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How To Lose Stomach Fat? 24 Ways That Can Cut You Fat

One of the most common questions that you get to hear from your friends is how to lose stomach fat. Fat on your stomach can look ugly. It also creates an embarrassing situation when the shirt you like so much does not fit on and exposes your protruding belly. Large waist lines are also indicators of disease and very terrible one! However, losing your stomach fat is not a piece of cake. It takes more than crunches.

If you have heard that stomach fat is harder to lose than fat stored in other parts of your body, it is merely a misconception and only partially true. It actually depends on a large extent on the type of abdominal fat. There are two main types of fats in the stomach. Visceral fat is stored deep inside your body and surrounds your internal organs. Subcutaneous fat is stored just under your skin. This fat is the culprit which is stiff. It is hugely responsible for your pot belly. So you’re starting to get anxious now about how to lose stomach fat then let’s discuss it then. Ah yes, also don’t forget to check out some awesome outfit to hide your tummy fat.

24. Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression

Tension in our daily lives is the cause of many problems, obesity is one of these. Stress increases the cortisol levels and spikes up its secretion level to alarmingly high rates. When this happens, it can support the fat storage in the abdominal region. If you want to know how to lose belly fast, then stop worrying about things in life that don’t matter. Instead, write about things that are bothering you or you can try these home remedies for depression.

Write as much as you can write and pour your heart onto paper. Let your feelings come out. Express your emotions by talking excessively, laughing or crying when you need to. Busy yourself with things that you love to do and can help you relax. Try a hobby, a creative activity, play with pets, volunteer for work, etc. Live happily and face your life with a huge smile! Bravo!

23. Sleep


Did you know that sleep for at least 7 hours at night can help you lose belly fat fast? Some people have even acknowledged it as the best way to lose belly fat. When you’re not getting enough sleep and especially those people who work late at night than you can try some of these home remedies for sleep, their hormonal schedule is affected.  When you’re tired, you start producing a hormone that can trigger your cravings for sugar and fatty foods. The cortisol levels increase that makes your insulin sensitive, the primary cause of stomach fat. Sleep well! Lose stomach fat!

22. Stop eating Sugar

say no sugar

People who are dying to know ways about how to lose stomach fat tend to forget that their diet is the origin of belly fat. To lose belly fat fast, the diet needs to be balanced and more than 90% healthy. You can cut down your calories percentage by filling yourself up with protein, vegetables, whole grains and replacing bad habit snacks with good ones. Even weight loss exercises won’t help much with a huge amount of sugar present in your daily diet. If you have craving for sugar, replace your calorie laden latte with milk because it has limited sugar and a tons of proteins that will satisfy your sugar hunger. You may also sprinkle a cinnamon in your morning coffee.

Cinnamon has been proved to help stabilize blood sugar slowing down the rate at which food exits the stomach. Thus the feeling of full stomach lingers longer. Make sure that you eat as low as zero grams of sugar as possible to reduce stomach fat easily. This will ensure that your insulin levels are within the limits and this will boost the production of glucagon which is a hormone that will help to maintain flat belly, thus reduce your anxiety on how to lose stomach fat.

21. Intake of Vitamin C


Vitamin C is proven intake to lose stomach fat by balancing the cortisol level that can shoot to high levels during stress situations. It is used also to increase immunity in cold climates which is its second function. Vitamin C is a primary cause for development of carnitine, a compound which is used by the body to turn fat into fuel. Note that if you are under extreme levels of depression from work or anything, you would surely want to increase your Vitamin C intake as it helps to counteract the side effects. An adult man is said to need about 70mg of Vitamin C per day. Ensure sufficient amount of citrus fruits and fresh vegetables in your daily diet!

20. Laughter Yoga


Evoking laughter is the best medicine to keep yourself healthy and fresh. It is hence termed as Laughter yoga also and is the best way to lose belly fast. Stop yourself creeping into unnecessary thinking and depressing moods and you will be surprised by its wonderful results. To strengthen and tone your abs into perfect shape, laughing is the best natural remedy ever found. You may join laughing yoga classes to help you lose belly fat by strengthening your belly. So you want to look smart and get rid of pot belly? It’s simple. Just laugh a lot!

19. Food To Lose Your Belly Fat


If someone asks you how to lose stomach fat, tell him/her at once to incorporate the following food in their diet. Having high fiber foods can cut down stomach fat pretty fast! Eat almonds which are rich in vitamin E and rich with dietary fiber. It satisfies the hunger which increases your belly fat. Then ensure apples and cucumber in your diet. Cucumber is rich in water content and is really low on calories thus making it a good choice to lose stomach fat or you can try some of these fat burning foods.

