24 “Just Because” Birthday Gifts For Your Husband – They Won’t Forget!

Being in a relationship is often tiresome, no we’re not just talking about the physical or emotional stress, but we’re also talking about the stress that occurs on your wallets. Because after getting committed to a person you are to remember every memorable date that is associated with them. There will be yearly doses of birthdays, Valentine ’s Day, anniversaries, general surprise days, date nights and much more that each of the two have to remember, probably for the rest of their lives. It is not as bad as we might make it sound, but as far as you are on the giving end, we are sure you’re equally on the receiving end as well. For those of you who think that only women are involved in receiving the bigger chunk of the gifts, wives, and girlfriends equally share the opportunity of pampering their husbands and better halves.

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So those of you who think that this is some feminist trick to hypnotize men into buying more gifts for their wives then you’re wrong. This post has been especially designed for all the women in the house to make greater and better and somewhat affordable plans to surprise their husbands with. Our suggestion is that, it is always wise to keep a keen eye on your better halves interests for the year and this gives a great insight into developing you entire gift plan. Definitely, all women know how difficult it is to get things, like feelings out from your man that is why it gets nerve wrecking to decide if he wants a new cell phone or a new tablet. Hold on to your mind gears, because we have assembled for you the most interesting birthday gift ideas for husbands, only!

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24. Ipad Transformer


This is the age of technology and even if your husband isn’t a CEO of a huge company he sure will have all kind of gadgets around him, either to play games at or to keep on defending his own army through different gadgets. Sounds funny, but this is actually true.

  • For ladies who know that they’re husbands are or are not actively involved in the world of technology, an iPad Transformer will help them save up on a lot of time if they are used to working on the go.
  • One hectic task while working through an iPad is the inaccessibility of a keyboard.
  • One has to tap across the screen to make up a sentence and this is pretty much tiring.
  • A transformer is a cool iPad case that is equipped with a keyboard that aids the typing process and makes thing a lot easier.
  • These transformers are easily available online with a variety of brands to choose from.

23. Customized Headphones


Anything is doubled in worth when it is customized according to your thoughts and sentiments. Personalized engraved rings, key rings, tees, pens and many more things are now readily customized to add that special touch to the present. A customized gift presents how much effort has been added into making a present worthy of the occasion and the person.

  • The new gift idea for husbands is a fully customizable pair of headphones.
  • The caps, the string and even the headband are customizable.
  • Also, customization orders can be easily placed online, right from the comfort of your own room.
  • For women whose husbands are music fanatics or rather do gyming on a regular basis can surprise their husbands with this special personalized gift.

22. Rooftop Date


As much as women like to be romantic men equally like to be romantic too. They are fond of sweet talks, random kisses, compliments, and love talks. Us women shouldn’t forget how much a human our men are. That is why even before marriage, men are really scared about going on dates and not to screw up a perfectly happening date with their dream woman. Your couple might also have gone through those crucial, embarrassing, awkward and fun filled dates before everything got committed into a relationship. You might want to read out cute things to do for your boyfriend.

  • So why not, bring back those memories in the form of a cozy, personal roof-top or even garden dinner/picnic.
  • It all depends upon your man’s mood and how you have spent most of your time on dates.
  • Fill up the dinner table/picnic basket with food that wholly and solely pleases your man.
  • Don’t try to add your own personalized touch to it.
  • If a couple of things don’t seem to match according to your taste, just let them be, it is supposed to be his day!

21. Meat Bouquet


A woman loves when she is being handed over a bouquet full of roses and all kinds of beautiful flowers. It makes her feel so special and considerate. This is a sign of how much effort an thought one had inserted in to presenting their lady love with something that smells, feels and acts like her; flowers. But would men feel the same way when they are being presented with a bouquet of flowers? Our research says that it wouldn’t strike similar bells for men as they do for women. So what should a woman do to woo her man?

  • Design a personalized bouquet for him and what better could it be than to have a crispy, crunchy, greasy, meat bouquet.
  • You can add in all kinds of meat and cold cuts, depending upon your man’s personal preferences.

