20 “One-Liners” We Should Say More Often

There are millions of words in the English language. With the right combination they let you express positive feelings and sometimes honest compliments that can work magic. Words spoken by you exhibit your feelings, attitude and express also your bent of mind. Choosing the following words and phrases means to select the best things we should say more often and observe an immensely constructive change in your life.

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It is essential to know when a conversation is going downhill, and in what ways can one maintain a friendly discourse for longer periods. The same can be said about relationships with everyone around you from friends to family and parents. Pass on a few genuine remarks and you have the capability to develop loving relationships. So, from this day on, make a habit to use these words more often in your speech, and you will notice a pleasant change in your personality and the mood around you. Don’t overdo it because sometimes too much positivity gets creepy and discomforting. With that being said, let’s dive in!

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20. Nothing!


“Nothing” is often the most essential thing to say. When you don’t know how to reply to a remark positively; just maintain your calm and say nothing. Particularly on dates this is a useful tool because it gives you the ability to avoid awkward situations, whereas say something weird may lead to resentment or even dramas. Say nothing to rekindle sense into any discussion, and it gives you space to think up smarter responses. Take a moment and weigh your odds whether the next thing you are about to say is worth saying or not, and it helps you a lot in keeping talk pleasant and avoiding unpleasant distractions. Don’t overdo it because that makes you a weirdo, and that makes talking rather unpleasant.

19. I Am Here For You!

I am here for you!

Say it more often than you already do. That not only musters motivation and lovingness in relationships, but it makes other people realize how much they mean to you, and that’s one of the best things we should say more often! It is to lay the foundation of an honest relationship that you have committed yourself to. Reassure your loved ones, which may be friends going through difficult times, or your significant other. That way they will know that they can count on you, and it grows trust and adoration for each other. Do this, and rest assured that your relation won’t go downhill.

18. Quotes From Movies

Quotes from Movies

We all deserve a touch of fun in our lives. Do this and you immediately boost charisma in your personality. This includes a lot of different emotions that you could express in style. You’ll notice that movies have the best quotes ever to use in your everyday life. Next time a witty Al Pacino line comes to you, feel free to announce it with pomp. It’s fun, and if you are in a relationship, this is certainly going to count as bonus points. Make sure you are not being weird or a copycat. Things could always go worse, and that goes for relationships more than anything else.

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17. This Is For You!

This is for you!

This line is unlike the other things we should say more often. It provokes you to do something to bring a little joy to your relationship. Maybe it was that piece of jewelry they had an eye for, or maybe its tickets for movie you know they will want to watch. Better still, if you know what flavor of ice cream, what snacks or drinks they like, there are always a quintillion options to choose from that make a decent gift, and it is sure to win the other person’s heart. Especially never forget to give gifts on special occasion and days. Gifts on Valentine’s day or Christmas gifts for boyfriend really help in making your relationship stronger. Do this and you will immediately notice your life getting better each day!

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16. I Believe In You!

I Believe in You!

It is always for the best and sometimes let go of things and trust those around you more often. Take your time off everyday activities, and rethink how many things your friends and family have done for you and you will realize that they deserve your trust because they have earned it. Renew your affection by reminding the other person of your extent of trust in them. This not only invokes confidence in friendships but it strengthens your love for each other. Stop being so dialectic all the time, and let others decide the next venue of your dinner or the next movie to watch. The list is endless, and you can always find opportunities to make things better.

“Too often do we take our relationships with friends, families and loved ones for granted. That is always deteriorating to our social lifestyles. We usually forget the power of our words, and either use them to destructive ends, or not at all. Make a choice from this day forth to indulge yourself to remedy this issue, to practice new punch lines and to adopt an optimistic attitude.”

15. I Appreciate You!

I Appreciate You!

It is one of the essential things we should say more often! It is a token of love, an encouragement and recognition of the niceties in others. In the same lines, with gratitude there is encouragement as well. A little honest and simple appreciation can develop a lasting and strong friendship. Gratitude and encouragements are essential signs of a healthy relationship. Apart from that, whether you are in a new workplace, or have recently moved to a new neighborhood; let yourself make good friends from the new surroundings by informing them of your appreciation more often. It helps you tremendously. Appreciation is self explanatory, and it has all the qualities of good relationship. If you are unsure about what the individual in question is striving for, a little appreciation is good all the same even if you’re in an open relationship.

14. Disagree


It’s okay to disagree, but it’s not okay to be mean. Instead of letting debates go unpleasant, rest assured that you have the power to end discussions with just as much appreciation of each other as before. Instead of making it creepy or awkward, say “I disagree with you, but I still appreciate you and care for you as a person”. Don’t criticize someone’s persona. On one hand it’s super lame and on the other, it makes everything go bad. Don’t wreck havoc in a relationships by being arrogant. Arrogance and criticizing are the indications of an unhealthy relationship. Say this in places of disagreement and you have just rekindled love and successfully survived a risky and critical situation.

13. My Bad

My Bad

Next time you do something that hurt someone else, apologize. A word of excuse is more significant in all other things we should say more often! Kill that ego before it kills you, and make it genuine. Don’t say sorry because you have to, say it because you mean it! Everyone makes mistakes, but accepting yours gives you the chance to right any wrongs. Ask for forgiveness, and it makes humble. Adopt this habit, and you will slowly begin to fathom the change it brings about in your own thinking. Be modest once in a while, but don’t do that forever. Especially in work places, saying sorry too much is a sign of weakness and possibly lack of confidence. While we want a pleasant lifestyle, being too much apologetic can tarnish it.

12. I Forgive You!

I forgive you!

