13 Habits To Turn A Boring Life Into An Extraordinary One

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

The only thing that is frightening about life is how ‘static’ it can become after a while. It is true that most couples tend to fall out of love because they have unwontedly converted their seemingly happening lives, into days of repetitive chores. There seems no end to the gloominess that enters the house when the sun sets and you are pushed towards the sofa to turn on the TV and spend hours staring at the screen, not being able to rectify what is being broadcasted. Those who work for long hours are usually stuck at work and don’t seem to find an escape from the monotonous routine that comes with that work; waking up early, gulping down the breakfast, traveling to the office, spending excruciating hours trying to figure the work needs and then wanting to rush back home and catch some sleep. Employees too don’t have much to do at the office but to scribble important things in the files or update sheets on the computer.

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The supervisor or the boss keeps a close eye if the workers are catching up with the required work-pace of the day. In between all the uniformity life seems to vanish and a routine crawls in place. Nothing is scarier in life but to lose the essence of how it was to laugh out loud with friends and family without having to worry what is going to happen next, or whither you will be able to reach office well within time the coming day.


We always reminiscence the days of our childhood when to us every day in fact, every hour seemed unpredictable. We had tree houses, pillow castles, best friends and loud-enemies, Christmas wishes and fairy God Mothers. It seemed as if there was nothing same in the world; everything was not only new but was also in abundance. We had innumerable amount of friends, we had our entire family around us, and we had long hours to sleep and eat and play around, while working for school was the only sad part of the day. Growing up not only took the liberty of freedom but also took away a lot of other things we never really cherished when we had them. Not being able to see your parents being the most painful and the fact that now we can’t even seem to make out time to catch up with old friends during the weekends. There is however a strong need to break through the barrier of monotony and find an emotional and physical release in order to transform your lives into what you really deserve. Fact remains that it doesn’t take much to convert your scheduled life into something exciting and worth living. Most people however, debate upon the immaturity of such ideas but you only got one life to live, therefore, it is highly recommended to make something really good out of it. Here’s a random list of 13 habits that can be incorporated in to your daily routine in order to bring vigor and vitality within the boring circle of your lives.

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There is however a strong need to break through the barrier of monotony and find an emotional and physical release in order to transform your lives into what you really deserve. Fact remains that it doesn’t take much to convert your scheduled life into something exciting and worth living. Most people however, debate upon the immaturity of such ideas but you only got one life to live, therefore, it is highly recommended to make something really good out of it. Here’s a random list of 13 habits that can be incorporated in to your daily routine in order to bring vigor and vitality within the boring circle of your lives.

13. Get Up As Early As Much As You Can Make It


This might be the most annoying phrases that you might be reading at the moment but trust us on this, a half an hour to an hour earlier adds so much more to the day then just taking away an extra sleeping hour. Setting an alarm just 20 minutes before you should be heading out of the house is torturous and stressful. Not only do you rush things up inside the bathroom, you are unable to decide or think about anything with a sane mind. You skip breakfast, which accounts for losing half of the energy you could have gained that helped you through till lunch. Moreover, you rush to find your shoes, your keys, hurry up with the makeup or decide to go bare face. Things you can do if you wake up a little earlier:

  • Might practice some healthy workout routines, early morning yoga session, or a good and short walk,
  • Can combine a nice outfit, apply some great makeup (look and feel good),
  • Make yourself and your family a hearty breakfast. Pack au good lunch or some snacks for the office.
  • Spend some time inside the washroom without rushing anything.
  • Watch some TV and get rid of some common household chores that you’re not in a mood to do when you get back home.

This extra hour initiates your day before you have mentally started it. Most workers thin their day starts when they hit the office desk, so this extra hour is like a retreat of some kind where you get some time to connect with the feel of your home and your family members.

12. Gearing Up For The Day


It is often believed that planners are better than non-planners. Yes, life expects spontaneity and at times a random task in between kind of lifts away the burden of what you intend to do. However, planning also makes events or work to-be-done exciting and worth the wait. Planning and scheduling also helps you organize your tasks and fit in as many casual breaks, family and friends catch up as possible, because this way you are able to see the entire day/week/month, in front of you. At times, taking life too randomly not only hinders the work life but also the family life since, you are expected to complete a task and you keep forgetting about it over and over again.

11. Always Stay In Motion


We really don’t mean you have to move around even while you’re asleep but, movement does indicate life. You are expected to cram data inside the computer 95% of the time while you’re at work, the rest of the time you are invited to give your 4% at the meetings while you remain seated thinking of the time you get to hit the bed. How many minutes o you utilize actually moving about from one place to the other? Hardly a 1% and that too accounts for the restroom breaks.

As humans we have been programmed and designed in a manner that movement keeps us going. If you can, with all your might take out 5 minutes of every hour that you devote to your work, and move about the department, drink a class of water, drop a ‘hi’ to a colleague and then return to your desk with a refreshed mind.

10. Focus On Your Meal And Delay The Distractions


Sadly, in the 21st century technological warfare humans have become more robotic than the actual artificial intelligence. We are far more prone to a mentally active and distracted lifestyle than any other creature. In fact, people who have vowed to stay away from the digital social lifestyle are deemed psychotic and uneducated. We have cast a spell of distractions upon ourselves and have forgotten the reality of, ‘living in the moment’. Our meals turn cold due to our undying drive to find the perfect picture needed to be uploaded on our profiles. The life is no different inside the offices or back at homes.

Kids and even adults are over indulged in their mobile screens while they are having their meals that is hard to get a word across the table. Most families are eating separately with no family union happening even during meals. The world can wait, the status can be uploaded 10 minutes later, ever meal doesn’t deserve a picture, the data can be delayed for 5 more minutes and so can the email reply, learn to live with as less distractions as possible.

