15 Ways To Create The Best Relationship Of Your Life

There are times when you really need some good guidance to help you through the difficult times in a relationship. Be it any relation, you need a proper mentoring to find ways tackle with it. But here is a list some factors that might help you without seeking anybody’s help.

These factors are the core ones that will help you with a lot of things. You could keep them on your check list and keep on ticking every time you find yourself achieve any of these. It is a slow process in terms certain factors and not an impossible. And then in the end it is your relationship and you have to go miles and strive hard to make it better. There is no one but you yourself who will create a better relationship. So, be your own hero and give your best to get the best! your relationship needs that effort of yours, so give it the way it needs.

15. Respect Each Other

Respect Each other

The foremost thing that you need to keep in a relationship is “respect”. This is the major key factor in any relation. One must keep this aspect always in consideration.

Respect makes you limit a number of boundaries! Sometimes when you don’t feel like showing your good part, but, keeping in mind that you have to respect the other person helps you behave the right way. So, make it a rule of life, to maintain respect in a relationship

  • Respect for most of the part helps to carry on a relationship where there is no drop of love left to water the flower of relationship.
  • A major factor that will help refrain from a number of unpleasant situations in a relationship, particularly the one sailing through a rough sea, is ‘respect’.

So, standby this feature and you will see things drift in a much favorable place altogether.

14. Communicate


Well, yes you need to communicate even if you don’t feel like it. Your heart should not stay unsaid before going to sleep. Yes, it is completely understood that there are situation when you shall not prod the other person. But that doesn’t mean that you must never communicate about it. You can give it time but in the end you shall make a healthy communication, where nothing gets catastrophic.

People often confuse communication with a violent conversation. Well, you need to look at the way you’re communicating things. You must never touch the painful parts, or the ones on which the other you know might get sentimental. But, you shall be open in your thoughts and mind and keep it unwrapped in infront of the other person.

  • You must speak your mind and be open about your beliefs.
  • When the communication ends, there is slight gap created in between and that that gap usually gets filled by ‘misunderstanding’.
  • Hence keep yourself communicative in a judicious manner and help your relationship flourish through the odds.

13. Forget The ‘E’ And Let It Go

Forget the ‘E’ and let it go

Ego, say no to it. There is no ‘me’ nor there is an ego in a relationship. You need to let things go! You really need to kneel down at some points just to put your relationship cross that broken bridge before it breaks completely.
Ego is not meant to stay with you, so never let it take a place in your life. Abandon it completely and forever, never let it be a part of your personality. This could be your greatest foe. So, avoid it till you find no more of it.

  • It’s your relationship and you need to take it to the best. With a vital element of ego and arrogance there is no chance to drive it where it shall be.
  • Wipe off the mist from your frames created by the ego inside of you and make your vision clear for the betterment of yourself and your relationship.

12. Stop Lying

Stop lying

Never lie to the person you love. Even if you have done something wrong have the courage to say the truth. Because after all people, there is nothing on the face of earth that stays unhidden. Geometrically speaking, this world configures with no edges, just curves, and thus it is said to be round. Henceforth, there is no edge to hide things, they will eventually roll infront of you someday or the other. So, it is better to keep things simple, clear and not lied. Moreover, lying in a relationship always keeps you on a steak.

  • If you have lied previously in a relationship, now is the time to act wise and cut down on this act of yours.
  • Keep yourself away from anything that will lead you to lie to the other person in your relationship.

11. Your Sorry Must Be Meaningful

Your sorry must be meaningful

When you utter the five letter word ‘sorry’ then you shall mean it. There is no use to keep on saying it and never acting upon it. Maintain your words and act upon them sanely. There is no need to continuously be embraced on your actions when you never really mean to change them. Sorry is nothing but just a small little word in the dictionary, it’s your actions really that mean it. It’s truly said about the fact that actions speak louder than words, therefore, this word doesn’t have a value until acted upon it with consistency.

  • Say sorry, whenever needed.
  • Be the first one to apologize whenever you think it is needed.

10. Learn To Forgive

Learn to forgive

When you are in a relationship there are times when you have to forgive for the sake of your relationship. You must never take the other person for granted and keep on dragging him/her till the end where he/she no longer cares to be forgiven or not. You must, ask the person if the forgiveness he is asking for shall never be the reason again for asking forgiveness. And then you should be the bigger person here to forgive. Every person needs a second chance in life, everybody needs to learn through their mistakes and be given at least one another chance to move forward.

  • Love to forgive not fight. There is no harm in giving a second chance to the other person.
  • There could be more than two chances at a time, because in the end we all are humans. We were never angels, and even angels do make mistakes. So, let your loved one get another chance and give your relationship a favor once again.
  • Learn to forgive, learn to accept!

9. Change For The Better

Change for the better

Changes are always not bad! Sometimes, changes are for the better. Sometimes when you are going through it you might not feel the positive side, but, once you have crossed the valley and reached your destination, you realize it. Whereas, in certain situations you start deviating from what you used to be and it’s never that bad. But one must make sure that the change is for the better. Because, no changes shall be positive unless they bring positivity in you.