Because the only thing nicer than apologizing is forgiving mistakes! Everyone messes things up every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you have to judge them or punish them for it. Of course, it’s difficult, but it is not impossible to do it, particularly when it is enormously advantageous. When you come to crossroads with someone next time, try to forgive him, and for real.

11. Thank You!

Thank you!

This is one of the most important things we should say more often, and you should say it all the time! Not just on Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyday! Say it to the cab driver on your way to work, say it to your friends for being there for you whenever you need them and say it to the chef the next time you go to your favorite restaurant! Say it to people you don’t see often, and it works miracles in encouraging them. Say it to your all closer relation, and they will know how much you appreciate their company.

10. You Can Learn This!

You can learn this!

Of course, we all are familiar with this cliché phrase from Kelly Clarkson and from One Republic. Telling someone that they can learn from an incident however unfortunate is a great choice of optimistic catch phrases to implore the other person to see the good in everything. If it’s a person who just faced a tragic event and is in need of optimistic company to support him, this phrase will almost invariably make him feel a lot better. Be the comforting shoulder your friend needs and it will serve to encourage him and to boost his morale. A habit like this is certain to work wonders where you most need it to.

9. Excuse Me!

Excuse me!

It’s not just a common courtesy, saying ‘excuse me’ is important to set the mood to a pleasant notch. That makes this one of the most important things we should say more often. This is a symbol of humility and it helps you set the mood for pleasantries. Besides, this is the right thing to say if you want to grab someone’s attention. Instead of just barging in on people, make sure you have their permission to talk to them, and this is a significantly important skill when it comes to workplaces. Talk to your superiors and inferiors at work more pleasantly, and make the best of your discussion with them.

8. I’ll just Have Water!

I'll just have water!

Or juice maybe. This is the perfect excuse to cut your alcohol consumption. In a world where alcohol is considered a necessary ingredient for fun and for formalities, substituting it with something simple and pleasant reminds you and your onlookers how much you respect your sobriety. Besides, take this exercise as a part of trying to encourage yourself to avert from drinks when at bars with friends and elsewhere. For once in a while, don’t let the popular opinion dictate your choice and muster up the courage to do something out of the box which is healthier. You may like to know these amazing benefits of drinking water to encourage your stance.

“Talk to others with an open heart, make honest compliments, and indulge in creative friendly chats as well as practice in ways to indulge in healthier relationships with friends by expressing your feelings to them. These are all important steps on the road to productive social lifestyle. This list of some important things we should say more often will improve the way we see everything around us.”

7. I Understand Where You Are Coming From!

I understand where you are coming from!

Don’t see arguments as an argument to prove yourself to others, and to get all fired up, and go guns blazing at other people’s throats. A smart person should rethink the situation and weigh each stance with neutrality. That inspires one to say something nice and supportive like the things we should say more often. Make sure that despite the discord, the other person know, you understand his stance. This will prevent a debate from turning into a quarrel, and it is certain to become infinitely more informative and beneficial. Transform devastating junctions in a debate into a supportive and knowledge building exercise with these simple words and it works like magic!

6. I Love You Exactly The Way You Are!

I love you exactly the way you are!

This is a catchphrase for married couples to say to their significant others as often as possible. Build your romance starting from the basics, and say it because you mean it! A productive habit is a miracle worker. Besides, if you have loved someone for years and are looking forward to years more, perhaps your relationship deserves some honest expressions to remind each other of the deep seated devotion that rests in both of you and how much you mean to each other. Say it with faith and that’s something to behold!

5. You Can Do It!

You can do it!

The best phrase in things we should say more often! Say it and your friend will never forget how much you helped them in maintaining their will power. The best thing you can do for someone as a true friend is spur motivation and boost their will power. That is exactly what you are going to do by saying this. It is a simple expression to show how much faith you have in someone, and it works in boosting their morale invariably.

4. Please!


The next time you have interaction with anyone, be it the cab driver, a waiter or cashier, make sure you say please. It may not seem so important to you, but it’s important to the person next to you. Let them know that you respect that and you respect what they do. Be polite, and it never goes without a polite response. Politeness defines a pleasant personality and it is one of the most important qualities you could see in anyone.

3. I Don’t Know!

I don't know!

Easier said than done, this is one of the most difficult things you should say more often, but it pays off. Don’t be a know-it-all. It’s unhealthy in your personality and when sitting in a group, with friends and colleagues, the know-it-all makes everyone uncomfortable. From today onwards, make it a point to not to overcome any discussion. Try not to be a show off, but instead give others the chance to speak. It may sound easy, but it surely takes a big heart to say that.

2. Can You Help Me?

Can you help me

It is very difficult to say something like this to someone else no matter how close he is. Maybe it is time for you to kill your ego. For once, live without thinking about the repercussions of everything you say. Asking for help means you need someone, and that also implies that someone is important to you. Encourage stronger relationships in the future by showing a degree of dependence towards the next person. While it may take time getting used to but it is advisable to add it to your list of things we should say more often! This is never a problem in true friendships with trusted friends.

1. Life Is Tough But So Are You

Life is tough but so are you

Be the shoulder, your friend needs. The only thing that can boost someone’s mood when he is feeling down is to know that a friend shares his pains. Your friend will certainly appreciate it, and that adds one more to friends that you can count on in times of your difficulties. There are problems a friend can’t help you with, but he can certainly encourage you to deal with your problems in a headstrong way, and that is a priceless quality of true friends.

How ‘things we should say more often’ can help you!!!

  • You let other people know how much they mean to you!
  • You give people something nice every now and then.
  • You rekindle love and affection among friends and family.
  • You kill all sorts of deep seated resentments and you make yourself a new friend – a true one.
  • You start believing the power of words and their efficacy to build good relationship.


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