7 Clear Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship


A good and healthy relationship can fill your life with love and colors. But if that relationship is unhealthy it can make your life quite painful and unbearable. This article will highlight signs of an unhealthy relationship. If you are passing through such situation, there is a need to work on these signs to make your relationship again a happy and healthy one.

7. Dishonesty


Dishonesty between partners in an open-relationship is one of the sign of an unhealthy relationship. Dishonesty can lead to severe consequences even break up of relationship. Dishonesty reveals that you don’t feel safe to share things with your partner. Only honesty in a relationship creates the feelings of comfort and friendship between partners. Dishonesty tends to eat away all of these feelings.

6. Lack Of Respect


Respect is what relationship needs the most. In a healthy relationship, both partners’ give respect to each other and do not highlight each other’s shortcomings in front of strangers etc. But if your relationship is losing respect, then this is not at all a positive sign.

5. Criticism And Ridicule


Pointless criticism and ridicule of your partner creates the feelings of disrespect. If one of the partners is not sincere, then he or she would create such type of situations, which lead to the feelings of embarrassment to the other partner. If such things happen quite often, then there is a need to seriously think about these issues and your relationship.

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4. Disengagement


Disengagement results when one or both partners show unwillingness to spend time with each other. Or if they agreed to spend time, they show less interest. These signs of an unhealthy relationship shows that one of the partner is not interested to keep up the relationship.

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3. Passive Or Aggressive Behavior


If one of the partner is experiencing passive aggressive behavior from other partner who is taking issues too long and showing no interest to resolve them then these are clear signs of an unhealthy relationship.  Passive or aggressive behavior leads to verbal and physical abuse which can cause damage to self-respect and trust in a relationship.

Violence in any form is a clear pointer towards the time to say good bye to each other. Because in this situation, there is no other solution left to bring back the old loved and happy moments.

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2. Comparisons


Comparison within a relationship leads to doubts, resentments and bitter feelings. It disturbs a relationship. Indeed it gives a constant torture if the partners try to change one’s personality by comparing it with someone else.

1. Lack Of Support


In a relationship, it is quite normal that both partners start expecting different things from each other. Making promises of support and at the time of need showing reluctant to fulfill them clearly shows partners’ lack of interest. These signs of an unhealthy relationship create a lot of problems and frustration among partners.

If you observe such behavior of your partner, then there is a need to talk with your counterpart to resolve the issues. Otherwise these signs of an unhealthy relationship can bring more harm to your happiness and peaceful life.

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