15 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On Grass

Sometimes it is very difficult to find time to connect oneself with the Earth when there is so much going on in the immediate environment. There is so much stress going on in everyone’s lives that it is almost impossible to find time for you. You have to wake up early in the morning, work all day and even all night. People find it hard to accept other people’s views and arguments because they think that they have spent a whole lifetime preaching what they found was right and now someone else has come up with an entire new thing and demands that he has to be heard.

We as humans and as a society are becoming less tolerant, because we do not understand what work are we basically here for. To earn and to satisfy one’s needs are agreeable but to lose yourself and your life in between somewhere is not worth all the time. You might have heard by people and read it at different places that life and the experiences we gain throughout is much more worthy than the money that we have in our pockets. So to grab your senses someday and to take a day off just so you can do something completely crazy is what life should be about. To connect with yourself, to connect with your roots, with nature is all about de-stressing yourself. For your surprise, there are plenty of benefits of walking barefoot also known as ‘earthing’ and to walk barefoot on grass might be the best of them all.

“To connect with yourself, to connect with your roots, with nature is all about de-stressing yourself.”

15. Improves Eyesight

IMPROVES EYESIGHTIn our opinion almost half of the world’s population is either near or far sighted. You will see tons of people around you wearing glasses and lens and this doesn’t mean that they have earned their PhD’s or something. Weak eyesight isn’t a sign of intelligence this is basically the retina’s inability to properly capture the reflection of the object in focus and we require the help of some external factor. Some guy rightly said that it is not the eye that sees it is the brain.

  • Our feet have many points that we can call as pressure points or reflexology Now many of us are unaware of this fact but this is true.
  • These points have very strong connections with different organs inside the body.
  • So when you are neglecting your feet, you’re basically neglecting the body.
  • Walking barefoot on grass provides that smooth and softening sensation to the feet that relieves the senses. Especially walking barefoot emphasizes pressure on the first toes that are known to have an impact on the eyesight.
  • Even the sight of fresh grass in the morning is more than enough of a pleasant sight for the eyes.

14. Promotes  Healthy Feet

PROMOTES HEALTHY FEETYes to walk in itself is a great exercise enough but to walk barefoot on grass has great significance on the posture and the body’s balance. You might be working out in the gym and going for a morning jog but eventually if you take off those jogging shoes and get a grab of that soft, dewy grass you will find that the pressure is automatically being released from the legs, calves, the stiff muscles and even the tendons.

  • Walking barefoot on grass actually keeps the skin of the soles relaxed and free fro stress.
  • You will find that the sole is getting softer by the day and stays free from stiffness and dryness of the skin that includes getting calluses and cracked heels.
  • The good news for flat feet people is that walking barefoot on grass can help strengthen and improve their flexor.

13. Destress Mechanism

DEEP AND SLOW BREATHINGHow many of you sweet women love to walk barefoot on the shore? Isn’t it simply mind blowing? The truth is being too stressed up about the little things in life gets as frantic over the slightest of wrong that occurs and then we spends days and weeks crying over what could have done to make it all right. But the fact is we cannot please everyone and we cannot possibly do everything so we need to really take a chill pill and find out what life has for us.

  • Go out in your garden and get the essence of that morning dew on the grass right on your bare feet.
  • Hear what nature has to tell you and listen it with your heart and ears all clear.
  • This is the ultimate de-stressing regime that enlightens your thought as well as your soul.
  • You won’t be getting back inside without having a bunch of happy thoughts about yourself and regarding your plan of action for your day ahead.
  • Be open enough to absorb the richness of the nature through your feet.

12. Provides Vitamin D

Vitamin D and calciumWe have literally locked ourselves up in cubicles and small rooms and have become more like vampires who get scared when exposed to direct sunlight. So we agree that excess of everything is bad but we all also know that deprivation is bad on its own grounds. We wake up and rush towards the offices that are caged inside tall buildings and everything is centralized with either a heating or cooling system and even we have our windows tinted that keeps any sign of a sun ray to not to touch the human flesh.

  • When we plan to take out time to go out and walk barefoot we are also exposing our skin to the benefits of the sunlight.
  • Our body gets the chance to feel the sun rays touch the skin and nourish our bodies.
  • Vitamin D is essentially important for the hair, skin and nails and for all the bones in the body.
  • Needless to say that lack of vitamin D results in a number of joint, muscle and bone related diseases that even includes osteoarthritis.

11. Neutralizes Your Energy

NEUTRALIZES YOUR ENERGYWomen have this really strong sense to understand the aura that dissipates from a person. We have like natural radars to understand a person who comes to us with a negative or positive energy. It’s true, even the fact is that even our Earth has some energy and this energy is usually remarked as based upon negative ions. Studies have actually proven that the 60% water mass of our body is efficiently grounded by this negative ionic charge of the Earth.

  • This negative charge might sound deceiving but it is actually worthy enough to take away stress from your lives and calm your senses as well.
  • It is found to reduce inflammation, detoxify and even harmonize your internal clocks.

10. Better Cardiovascular Health

BETTER CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTHEverything is more or less connected with the heart that is true because heart is the engine of our body just like the brain is the CPU. We cannot do anything well enough if the core organs of the body do not know what is going on with them. We don’t take care of our diets we are lazy in terms of fitness and workout and then if we find ourselves complaining about our increasing weight or problems related with the heart then there is no one else that needs to be blamed but us. So walking is an effective DIY treatment for this problem.

  • The overall stress of the body starts diminishing only moments after we step out on the fresh grass the heart and the rest of the body starts benefiting from it too.
  • It has been found through a research study that earthing/grounding has positive effects on red blood cells as it increases their surface charge.
  • This indicates that the rate of viscosity of blood will be lower. Thinner more flow-able blood will easily pass through the arteries in comparison to a high viscosity rate that is the reason for many heart related issues.