9. Each Day Is Supposed To Be Different


What is the main problem we suffer from when we regret having made up a monotonous life? It is that we repeat the same routine over and over again and fail to find something new each day. This isn’t the fault of the lives we are leading; it is the practices that we have been following for far too long a time. If you feel like everything’s the same then we have to make an effort to break the code. We believe we are too tired when we reach home from school, office or even when we’re settled within the home as home makers. What needs to be done is a new thing each day. Dedicate different days of the week to all kinds of activities.

You should better devout your life into learning new things each day. It could be a language, a new craft, gardening, hiking, random trips across the city, a weekday barbeque dinner, or even a cold winter night bonfire. Doesn’t matter if you have office or school in the morning, as long as you can pack the stuff well in time before bed, you are good to go, even then a change a day causes no long term harm whatsoever.

8. Watch What’s Going Inside


Do you remain too hungry to wait and too tired to cook? All this leads to an unhealthy box of take-away and then hours regretting it afterwards. Majority of the American population is indulged in unhealthy eating habits and with this the lack of movement and exercise has caused a serious alert for health issues. Cheap junk food gives moments of satisfaction and later on, causes extremely expensive medical procedures. What can be done when you are bound in an extremely busy life cycle with no time of your own? Life isn’t difficult; it is us who have made it difficult beyond our imagination. How much time does it actually take to cook a decent meal? 40-60 minutes at the maximum involving the meal preparation and cooking time.

Likewise, the same time is consumed in cooking the same meal for a large number of people. What can be done is that you can take out time on alternate days and prepare meal boxes for yourself, your spouse and even your family to eat from when they can’t cook on their own. The food from the meal boxes can be taken out heated and then enjoyed within minutes. It is just a lack of ability to think and organize that ends up us getting addicted to junk food.

7. Contacting Family And Friends


This isn’t just a lame wall-post or a random message on their Facebook pages. We mean an actual call and conversation that has some meaning to it. We are adults and as individuals who are earning we can spend a notable amount in to making ways to contact our parents. They wait for us at the time of the holidays just so they could hear from us (because let’s face it they have lost faith into seeing us).

How much does it cost or how long does it take to buy a card or post a present to your loved ones just to acknowledge that you miss them? How much of your time will it take to get off your seat and make a sweet and short 3-4 minutes call to your mother in the middle of the day, just asking what she’s cooking for lunch today?

6. Visiting The Library


There is not a single doubt about how a library open up a whole new world for you to explore from. Google is like the grandchild of a well equipped library. Where there is convenience in terms of finding data through Google, the anxiety and butterflies that you go through as you walk through various aisles of a library is as if you are being transported from one era to another. Library not only opens a new chapter for you, it also adds spice and color to it. More like things and emotions that you never would have experienced before. For the people of the current generation, frequent trips to the library will not only add a different flavor to their lives, they can always find a lost connection between them and their ancestors through it.

5. Saving Up Money For Anything


We have always been short on cash whenever we felt like buying a dress that we couldn’t resist but have. There is so much to pay for in the ever growing economic crisis of the society that there’s hardly any room for savings. Yet, if we manage to push-in a dollar or even a dime each time we can remind ourselves about it, maybe when the need arises you would have made enough cash to fulfill that undying desire of yours.

4. Finding A Pet


Irrespective of those who are prone to animal allergies, it is not much of an issue to rescue, foster or even keep in a pet. A pet is a 4 legged, member of the family, who may not speak through words, but the eyes, actions, gestures speak louder than any other language. A pet animal brings in a heap load of excitement in the seemingly boring lives of people. For people who lives alone, a pet is like a person who is waiting for you back home and can’t wait to see you back again. You can bond with animals to an entirely different level then as you do with fellow humans.

3. Pamper Yourself


The daily dose of work, household chores and tiring routine never really gives you a chance to look at yourself properly. You are aware of the growing inches across your body, or the level of growth of hair around but you find yourself helpless in terms of doing something about it. This is where organizing and task scheduling comes in handy. Planning out the day gives you a mental breakdown of how much of work needs to be done in a specific time and how much of time can you save up to relax and find your senses. This free time can be used to either redeem at a good salon or spa, or u can even spend it inside your home dipped in a good bubble bath with a glass of classic vine.

2. Acknowledging Complete Strangers


You might know who the person sitting right next to you is, you are not aware of their lives, their circumstances, neither about their troubles or worries, yet if you can manage to strike a conversation and talk about any other random thing in the world, there are chances that you may have helped them distract their thoughts from the seemingly never ending worries.

Not only will you manage to help a fellow human, but the positivity that has been transferred from you to a complete stranger creates a new cycle that keeps on transferring to the people who need it the most. This also helps you understand how life is around different people and how you can incorporate good things you learn from them into your life and practices.

1. Finding Gratitude In Everything That You Do


As the most ungrateful creation, we are more into finding our shortcomings than thanking for all the goods that are around us. A pocket full of money, a roof on top of your head, closet full of clothes, fridge full of food and people around you to look after, we still whine of the things we can’t buy even if we don’t need it for long. We cry of the lack of diversity in our food when there are many crying for one morsel.

Each day should be a day of gratitude for us, because we are indeed living the lives of the Kings as compared to many who don’t have any of the things that you take for granted. Your time before falling asleep should be a moment of gratitude for whoever you wish to be thankful for, because without their presence, you would have been nothing.


  • You will manage to live a life once, so keep it easy on yourselves.
  • There’s a lot of time in a day then you really think there is.
  • Less connected online means more connected physically in the real world.

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