping it.

3. Wear A Belly Belt


If your abs is too bulged out, you need to start with wearing a belly belt for the first place and then workout. This is the proper way to work on fat tummies. While you are exercising on your abs, keep wearing the belt as it will impose pressure on the core of your tummy and will start putting it in shape.

2. Sleep Upside Down For A While

Sleep Environment

If you want your tummy tucked in with shaped abs, try to sleep upside down on a flat surface. This procedure will put body pressure on the abs which will make your abs in shape. You need to follow this daily but remember not to do this for long as it might get dangerous for a longer time.

1. Do The March


Whenever you’re walking in home or outside, start doing a march with your knees high in the air till your tummy level and then bring back your feet to the ground. The legs will impose pressure on your abs and they will start getting in shape. The more you do, the more it will tone and become gorgeously looking beautiful.

Tips And Tricks

Consider the following when you are considering beat way to get abs.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Avoid any type of canned and preserved food.
  • Go for organic edibles.
  • Always remember to do the crunches slowly, as doing them fast can spoil the shape of your abs.
  • Eat a proper diet and cut off junk, soda, processed and sugary foods from list.
  • Never give up and stay motivated.
  • Don’t eat that bunch of donuts, else eat fruit and veggies.
  • Perform 2 sets of 10 crunches at first but as your body starts toning up increase your level.
  • Never do crunches right after a meal.

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