13 Essential Home Remedies For Skin Blemishes That Really Work

Do You Know About Your Skin?

The skin is the main organ, made up with multiple tissue layers, maintains the body temperature from the solar exposure and other weather circumstances. You can say it is the main protective and largest organ of your body. It works like a wall for your body.

What Are Skin Blemishes?

Melanin is a pigmented substance which is present in the skin cells, which is cause to determine the skin color. The color of skin depends upon the amount of melanin. The result to imperfections or impurities become skin blemishes like acne scars, dark spots, stretch marks and pigmentation marks. An individual should be aware his/her skin type to overcome this problem.

Do You Know The Causes Of Skin Blemishes?

The main cause is ignorance about skin care. If you have a generous skin so do not spoil it by ignorance. Also the past conditions affect the skin of a person which left the blemishes. The common conditions are chicken pox, acne or pimple which produce the blemishes. Make sure about skin’s proper care and cleanness. Intake of unhealthy diet is also the main cause. Because “What you eat will definitely shows upon your skin”. The more intake of oily and fatty food will harm your skin. Whenever you got the blemishes problem check out your diet plan to soothe your skin.Take out the juicy fruits they give your skin the natural glow. Hormonal imbalances are also the main cause, at the time of teenage when the youngsters face the change in Harmon, generates the skin blemishes. This is the common believe that pimples always leave the scars on face, that’s not true, rubbing and scratching will leave the scars.


Home Remedies For Skin Blemishes

The remedies of skin blemishes are so hard or will not take your much time. These can be natural or made with some natural products. You need to change little in your lifestyle to take better results. Make a diet plan, use more and more juices and fruits in your diet. Stay away from oily and fatty stuff to avoid blemish. Try to eliminate cosmetics from your life or use them by knowing their ingredients. We are sharing more beneficial remedies with you to cure blemishes of skin.

“Your skin covers your whole body and make you look beautiful, value it and care it.”

13. Honey With Milk/ Yogurt


Using this natural remedy you’ll learn how to get rid of blemishes easily. Honey is called antibacterial, it can absorbs easily the impurities of skin. With honey you can use the milk or yogurt to nourish your skin. It is very important to bring moisture on your face. Apply it on your face or take it, both improves the skin tone and leave a great impact on outbreaks of skin. It soothes the skin of all type. Use honey and milk regularly to get the fair complexion.

Make A Mask

Take one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of low fat milk or yogurt. Mix them well to make a mask.
Apply: Take a cotton and apply this mask gently on your face to make a layer when first layer get dry, apply another layer so you will get a thick layer. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash your face with Luke warm water, wash it in circular motion. After that moisturize the skin.

12. Papaya And Milk Mask


Papaya, the best element for reducing fat, use raw papaya in your diet to remove lipids ( general term use for fats) from the skin to make it more softer and smooth. So you can say papaya is very beneficial for your body as well as skin. It also mend your digestive system, because its impurities also cause the blemishes. Papaya have an enzyme called papain which diminishes tenderness from body. Here is how you can use this natural blemish remover for this problem.

Make A Mask

Take 1 papaya and mash it well. Mix it with raw milk until it becomes a smooth mask to apply easily.
Apply it gently to all over the face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that wash it with Luke warm water. If you have a dry skin so use moisturizer after this mask.


11. Orange Peel Mask For Refreshing Skin

Revitalizing and refreshing oranges are the love of winter season. They beneficial in both ways whether to eat them or make their make. These are full of Vitamin C and citric acid. They keep your skin condition better because vitamin c helps to grow healthy cells and removes the dead skin congestion. So we can say eat orange, drink orange and apply orange pulp to get blemish free skin.

For Mask 1

Orange peels ( grind them well) and water.
Add water slowly in orange peel make a consistent paste and apply it on your face. After 20 to 25 minutes when it became dry, wash your face with cold water after your face get dry, use good moisturizer on it.

Mask 2:

1 Orange pulp
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon lemon juice
2 to 3 drops honey
Apply this mask on all the pigmented areas of your face. Wash it with Luke warm water after 10 to 15 minutes when this mask get tighter.

10. Strawberries


Strawberries are usually used from scrubbing. They are full of salicylic acid which is used as acne treatments, boost the epidermis cells cheerfully to defuse bacteria. This helps in growth of new cells and stops clogging in pores. Learn how to get rid of blemishes using strawberry mask here:

Mask 1

3 to 4 strawberries- washed and mashed well.
2 teaspoon of raw honey.


Blend the raw honey and mashed strawberries together. Apply this mask on your skin smoothly. When this paste dried out, wash it properly after 20 minutes. This mask can be used in twice a week.

Mask 2:

Need 2 mashed strawberries and 1 tablespoon vinegar.

You can apply this mask overnight. Wash it with cool water. This mask is very beneficial to remove acne marks or blemishes.


9. Drop The Lemon With Other Ingredients


Lemon juice helps to exfoliate the skin. It has full of citric acid and Vitamin C. Persons, who have dark complexion must use lemon juice because this is a natural skin whitener and lightens the skin tone. All skin type people easily use it. It is called an astringent which helps body tissues in reduction so that blemishes will dry out. Citric acid helps to eliminate dark spots, wrinkles and acne scars from skin. This amazing blemish remover is also effective in making your skin smooth and beautiful.