20. Road Trip


Apparently, men don’t like taking directions from anyone. It kind of touches their manly chords. But women love to interact with people on the road and ask for help. Men like making plans to travel by road, this helps them both relax and get out from the boring daily routine. However, their time is usually spent behind the wheels, which makes them miss out on enjoying the beauty that surrounds them while they travel. What could be a solution for this? well just a friendly advice, A road trip to some of your most favorite honeymoon destinations can spice up your joy.

  • If you’re confident enough in your driving skills and know that you can take the stress of driving through a road trip then this could be a very adventurous gift idea for husbands.
  • You should plan out each and every small and big detail prior to executing the road trip. The fuel points, the food points, the stay points etc.
  • And if in case you are not too good with the driving portion and can save up enough money prior to the big day, then rent out a car with a driver or hop on a group tour to spice things a little.
  • This way you too will get a chance to enjoy the trip along with your husband.

19. Becoming A Star For Him


This might sound crazy but it is actually kind of really cook, like social media viral cool. How many times have you found yourself browsing through Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and landed over a very touchy proposal or cool vine that made you think, why can’t someone do this for you? We suggest why not you do it for your better half instead? This would be one of the coolest birthday gift ideas for husbands.

  • The pros are innumerable. You can become famous with the specialized video getting viral.
  • All it takes is a good idea and a great execution. Most ideas don’t even cost a dime.
  • Moreover, the more the people of the closest circle involved the more powerful and touchy the message will become.
  • You might even get a chance to become that Superstar wife that goes over the mile, to do something great for her man and not vice versa.

18. Balloon Messages


We have read it like a thousand times how messages were left in the sea, rolled up in glass bottles to unknown destinations for unknown people. Someday to be discovered by someone who might read it and have a different insight about life. Phew! So after all that initial philosophical data given, we move on to give away our real idea and that is not message in a bottle. But rather;

  • Get yourself a bunch of helium balloons and prior to filling them up completely; add in sweet messages to the balloons.
  • You can make as many or as little balloons as you want.
  • This way you can also fill up the room and make him pop balloon after balloon and get excited and feel loved by the personalized messages.

“There will be yearly doses of birthdays, Valentine ’s Day, anniversaries, general surprise days, date nights and much more that each of the two have to remember, probably for the rest of their lives.”

17. Signature Item


Every man has a dream celebrity; it could be any female or male celebrity. Though, there might be a lot of competition and it would be really difficult for you to decide which celebrity means the most to your husband. But once the personality has been finalized, you can brush your social skills into getting any item signed by the celebrity. Yes, it might sound a little too difficult to execute, but it is one of the best birthday gift ideas of husbands.

  • You can always utilize the power of social media to reach through to the celebrity or its management team.
  • Most of the celebrities use such platforms to reach out to their fans and such activities also boost up their popularity.
  • Might be that someone in your social circle end up meeting the celebrity in person and can get the gift signed in for you.

16. Weekly Reminder


It has been a world over debate on the time of the days that are especially dedicated to loving someone. By this, we mean Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Siblings Day etc. These days as if have been specifically celebrated to elevate the sales and provide greater profits to the sellers. The debate remains that even if we love someone, we shouldn’t restrict expressing that love only on a specific day but rather we should be sharing our love each passing day.

  • You can always fill in your husband’s birthday week with small and simple reminders of how much you love him and why he is so special and near to your heart.
  • Such reminders can be written on a note and glued to his favorite and day to day items like, beer bottle, TV remote, car dashboard, chocolate bar, socks, your lips etc.
  • This way you will have more instances of making him happy and bringing a smile on his face.

15. Old School Arcade


When we sit down and watch our kids getting busy with a mobile screen we keep thinking how good a childhood did we have playing in the ground, running around the street, cycling and running our hearts out. I think this isn’t all true. You will doubt about what I say next, but this is particularly true about most guys out there. When girls were busy playing with their doll houses and arranging tea parties, boys were thought to be busy playing soccer. However, in reality with the advent of the arcade shops, that soccer was replaced by Pac Man and many other 90s arcade games.

