7 Ways (Besides Sex) to Emotionally Connect With Your Partner

If you are unable to create a good emotional bonding with your existing partner than you must make sure that it is time to go for it. Every relation needs to be fed with certain ingredients that keep it alive and an emotional connection is one of them. Physical connection is merely just a connection between two bodies, but, a connection created emotionally lasts longer than anything else. Try hard and strive the most you can to keep that aspect alive in your relation.

In the end it’s your relation and you have to work for it. If you do not struggle for making it better with the passage of time no one would do it for you. So, it is time to take your relationship to the next level of love, care and understanding. And all these could be attained by creating a bond of deep emotional connection.
In this topic we have given a few points for you to find and look where you lack and where you must focus to bring the lost emotional connection back again.
Read and find for yourself.

7. Say it!

Say it

See there is a thing about relationships they need to be grown with a lot of care. Many times relationships die a death which is not due to any other reason but, misunderstandings, lack of communication, ego etc. These phenomenons are a great deal to handle with. People usually do not know how to go about with these in relationships. However, it is very important for us to know that these are the issues that can lead to a swift and smooth murder of a happy and a healthy relationship.

  • Never let the misunderstandings create a gap between you and your partner. Always keep the portals open.
  • Keep the communication in flow. Make your partner comfortable enough to speak his/her mind out in front of you easily.
  • Self assumptions and keeping the things unsaid can make a normal scenario way more disastrous than you can imagine.
  • So, start sharing your feelings with your partner, this will be the foremost thing that will help you to connect to him/her.

6. Let Your Partner Know That You Acknowledged Your Flaw

Let your partner know that you acknowledged your flaw

Look there are times when we have wronged our partners intentionally or unintentionally. But, the major problem doesn’t lie here. It lies when you have done wrong with your partner and you do not even admit to it.
We all know where we have done something objectionable with somebody else and also know very well how it has affected the other person, depending on the closeness you people share though.
You need to say that to your partner as soon as you acknowledge your mistake.

  • There could be times that you wouldn’t want to apologize to your partner even if you were on mistake. But, at least you should have enough courage to talk about it decently.
  • Talking over it then admitting your mistake will lead to a better understanding.
  • This will help you connect more with your partner and your partner wills surely develop a soft corner in his/her heart for you.
  • So, never hesitate with your loved one to accept your mistake and let them know that yes, you have acknowledged it.

5. Say It With Your Actions

Say it with your actions

Yes, it’s true that your actions speak much louder than your words. If you keep on saying what you never implement those words are gone in thin air. This type of a reckless behavior can only create differences between the two partners rather than pulling them closer. It is better to say what you can actually implement. Never admit to something that is not reachable with your range this shall only label you as a person who is not a keeper of his words.
So here you need to be very careful in saying what you really could do.

  • If you are sorry for your actions then be actually apologetic for that. Saying sorry and repeating the similar thing again is never a sorry.
  • And remember such sorry is nothing but a base to get into more fights because proving it wrong again can lead to a bigger fight than before.
  • Be caring towards your partner. Again, it should be the actions that will say that and not just your words.
  • So, you have to make sure that what you do is always with good will and intentions for your partner and always show them what your positive side is by your actions.

4. Never Get Emotionally Disconnected For Long

Never get emotionally disconnected for long

There is this rule in all relationships and that is known as the rule of ‘there and then’. Now, this there and then means that you have to cut off the fight and your bad moods as soon as you can. Lingering on to something which is unhealthy for the relationship is never a better option. So, you need to focus on resolving the issue rather than holding on to it for a long time. There are people who suffer just because of this little habit of holding on to things for very long.
Once that you know the storm has passed and its time settle things with your partner then do so. Take an initiative, never wait for your partner to come to you first rather you be the one take the initial step.

  • An emotional disconnection for a long time can make your distances widen a lot. And these distances might even take a great effort to mend them together.
  • So, even if you have gone through a bitter argument and have become disconnected with each other you can try and finish it off there and then.
  • This will help you to bounce back to your normal bond as early as possible and would be helpful to connect you both emotionally.

3. The Space

The Space

Nobody wants a hovering kind of a relationship. There is no charm in a suffocating relation at all; everyone needs a personal space which shall be just to his/her oneself. Once your partner knows that you understand enough to give them their space, your partner gets much more comfortable with you. Creating such comfort with your partner helps in a better emotional connection with the partner. You must know when is the time to give space and when is the time to stay vocal and communicative. You can only achieve this high level of understanding when you have spent enough time with each other

  • Being supportive and always there for your partner is the best possible thing you could do
  • But knowing when to give them their space and let them take their time is equally important
  • This too is a part of being supportive in a way i.e. you are helping your partner attain what pleases him/her or what is the requirement.

2. Don’t Let Only Sex Take The Lead

Don’t let only sex take the lead

There is a lot more than just sex to get intimate with a person. A relationship is not about sex but the real intimacy is being open with each other from the inner self. Your soul shall be the one that must be connected to the soul of your partner and that shall bring you both closer. A relationship always needs openness in soul, thoughts and mind. These three elements when merged together provide with the best emotional connection between the partners. The best kind of intimacy is indeed the one which caters two minds understand each other like nothing on earth. And, this too shall take a little time and a little while to get on this level.
To be emotionally connected, it’s very simple that both the partners must give an effort in the emotions rather than anything else.

  • Start being communicative over matters with your partner
  • Start letting your partner know about yourself inside out
  • Do not create high raised walls, making it difficult for your partner to climb them and reach your inner self. Instead, make it easy for your partner to know about you and let your mind be open to them.

1. Never Force

Never force

Never keep your relationship like an ongoing threat. Well, this could be explained better like this that, if you are continually forcing on to something which has no capacity to bear the force, it will ultimately fall apart. So yes, all the couples out there who think that forcing on to something will help lead a relationship which is really great are in a wrong illusion and nothing else.
You need to give space; you need to let the other person be who he/she likes to be. This is certain that there should be a few boundaries in a relationship but that doesn’t mean that those boundaries are kept on force. Such boundaries will not be uncrossed for a long period of time. So it is much better to let the other person choose what his/her likings are and then you can mutually decide where things could be altered.

  • No forced decisions could lead to an emotional connection, never!
  • It would rather lead to an emotional distress and nothing else really.
  • To make your bond stronger emotionally, you must try and incorporate a no force policy in your relationship.


  • When you both are in any argument always concentrate on resolving the issue rather than concentrating in winning the fight.
  • Sometimes being sorry for what was not even your mistake makes you the bigger person. It even helps in building a good relation between the two.
  • Never go for long breaks of disconnection.
  • Always try to spice up your life by making small little efforts.

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