Avoid Calorie Dense Foods; 5 Wise Steps

Health is arguably the one thing most dear to a person. With the changing trends in the way we live, in our choice of foods and our habits, obesity is on the rise, as are dietary disease due to overfeeding. On the other side of things, people desperately trying to lose weight are turning to the most obvious method which is dieting. They do not take supervision. The result is an ever increasing presence of obesity and malnutrition diseases. To guide you through, here is a list of calorie dense foods you should avoid.

5. Breakfast Cereal Foods


Who doesn’t enjoy a hefty serving of cereal in a huge bowl? However, according to research. Experts say that a few grams more than the recommended value to be used by people can make you gain weight amazingly fast. Next time, try filling your bowl to a moderate amount and you can stay safe.

4. Cheese


Cheese is to die for! It is included as the main ingredient of pizzas to extra cheese burgers and so many other foods. However, the bitter reality about this popular food is that Cheese is rated among the calorie dense foods and is bad for your body. One can tell by simply looking at the texture, which is always greasy, thus having a high ratio of fats. It also has reasonably high quantities of protein as well.

3. Peanut Butter


Two spoons of peanut butter; barely enough to make your bread slice wet contains over 200 calories! On the contrary, it is irresistible. Once started, it is extremely difficult to keep yourself from eating peanut butter. People tend to use peanut butter in their daily life, from bread spread to making milkshake to flavored coffee. It has an astounding amount of proteins. So you don’t really get fat eating peanut butter.

2. Butter


Butter happens to have a hefty 720 calories for every hundred grams. A 5 gram serving of salted butter will have 36 calories, hence included in calorie dense foods. Try to find a substitute for your sandwiches. Next time, don’t make your butter sandwich thick with butter. Keep the layer as thin as possible if you want to lose weight. Nor is it a good way to gain weight. You won’t build any muscle mass with butter, only fat.

1. Nuts


From peanuts and almonds to cashews and almonds, all nuts are good for health. They contain large amounts of proteins, and low quantities of fat. The fat is also unsaturated, which is good. Nuts are also good for the heart. It would be wise to add nuts to your daily diet as a supplement.

Whether you wish to lose your weight to get slimmer, or you want to gain weight, you must keep a watchful eye on your diet. Some foods are essential while others are dangerous. The wise decision would be to get supervision from a diet expert to develop a diet schedule. Remember, that excess of everything is bad for you. Eat more greens and less calorie dense foods and you will notice an improvement in your health overnight.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Naomi Teeter

    Mar 26, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    As a health coach, nutritionist, and someone who has maintained a 125+ pound weight loss for almost 6 years- I have to say that breakfast cereals are certainly a problem in general. No one needs to eat them.

    I see the rest as over-indulgence problems. Real butter and nuts aren’t a problem for health… just need to be mindful when consuming.

    Peanut butter isn’t great for you… but many other nut butters can be. Look at the ingredient labels!

    Cheese depends on the person. Some people have dairy allergies and don’t even recognize it because cheese can be an addictive substance and many of us are in denial. Raw, organic cheese is good to have from time to time.

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