  • Those same old arcade days can be brought back to life with the help of similar and portable iPad compatible arcade consoles.
  • Because of the smaller size, not only are these arcade consoles really portable but these bring a he variation in the way you play games with your iPad.
  • Apart from the smaller compatible consoles, your savings and your research skills can also help you into getting a live, old school arcade gaming machine to bring back a huge chunk of your husband’s childhood.

14. His Highness For A Day


A woman is supposed to be the queen in a man’s life. He is expected to pamper her, nurture her, look after her and provide for her. On the contrary, a woman is believed to be enjoying all the perks without having to give away any of the favors, which is extremely sad and unfair. So as bearers of equality we give away a great gift idea and that is to put your man on a King’s chair for a day and do as he wishes.

  • Starting from the very beginning of the day, prepare everything that he prefers.
  • No matter how tedious the task may seem do it with a smile and we mean a genuine smile on your face.
  • From making breakfast, to pampering and to loving him, also to leave him alone when he is busy watching his game.
  • As a King he might also want to utilize his authority into having some time out with his friends to grab some beer and catch up with some news. Happily allow him to do so; you may have some other time for arguments.

13. Radio Dedication


Not many people listen to daily radio programs but if your man is the one who right away turns up the volume to the radio as soon as he gets in the car; then this is the gift idea for you. There are many popular radio shows that run special dedication sessions and hundreds of people send in their dedications for their loved ones, you can be that person to.

  • Dedicate the song but give away a secret name that only you call your husband with.
  • This way he will be able to grab the person real quick because, there might be more than a 100 different Johns in your state alone.

12. Happy Dinner


The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your man could be a fitness junkie, but there are always cheats days in every fitness regime. Make sure that your plan exactly falls on his cheat day or rather make him switch the schedule of his cheat day to your desired date.

  • This day make sure that you have planned each meal according to his taste and choice.
  • Even if you don’t really know how to cook a specific dish, practice a few times before and do it secretly so that he has no clue what has been cooking behind his back.
  • Serve food in complete restaurant manner, table all set up, candle light burning and alongside a classic, glass of vine.

“It is always wise to keep a keen eye on your better halves interests for the year and this gives a great insight into developing you entire gift plan.”

11. Grooming Day

Grooming Day

Men might not seem to be interested in their personal grooming, but it doesn’t kill us women to have them pamper themselves. Initially they will hate the idea, but just like us, once inside the Spa they will regret not being able to enjoy it more often.

  • The relaxation day can consist of all kinds of grooming coupons, like manicure, pedicure, haircut, facial, and any other thing that your husband might have been wondering to get done lately.
  • This won’t change his masculinity a bit but rather a more relaxed self will boost his confidence a lot more than before.

10. A Day With His Hobby


Women love to shop, no matter how many pair of shoes and accessories we own, we have to be present at every other sale that exists inside a mall. Men on the other hand have to sadly accompany them to every shopping spree that they wish to attend. This isn’t their hobby, but they accompany just to make us happy. Why not return the favor? It may be a little too tough for you to go fishing, hiking or even fixing the car with him but try and understand the glory of being together and doing what the other loves to do.

  • When trying to do things what your husband loves to do, chances are that you may also fall in love with his hobby.
  • This way while lending a helping hand o your husband you will also create an even stronger and warmer place in your heart.
  • Plus it is also a great way to broaden the horizon of your general discussion and he will be able to share more things with you.

9. Gym Subscription


No we are not trying to push you to make your husband join in on a weight loss program against his will this is a great birthday gift ideas for husbands whose wives are well aware of their fitness regimes. Sometimes, guys are too much into fitness and muscle building but since these two have become quite an expensive regime to pursue not many have the heart to join in on a good program.

  • Being a good wife you can always save up some cash to pay for your husband’s favorite fitness program.
  • These days there are numerous fitness programs that you can choose from but your first and foremost priority should be to choose a plan that better suits your man’s personal preference and daily routine.

8. Movie Projector


Is your man a Netflix and chill kind of a guy? But somehow you too don’t seem to enjoy and have fun on the 32” screen. It doesn’t seem to give the feel and vibe when you’re trying to have a good day. This great gift idea for husbands involves not only him but you also hopping into having some fun.

