Open Relationship Rules, 13 Helpful Tips

Before educating you on open relationship rules, it is necessary for you to fully understand what an open relationship is. It is a relationship in which two people like each other and want to see each other but they both mutually agree on the principle of no strings attached. This means while seeing each other they are not bound to see other people as well. The ‘mutually agreed’ point is very importance because if one party to a relation does not agree to it and the other party still sees others then it will fall under the purview of cheating.

But when both of the partners have mutually agreed then they have to take care of some open relationship rules to be followed so that they don’t make a mess out of their relationship. When you are in an open relationship you need to understand and accommodate each other perfectly so that you make your relationship going smooth and full of happiness. If you don’t take care of the open relationship rules then it is highly likely that you go through a period of mental stress and melancholy. Read through the rules given below carefully and try to implement them in letter and spirit in your relationship.

13. Be Prepared Mentally For Open Relationship


One of the most important open relationship rules is to be prepared for what you are going for. If you don’t set the limits for both of you in the beginning of the relationship then it is likely that after passing some time together you will find it difficult to agree on mutually devised rules. So it is better to be clear about what your relation will be like beforehand.

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 12. Test The Waters First


In an open relationship, you must analyze consequence your actions create. For example after a party at night or after hanging out with a hooker for a night or day you should tell it to your partner the next time you see each other. Not just tell them but also analyze the reaction. See if there is any jealousy or ill will in the air. If it is then you might consider reviewing the status of your relation so that things don’t start getting sour with the passage of time.

 11. Avoid Mutual Friends


One of the effective open relationship rules is to avoid mutual friends. There are different things between different people. If both of you have mutual friends and your partner starts seeing someone from your friend list whom you don’t quite like then this thing can make it difficult for you two to keep happy in your open relationship.

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