If beans are not your favorite food then you would better make it one if you want to lose your stomach fat. Having beans is a great way to have a toned belly. Beans are known to improve digestion, strengthen muscles and satiating your hunger which in turn prevents over eating. And don’t forget about watermelons which are 82% water and amazingly low on calories. Have watermelons to rid of protruding belly! So how to lose stomach fat? Eat almonds, cucumber, apples, beans and watermelons.

18. Eat Lots Of Proteins

Proteins for weight loss

Doctors say that about 25-30% of the calories in each gram of protein are burned in digestion. While on the other hand, only 6-8% of calories are burned. If you take more protein say 50 grams, you will save 41 calories every time. Studies show that protein does a better job at satiating your belly hunger than carbohydrate or fat. Eat a protein rich breakfast and chances are that you won’t eat as much food for lunch.

A study was carried out at University of Washington where dieters were told to eat roughly twice as much protein as normal. The results were stupendous. Eating more protein led to a wonderful reduction in calorie intake that lasted for the whole length of the study. If you don’t get sufficient amount of protein while you’re on a diet, you’ll end up dropping muscle as well as fat. Hence by eating proteins, calorie intake is dropped by an average of 441 calories per day and is the best way to lose belly fat.

17. Eat Fats


Don’t think it insane suggesting to eat more fats to reduce belly fat! But it’s true. It’s actually sugar that makes your belly get fat not fats. To burn fat you need to take more fats. Foods like salmon, avocados, almonds, walnuts etc. are full of nutrients that help you satiated throughout the tiring day.

16. Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise

One of the best ways among our list of how to lose stomach fat is to breathe slowly. You can do this simple exercise whenever you’re in the midst of some activity. So it’s important to understand your own breathing and slowly relaxing your breaths. If you concentrate on slowing down each exhalation, it’ll work perfect. Holding the fresh air inside your lungs repair the organs and revives them with new life. This exercise is simple but is amazingly effective! You can also try some of these exercises to lose weight fast.

15. Chewing The Food Whilst It’s Still In Your Mouth!


This might strike you as crazy but chewing the food properly for a long time can help you lose belly fat fast. This way the food digests easily as it turns to small grains pretty fast and consequently results in less bloating. Ensure that you chew the food for a long time until it becomes fluid like a sauce.

Don’t directly swallow your food as this will increase your intake like anything. When you chew the food in your mouth , the digestion starts right there and helps to cut the intake of food to a significant level and hence cut your belly fat.

14. Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

Go to any physical trainer and ask him/her about how to lose stomach fat, he/she will surely suggest doing cardio. The ideal routine is doing cardio exercise five to six times a week to keep your weight a standard level. If you want to burn your stomach fat fast, then I would suggest coupling cardio exercises with boxing. It’s the best way to tone your abs and lose belly fat fast.

Try to add one or two pounds of arm weights in your hands while doing punching exercises to work on your core and tone it. If you make sure that you throw some punches every day for 15 minutes during your 40 to 60 minute cardio work out , it will help flatten your projected belly and you ‘ll never to ask the question of how to lose stomach fat again.

13. Perform A Physical Activity


If you think that just the balanced diet is the secret to the question of how to lose belly fast then you are mistaken. Any type of physical activity no matter how small can be largely helpful. Activities such as mowing the lawn, walking in yard, etc. can be a chance to lose stomach fat. So don’t back out of physical activities at your home and consider them a blessing!

12. Jogging


Jogging is an excellent exercise when it comes to losing your stomach fat because it burns your fat evenly throughout your whole body. Wake up early in the morning and jog a mile or two at first and slowly take it 4-5 miles which will drastically tone your belly. If you want to lose weight in specific areas, then you should target them with exercises. In 2012, researchers from Harvard showed a muscle hormone, known as irisin, was triggered by jogging exercise and identified it as one of the main mechanisms for turning white fat into brown fat.

Perform any type of exercise you want more often you would ask people about how to lose stomach fat and they would suggest you different types of complex exercises you would never heard of. But the truth is there are no specific exercises that will help you lose belly fat fast than others. Crunches, sit ups or any other various types of exercises are nearly useless when it comes to losing belly fat. Want a proof? Here it is.
Researchers from Illinois took a group of 24 participants and made two groups out of them.

The first group did nothing and did not perform any physical activity, while group two performed seven abdominal exercises (2 sets x 10 repetitions), five days a week regularly for six weeks. A grand total 4,200 repetitions of various abdominal exercises over a six-week period had “no significant effect” on the amount of fat stored around the stomach. Please don’t waste your time trying to burn off stomach fat by twisting and crunching it away. Let this advice be heard by those even who often ask you how to lose stomach fat.