  • Instead of investing some real hard cash into buying a big plasma screen or LED save up a small chunk and buy a projector instead.
  • You don’t need to buy a huge screen to double-up the entertainment; a plain white wall will do the charm.
  • Movie nights will be so much more fun with the projector in your life. A bowl full of popcorn and some beer alongside will make up the perfect date night for both of you.

7. Golf Kit


Is your man into golfing? Does he spend his Sunday afternoon out with friends in the golf course? Then this gift idea is meant for you. Though it might go a little over the pocket for you, but you can always gift the accessories in bits and pieces, no one is asking you to spend thousands in one go.

  • You can start off with a golf bag or if your husband already has one then you can upgrade either the bag or the clubs.
  • There are also many signature golf clubs that are made available on special occasion that you can catch-up on before the date and save it to surprise him later on.
  • This could also go for any other sport that your husband is keen about, tennis, racquet ball, badminton, chess, etc.

“All women know how difficult it is to get things, like feelings out from your man that is why it gets nerve wrecking to decide if he wants a new cell phone or a new tablet.”

6. Gym Bag


Just a while ago we gave you the best idea of gifting your husband a cool gym fitness subscription and for those women whose husbands are already Gym junkies this idea is going to work wonders for you. Men don’t really take care f their stuff and it seems to be worn out a lot faster than expected. So incase, if you have seen your husband’s gym accessories wearing out it is probably time to upgrade them.

  • Buy your husband a branded and more reliable GYM bag.
  • Add in extra weights, towels, sweat bands, maybe new runners, gym shoes, YOGA mat etc on the way.
  • Some cool sipper will do to.

5. Digital Camera


Does your husband like to capture moments through his cell phone camera? Are you always amazed about how well those pictures turn out to be? But it’s sad to know how your husband thinks that investing in a good digital camera is a waste of money. You probably need to start saving up and hunting for the best digital camera in the market.

  • There are a gazillion models available online, with so many advance features that will make your mind go dizzy.
  • Choose the one that best suits your husband’s skills and nature. That is, if he isn’t into too much of complicated features than don’t confuse him with an extra and overly technically loaded camera.

4. Trimming Set


A man’s best friend is a good shaver. Time and again men visit the saloon to get a good shave and a trim. But that needs both time and money. Investing in a good trimmer will save up on both. Plus your husband will love you for being so considerate that you actually thought about saving his time on the saloon and having the luxury of doing his own shave in the comfort of his own bathroom.

3. Expensive Pen


A good signature speaks for itself and a good pen makes a signature with it. For all the intellectual, office going and business minded people a pen is one of the most luxurious gifts. Investing in a great brand of pen happens to enlighten the fact that how special you hold the person to your heart.

  • A good pen indeed speaks through its lines. There is no way you can match the caliber of an ordinary pen with an expensive one.

2. Embroidered DIY


If your grandma or Mama invested sometime towards grooming you with some DIY skills chances are that you will able to act out any DIY that is available on sites like Pinterest. For all the skilled ladies there are a gazillion DIYs available online that can make up a great gift idea for husbands.

  • Embroider or knit a special I LOVE YOU sweater, tee or cardigan.
  • An embroidered handkerchief can give away a very antique feel.
  • There are hundred s of DIY ideas online to choose from.

1. Sexy Night


This is like the cherry on the top for the birthday gift ideas for husbands that we have given above. This is what you should be considering first and last, all the time. A great night and even a day full of ‘us’ time is what a husband will never say no to.

  • Always try and spice things up inside the bedroom or you may bring the love from inside the bedroom to the outdoors.
  • Sexy, flirty time can be improvised as much as you want and as many times as you like.
  • Make sure to make him feel better and keep your choices a little low for the day.


  • As every wise person says, it is the thought that matters and not the price tag.
  • Most couples know the limitations that they have and hence an expensive watch might not be that good an idea.
  • You can always share your husband’s burden in the household and that will be a bigger gift to him than any other thing.
  • It is the thought and care that reflects in the simplest of things.
  • Always think of something that shows the time and effort you have utilized in its creation rather than just the amount it took for paying and purchasing.


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