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water


Take half lemon juice and 2 tablespoon of honey, mix them well to get the consistency.


You can apply this mask all over the face except eye area. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes it will get thick when it dries. Wash it and get tremendous results. Use this mask twice or thrice a week.


8. Habit To Intake Green Tea


Use the matcha green tea it will help you to remain young for whole life. The antioxidants which are present in green tea provides you the wrinkle free skin and protects the skin from inflammation. The daily usage of two cups green tea will detoxify the impurities of your body and make your skin blemish free.

Make A Spray Of Green Tea

Take one tea bag or 2 teaspoons of green tea with half cup water. Boil the water and pour the green tea leaves into it. Leave them to cool at room temperature. Pour it in spray bottle and lightly spray on your face or dip the cotton pad into this water and apply on your face. Wash it or not it depends on you. You will feel fresh after using it.


7. Potato Power For Skin


Potato is full phosphorus, sulfur and potassium power these mechanism are helpful to reduce annoying blemishes from the skin. The antioxidants which are present in potatoes help the skin cells in growth. Here is how to get rid of blemishes using potato:

How To Apply:

Take one potato and grind it, wash your face and leave it slightly wet, apply its pulp and juice as a scrub in circular motion. After 20 to 30 minutes wash it with warm water.

“These home remedies are easy and can be made easily. Spare some time to take care of your beauty.”

6. Sugar As A Scrub


Sugar is a great exfoliator, it helps to remove the clogging pores. White and brown, both works the same. Use it with honey or simple water to get rid of acne scars. It works softly and leave your skin the soothing aspect. To use this simple blemish remover, you have to use this recipe:

Making A Scrub

Half cup of white sugar
Half cup of brown sugar
2 to 3 tablespoons of sea salt
Half cup of olive oil
8 to 10 tablespoon vanilla extract
Mix both the sugars, add some seal salt for getting more exfoliation and some vanilla extract, mix them well. Then add the olive oil and again mix it. Now you can store your scrub easily, but make sure to pack it well. You can apply it easily.

5. Use Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is a powerful extract to kill bacteria which our skin absorb from the surroundings. This is called powerful acne remedy, it can erase blemishes of the skin easily. It helps to dry extra oil, it works like an astringent. Make sure to use this remedy regularly to get beautiful blemish free skin.

Method Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar:

Take pure apple cider vinegar and water mix them, like 1 part of vinegar and take 3 parts of water. Now take cotton ball, wet it with vinegar and water and then apply on the blemishes. You can leave it overnight then wash your face in morning. You can apply it twice or thrice a day. Use moisturizer if you feel your skin is getting dry.


4. Use Cinnamon With Honey


If you’re wondering how to get rid of blemishes naturally, just try this remedy and see the amazing effects. Cinnamon and honey make the great combination together to kill the acne scar or blemishes. Honey is very sticky so you do not like to put it on your face, but it is called natural anti-biotic. Cinnamon have an antibacterial quality to kill the inside germs of your skin. So, when they both work together the definitely give you the best result.


Take 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, blend them together to get a fine paste. Apply this mask on your face and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. After that wash your face, this is a sticky mask so it will take a time to rinse off completely.

3. Usage Of Egg White


This is an affordable and easy way to remove the blemishes or acne scars with the help of egg white. Egg white is full of vitamins and proteins, which are called fighter against blemishes. They control the excess oil and promotes the growth of new cells in skin. Use the following recipe to use egg whites as a perfect blemish remover.

Method To Use

Take 2 to 3 egg whites, make sure to separate them from yolks. Beat the egg white until it becomes like foam. Apply this on your face with the help of your fingers. After the first layer dried, apply another one, approx. 3 to 4 layers are applied. Leave this mask for 20 to 25 minute and then wash out with warm water.

2. Banana Benefits For Blemish


Bananas have powerful antioxidant called lutein, which diminishes tenderness and inflammation. It gives healthy growth to cell. The banana peel is really helpful to erase acne scars from your face, regular use of banana peel gives you the clear and attractive skin. To get blemish free skin, follow these suggestions:

How To Apply

Take one banana peel and use it as a scrub, rub it all over your face and leave it about 30 minutes. Wash out with cold water.

1. Aloe Vera For Blemishes


Aloe Vera is known for its amazing properties for skin health. Aloe Vera gel is best blemishes treatment. Try to use fresh aloe gel for acne treatment. Plant Aloe Vera in your house, it will not take much space. It is a soothing gel. Also enhance the glow of your skin and works as antibacterial treatment.


Take Aloe Vera gel and directly apply to your face with your fingertips.


  • Try to do icing daily, it decrease the inflammation and cool your skin.
  • After coming back home wash your face with good cleanser according to your skin type.


  • Whenever you go outside try to use sun block to avoid sun exposure.
  • Don’t scratch acne it leaves scars and irritate your skin.

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