7 Signs That Mean He Wants A Relationship

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For all the blame that’s attributed towards women for being difficult or even impossible to understand, men can be quite difficult to read too. When do you know that your guy is really serious about you and ready to take the open-relationship seriously? Here are seven signs that mean he wants a relationship.

7. Gives You Attention


Guys can’t really pretend to be interested in something they’re not, so if a guy is making time out from his day to give you attention and cater to your needs; this sign means that he wants a relationship.

 6. Gets To Know You On A Personal Level


If a guy wants to know all about you, from your deepest desires to your darkest secrets, then this is one of the signs that mean he wants a relationship. He doesn’t just ask by way of making conversation, instead he asks because he actually wants to know everything there is about you.

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 5. Makes You Exclusive


You can know a guy is serious when he stops paying attention to all the other girls in the world out there. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll ignore even his childhood friends or his family, but for the most part the only prize he’ll have eyes for will be you.

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 4. Involves You In Important Decisions


One of the signs that mean he wants a relationship is when a guy asks you for advice or involves you in his future and shares with you the important decisions he has to make in his life. It can be quite hard for guys to reveal their true direction and purpose to someone else so if he opens up to you, that means he’s serious.

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 3. Shows You Off To Family And Friends


Guys don’t normally bring a girl home unless they feel that she might be a big part of their future. Bringing a girl home is the next step in the relationship when a guy seeks approval from his family and friends for his choice. And if a guy really likes you, he’ll want you to be friends with the people he’s most comfortable with too.

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 2. Doesn’t Rush You Into Things


A successful relationship isn’t just born overnight. It has to be molded and crafted to perfection with love and patience. If a guy is patient with you and doesn’t rush you into committing or going to the next level, this is one of the sure signs that mean he wants a relationship.

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 1. Loves Spending Time With You


Guys aren’t really that hard to figure out. If he spends quality time with you and loves being alone with you, this means that he’s ready for a relationship.

Relationships can be quite tricky to maneuver and it is not always easy to maintain them. Look out for these signs that mean he wants a relationship and you’ll be better equipped to navigate these stormy seas and sail off into the sunset with your beloved!

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