9. Saves Feet From Shoe Bites

SAVES FEET FROM SHOE BITESWomen have to listen to this all loud and clear that you need to take those heels off of your feet and let them breathe. Yes those stilettoes, peep toes, wedges and heels all make you look uber sexy and chic but you know how much pain you are in when you all kinds of shoe bites from all corners of the shoe. This is reality there has never been a single shoe created that has been comfortable for every individual on this planet Earth because every man has a different kind of foot with different shape and variations.

  • The Earth, the ground nor the grass requires you to have feet of some specific shape of size.
  • In fact whatever shape and size you may have the nature expands or contracts according to your need.
  • You are fee to walk as and how you like and you will be at ease to know that you won’t really end up having those annoying and painful shoe bites.

“Walking barefoot emphasizes pressure on the first toes that are known to have an impact on the eyesight.”

8. Beneficial For Kids

BENEFICIAL FOR KIDSOur life has become more social and less about ourselves. The perspective of what the society is going to think about it, or us surrounds whatever we think and want to do. In the early years of human life nobody used to wear shoes, were there no elites back then? No riches or no poor? Was life too difficult or cruel? None of this was true, in fact people in those years were far happier, relaxed and confident about their lives that today not even the CEO of a Multinational is found to be.

  • We need to try and relax our feet as much as possible by giving them time to breathe.
  • Especially for kids who are going through their earlier years of development, to allow them to roam around and run freely barefoot is beneficial as it allows their feet to grow without any form imprisonment.
  • It has been found after study that many adult problems were a result of improper shoe fittings since their childhood.
  • Kids who run around bare feet have much more stronger, active and healthier feet in comparison to those who are forced to wear shoes.

7. Better Sleep

Sleep patternLadies we all know how torturing it is to be staring at the clock all night thinking how much sleep you will get if you could just fall asleep now. This might be one of the terrifying problems to be in while in adulthood. Actually this is sometimes due to the presence of an unknown stress or burden on the consciousness that the person is not even aware of. This stress and excessive tension disrupts the normal cycles of the body that also includes sleep cycle and the menstruating cycle as well.

  • Walking on the grass barefoot takes away the unwanted energy and neutralizes this energy that helps relieves all kinds of stress and anxiety that might be present.
  • This effect of the grass on the body’s aura actually straightens up most of the cycles that are pretty much messed up inside.
  • While you slowly walk on the grass and grab the fresh air, your heartbeat starts to synchronize with our motion. Not only this the many other hormonal cycles begin to balance out.
  • Not only now even the ancients believed that walking barefoot on the grass had a strong impact on better sleep cycles.

6. Fights Depression And Anxiety

Relieves DepressionIt is actually hard to stay away from all kinds of bad thoughts in today’s world because the people around you often put you in that soul darkening spot where you start questioning everything that there exists about you.

  • To walk barefoot on the grass gives the mind that cooling effect that it becomes hard for someone to think negative about oneself.
  • It is like a gift to your self where you realize how good it was to be yourself.

5. Free Yoga

Follow Yoga breathing techniquesYoga is like one of the best medication and weight loss therapies that there ever could be. It is actually quite effective and yoga when combined with meditation gives you the ultimate soul strengthening power.

  • There are a number of special exercises in yoga that have been designed for you to specifically perform them barefoot.
  • To perform them barefoot on ground or grass is an even bigger plus point.
  • This is because the yoga stretch here also known as chakra is said to be complete when the feet touch the ground more like the completion of the energy cycle.

4. Plenty Of Oxygen

PLENTY OF OXYGENGoing to the gym is more like a burden for many it is like this is also more of a job that you have to go through every single day as you have paid for the expenses but to walk on the grass is not only free of cost but comes with a hundred different benefits.

  • You get to inhale fresh ad free oxygen, unlike the congested environment of the gym.
  • You get to experience nature in its majesty, unlike listening to hour-long boring music on your phone or iPods.

3. Energy Absorption

ENERGY ABSORPTIONLife is no doubt all about experiences and energy and all that vitality but it is also a part of life that we find our energy to be lost or shared somewhere that we do not agree upon and are forced to do so.

  • The basic energy of life is studied and found to be absorbed through our feet.
  • This is why grounding has become more of a necessity. Since the energy is absorbed from the earth, this activates the sensors and thus one performs even better.

2. Relieves Headaches

HeadachesStress and tension kills whatever energy there might be left in the body excessive stress hinders proper oxygen absorption and this in return interrupts active blood flow to different parts of the body. Our brain also requires a lot of oxygen and when it fails to receive the desired amount we tend to get headaches.

  • Inhaling fresh air in the morning while you are out barefoot n the grass gives you a chance to fight back any unnecessary that you may have been having.
  • Even after not having a good night’s sleep a half an hour walk in the grass barefoot compensates for all that discomfort.
  • Quick link = How to get rid of headaches

1. Connect With The Original

CONNECT WITH THE ORIGINALWalking bare foot on ground has no harm, no side effects and only works to provide you with the best of experience and benefits. So it is most likely a win-win situation where you get o benefit the most of it. Get to know the Mother Nature that has been created especially for all of us to see through and learn from. It is just to evolve your sense of connection with the Earth with everything that is real and pure.
What To Do

  • If you are an early riser go out in your garden and just relax yourself walking on the grass barefoot with your early morning mug of coffee.
  • If you walk back or forth the office on foot and you happen to go through a park or a grassy field then simply give yourself sometime in between and cross that area without the shoes.
  • Encourage your children to roam around freely and don’t get frantic if hey get out from the house barefoot.

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1 Comment

  1. Kimberly Evans

    Sep 27, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    very nice article. i recently applied barefoot walking as a daily regimen and i m seeing some great results from.

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