11. Drink Green Tea


Yes! Green tea has many amazing health qualities but it can especially help you lose stomach fat quite fast. Take it especially in the morning and eliminate all juices except natural pomegranate juice, diet and regular soft drinks. One study found that moderate exercisers who stocked up on the anti-oxidants found in green tea called catechins were more likely to lose belly fat while working out as compared to those who did not take them. The daily dose has been set to 625 mg that is two or three eight ounce cups of green tea.

Quick link = Green tea benefits

10. Eat Salad With Vinegar

Eat Salad With Vinegar

Researchers have found a new way about how to lose stomach fat! Studies have proved that acidic foods such as vinegar and lemon juice (citrus fluids) work by increasing the carb combustion by 20%-40%. They believe that acids slow down the rate at which food empties from your stomach and makes you feel filled up for longer period of time, hence reducing over eating. Fermented foods are also good options. They say if you would follow this mantra about how to lose belly fast, it will flatten your belly fat within months.

9. Don’t Go On Skipping Meals


There are some people out there who in hurry of knowing the secret of losing stomach fat start to believe that not eating for long periods of time can lose their belly fat faster. It’s not true. Not eating for longer span of time can put your body into a catabolic state meaning it can start to break muscle tissue (proteins) for energy and store fat.

8. Avoid Couch At All Costs


Yes! Even if there’s a special episode of Sherlock Holmes you have never seen, try to spend your time on your feet outdoors or in the gym.

7. Don’t Eat Potatoes

Donnot Eat Potatoes

Out of all the ways concerning how to lose stomach fat, this one is indispensable and immensely useful. Pass on the potatoes in any form – mashed and baked as well as French fries because they raise the insulin levels to an alarmingly high level allowing your body to stop burning and start storing fat.

6. Take Your Biggest Meal After Your Exercise

Meal After Your Exercise

To burn stomach fat you need calories intake. Researchers at the University of Nevada found that it takes 73% more calories to process that food after a weight-training session that if you hadn’t worked out at all.

5. Utilize Vinegar Daily

Vinegar Daily

A study carried out by Japan in 2009 showed that obese people who consumed a table spoon or two of vinegar daily for eight weeks showed significant decreases in body fat , particularly visceral fat. They proved that acetic acid in vinegar can produce proteins that burn up fat.

4. Assure A Balanced Healthy Diet

Balanced Healthy Diet

If your diet is unbalanced, unhealthy and not focused on appropriate calorie intake thereby helping in fat accumulation, then reading manuals of how to lose stomach fat will be useless. Avoid foods that can cause rapid spikes in your blood sugar which in turn encourages the production of insulin. When sugar levels begin to decrease, it can trigger the release of cortisol which is the prime culprit of belly fat.

So if you direly want to know the best way to lose belly fat, then look for the diet options. You can do a million crunches a week but it will all just be a huge waste of time if you are still eating the same food thus treating your body like a garbage disposal. If you cannot adopt a healthier diet and understand what is going into your body then your weight loss exercises are worthless. Better understand your diet first and adjust it accordingly with the tips mentioned above.

3. Eat Whole Wheat Pasta

Wheat Pasta

Many people recommend that taking wheat pasta is the best way to lose belly fat. This is because carbohydrates are high in calories when you compare it to other foods. Wheat retains the nutrients as compared to white rice and similar foods will cause you to gain belly fat as they store more fat. So remember, while whole wheat pasta is healthier for you than regular pasta but too much of it will can cause you to gain belly fat.

2. Drink Sufficient Water


One formula for how to lose stomach fat is to keep your body well-hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. Drink it now and then when you feel thirsty and it would make you feel fuller and fresh and you would not surely fall prey to sugar laden soda or juice or soft drinks. This is a sure way to lose belly fat fast. Try it for a week or two and you will see the difference very soon.

1. Be Focused On The Goal


Losing your stomach fat is like conquering a mountain. Make sure your goal is motivated and realistic. It’s important to be motivated because there will be times when you don’t want to exercise and when pint of Coca Cola and other soft drinks will be calling your name. You cannot lose all the fat around your waist in just few weeks. It needs time.

Set a specific goal and milestones that mark your struggle towards losing stomach fat. Just remember, that it is completely possible and if you put in more time and keep utilizing the best ways of losing stomach fat, you will get the body you wanted before you even know it. Keep checking your progress weekly and monthly and keep adding new ways to lose belly fat. This is a sure answer to the question how to lose stomach fat fast.

If you can stay committed to losing your stomach fat, it is guaranteed that these mantras will definitely work wonders and you need not to worry about to how to lose stomach fat! Start gradually by implementing these ways one by one and adapt yourself to a new and healthier routine of life. Why don’t you start today and stop searching further the short cuts and pieces of advice from around. You can see to lose stomach fat fast isn’t hard.



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