  • Learn to change for the better, never for anything less than that.
  • Give yourself a reality check, and see where you have been wrong all the time. Change it and change for the better.
  • Changes for the better bring satisfaction, and there is nothing like a happy and a satisfied conscience. So, even if you are not willing to give a favor to the relationship, give a favor to yourself.

8. Learn To Accept

Learn to accept

You do not always have rainbows and butterflies in a relationship. There are points where you need to accept things the way they are. You must not forget that every individual lacks on certain spots and you need to fill the gaps for them. Every one born is born with certain traits, good or bad, pros and cons, and you need to deal with the bad ones or the cons. If you cannot, there is a lot to face then.

  • Acceptance is the best part in any relationship. Accepting the cons, accepting the flaws, accepting the person for who he/she is.
  • Without acceptance you cannot move forward in peace. There has to be level acceptance in each one of you to keep things flow on a steady pace.

7. Stay Consistent

Stay consistent

Your consistent nature is the key to success anywhere in life. Nothing gets to a destined conclusion when detracted by inconsistencies. And so, here again you need to polish this habit of yours, to get yourself in a lifelong relationship. You must be consistent in your actions; by this it is definitely meant the positive ones. You must try to get your behavior positive prior to anything, follow this positivity with consistency.

  • Be sure that you are not getting detracted from your consistent behavior and keep on with it till it becomes a part of you.
  • There might be a hinge of difficulty but you must not let it keep yourself from anything that will make you inconsistent.
  • Adopt this habit for the rest of your life and apply it in all the required phases of your life.

6. Never Bring Up The Past

Never bring up the past

Past is meant to stay in the past. You don’t need to bring it up in the present. Never let it slip in your conversations because once in your conversations, it is in your present. And as said earlier, past is meant to stay in past. There is a lot in your life to think and talk about. And if you still like to go in the past, then keep it to your imaginations and thoughts because bringing those thoughts in your existing world will not do a favor really.

  • Bringing anything irrelevant must be avoided.
  • There are things that took place in the past which are not liked to be brought up by the other person. You must always keep in mind the comfort of that person and shall avoid anything or any conversation that shall be a source of discomfort for that person.

5. Learn To Appreciate

Learn to appreciate

Praise the other person! Yes, praise to encourage. Appreciate their efforts, appreciate their positive aspects. Your appreciation will help them nurture better in the given aspects.

  • Keep yourself on the part where you never forget to acknowledge their efforts. And the best way to acknowledge their efforts is by appreciating them wisely.
  • Be grateful for even the slightest of the efforts.
  • Your appreciation will help the other person do better in your relationship for a very simple fact that he knows his/her efforts are getting acknowledged and not just getting acknowledged but also appreciated.

4. Learn To Value

Learn To Value

Never take the other person for granted. Nobody in this universe likes that. And nobody would want to be taken for granted. There is a certain amount of value which you shall give.

  • When you value a person you get valued in return.
  • So if you like to get valued and respected you must give it first, and then you might get it too.
  • Value the good parts, and you shall find it easy to cope up with the bad ones after that.
  • Value what you have as you might lose it for not valuing. realizing later shall be of no use. So, value what’s with you today and help yourself refrain from any regrets tomorrow.

3. Motivate Them

Motivate them

There are times when you need someone just to listen to you and help you stay motivated. . Boost up their morale and help them pick their positive points. Be the person who helps them show the best in them when they are under the dark shadows of despair. Help them with the lift and fly higher. There is no one better than a person who helps to encourage and remind about the best in a person.

  • Motivate your loved one, they need it from you. They need to be reminded of their best.
  • Remind them of their capabilities, remind them of abilities. This all you need to do to make them feel confident about themselves back again.
  • Be their best listener and greatest motivator.

2. Never Expect

Never expect

Difficult, but you have got to do it! There is nothing as completely not expecting, there surely is a minor little expectation that everybody holds. That is completely fine to have, but, the problem occurs when those expectations get wider and wider than they should be. There shall be no unrealistic expectations from the other person.

  • Putting yourself where you are caught keeping unrealistic and impractical expectations would lead to a hurtful episode.
  • It is better to curtail the expectations the moment you realize they are getting impractical.
  • Do not let expectations ruin your relationship for no reason at all.

1. Do Not Judge

Do not judge

Your relationship must be out of any boundaries of judgments. There must be no hesitation in sharing anything at all in a relationship. Keeping your relationship open to all the situations and thoughts will help the other person stay frank and easy enough in the relationship to share everything. This will make the stronger than anything could ever.

  • This is the key to keep any relationship stand in a better position.
  • Because the person can be himself with you and can be open with you like no other.
  • So, keep your judgmental mode aside and let the relationship run in a smooth flow.


  • Be the first one to apologize.
  • Be the bigger person and forgive.
  • Love unconditionally.
  • Never let the third person come in between.
  • Resolve issues with sensible and mature conversations.
  • Never lose your patience!

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