Long Distance Relationship Advice; 20 Great Tips

The best long distance relationship advice is that both of you should realize each other that you are always together and honest in relation. Remember always that mutual trust is the key to success of long-distance relationship.


Many people believe that long-distance relationships never sustain. Living at far off places from each other lessens the warmth of relationship. But it is not always true. Following the long-distance relationship advice list, given below, you can continue your relation without any damage.

 20. Communicate Regularly


Communication is the basis of human relationships. If you miss this important thing and do not communicate with each other in a long distance open-relationship, your relation can suffer a lot and will also deprive you of the true happiness of it. The modern technological development has made it easy for you to be in touch with each other.

Do not forget Skype, Face time Messenger and other communication facilities that can help you stay connected visually, any time anywhere in the world it brings people together even when they are thousands of miles away. The phone was great but smart phone is awesome it has many applications that connects you freely to your long distance partner, so that you can be well knit.

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 19. Gift Something For Personal Use


Small personal things that we use in our daily lives are often of not much monetary value but they mean a lot.  Our memories are attached to these things; that is why they are so precious for us and so valuable and gifting such a thing shows how much the other person means to us and it also keeps the relation romantic.

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 18. Give Cute Nick Names


In a close relationship, giving nick names is a compulsory part of it. The nick names are not only cute but also special. It is special in a way that only you know it and only you call your partner by it. This makes it special not just for you but for your partner as well.

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 17. Watch A TV Show Together


It is not so frustrating just because you do not live in the same city and have a long distance relationship. You can develop so many interesting activities that can engage you both and minimize your sadness that you feel being apart. Even as simple as watch your favorite TV show together to spend a Sunday night.

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“For a rock-solid long distance relation, it is important that you both are on the same page and love to move together. If you are truthfully attached with each other, distance will not matter; it will never affect your relation and tarnish its beauty.”  

 16. Keep Your Romance Fresh


Even if you cannot go visit your partner , send a bunch of flowers or a thoughtful gift, wrapped in love, even love letters ( yes, people , the  Postal Service can help with this! ) and every time you do it, think of new ideas. By acts like this your love stays fresh and new, naturally you keep the relationship!

You want to make sure you remind him/her how much they mean to you and it does not matter how far away they are but they are in your heart and mind and close to each and every beat of yours.

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15. Do What Your Soul Mate Loves The Most


The best long distance relationship advice is that do what your soul mate loves the most. It may be an activity, anything which he or she thinks that you must learn. It may also be wearing a hairstyle or dress that he loves so see you in. Send your photo and get lot of appreciation. It will also help you both come closer.

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 14. Be Realistic To Face The Facts


Both of you must know that you are having a long distance relationship with each other. So instead of dampening the each other’s spirits, manage this time sensibly. Set some basic rules, you should do things that will highlight your level of strong commitment with your soul mate.

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“Before entering into a relation, you must clarify each other about your inclinations and preferences. If you succeed in knowing each other, you would also like to continue this relation even living at distance. Thus, long distance relation is quite possible, if the relation is worthwhile for you.”

 13. Share Your Basic Interests


Recommend books, TV shows movies, music, news, etc. to each other. As you read, watch and listen to the same thing, you should have more to talk about common topics. This is a great long distance relationship advice that will amuse you both.

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 12. Get A Good Messaging Application


This is very important because SMS is the most common and the easiest way to communicate. It is also the fastest communication tool that you can use without interruption in your daily routine. You need only your phone, just text to each other no matter what it can something very important to something very simple.

Mostly people use applications called the Viber and LINE. They think it is very effective, because it is cheap easy to use and have interesting features like it has childlike emoticons and that is very funny.

 11. Send Greetings


Greeting each other, “Good morning” and “Good Night” every day – this is a must. Most importantly, try to update each other on your life. Both of you can transfer photos, audio clips and movies from time to time. By working in this way, you let other people feel the love and care you have for them.


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1 Comment

  1. Better With Flowers

    Mar 19, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    I think dealing with loneliness is one of the most challenging things to deal with. Going for long periods without some physical affection will be tough but your suggestions keeping busy is a good idea.

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