7 Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Know About

Submitted By Karyn Holmes  

Open-relationships can be easy to initiate but harder to hold on to in real life. Once the honeymoon phase has worn away, people start becoming aware of their partner’s flaws and misgivings. If the relationship is to survive, some level of acceptance has to be incorporated. However, if all seems lost, here are 7 relationship deal breakers you should know about!

7. Not Telling The Truth


No matter how much in love you are, if for any reason at all you lie to your partner and then they find out about it, it is going to be a real deal breaker. It’s okay to have a few personal secrets, but to outright lie to your partner is very wrong.

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 6. Not Being Able To Admit When You’re Wrong


One of the most important relationship deal breakers you should know about is not being able to admit it when you’re wrong. Acknowledging your mistakes always makes them better and makes it easier for the other person to forgive you.

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 5. Lack Of Faithfulness


This is one of those relationship deal breakers that just goes without saying. No matter how much you say you love someone, if your actions oppose your words, your relationship has failed. Staying true to your partner is something that is essential to any relationship.

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 4. Staying In Touch With Your Ex


Your partner might pretend that it doesn’t affect them, but staying in touch with your ex after you’ve committed to another person is not the best way to express your love for them. You have to figure out the reason why you left that person in the first place and then decide to remove them from your life for good if you want any hope for the future.

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 3. Denying Your Partner A Little Time For Themselves


Not being able to back off occasionally and let your partner have some breathing space for themselves can be one of the relationship deal breakers that is hard to recover from. You have to understand that everybody needs a little time for themselves every now and then. A wise decision would be to not ask for attention and let them come back to you when they’re ready.

 2. Being Bad With Money


One of those things that can build or destroy a relationship, being bad with money is never good for you unless you have an unlimited trust fund or a huge bank account. Your partner must be able to feel secure in the knowledge that your future together is protected.

 1. Letting Yourself Go


If you stop looking after your health and get out of shape, your partner might start losing the feelings they had for you at a subconscious level.

Keeping these relationship deal breakers in mind, you can make sure that you and your partner always feel the love and respect you had for each other from the start and work towards an even better future with love and care.

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